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Nine years later, Bungie finally reveals origins of Destiny's space golf ball The Traveller

Answers teed up.

Bungie has at last served up some backstory for The Traveller, Destiny's long-running space moon/golfball thing which has been floating above Earth for much of the past decade.

Destiny 1, which launched almost nine years ago, introduced The Traveller as a mysterious dormant entity that previously held magical powers, as well as the ability to hold back the ominous-sounding Darkness.

Where had it come from? What were the nature of its powers? Was the Traveller actually a bad guy? I remember wondering all of these things as I looked up at the orb from Destiny's first Tower hub.

Destiny 2's new cutscene.Watch on YouTube

This week, Bungie has debuted a revelatory cutscene offering answers to The Traveller's origins, as well as how The Witness - the series' over-arching Big Bad - got involved.

The cutscene reveals The Witness was once a race of people who first discovered The Traveller half-buried in their planet's surface.

Upon its discovery, The Traveller granted these people prosperity and a Golden Age of enlightenment, as it has done elsewhere. But in their exponential growth they also saw chaos and suffering, and decided The Traveller needed to be controlled.

Enter the mysterious Veil, or what we call The Darkness, which could provide balance and a "Final Shape" to the universe - which is the name of next year's final Destiny 2 expansion in the franchise's current 10-year saga.

But in trying to connect the Veil and the Traveller, the latter fled. And in trying to take pursuit, The Witness' people merged into one form - which is the many-headed baddie we know today.

The cutscene also opens up a box of new questions, such as how The Traveller got to be buried under the planet's surface, and how both it and the Veil initially came into existence.

It's a cool cutscene, and a great source of detail, though it has been criticised by some Destiny fans - including prominent franchise loremaster MyNameIsByf - for coming too late, with answers better suited to the game's recent Lightfall expansion instead.

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