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15th September 2017

Destiny 2 review

Bungie announces split from Activision

Bungie announces split from Activision

Will assume full rights and responsibilities for Destiny franchise.

Bungie has announced that it's parting ways with Activision, eight years after the companies began working together. The move will see Bungie assuming "full publishing rights and responsibilities for the Destiny franchise".

Bungie and Activision initially joined forces in April 2010, when the two companies announced a 10-year publishing deal. That would eventually lead to the release of Destiny in 2014, and its sequel, Destiny 2, in 2017.

The terms of its deal with Activision saw Bungie keeping ownership of the Destiny IP, while Activision owned full publishing rights. In a statement released today, however, Activision confirmed that, "we're announcing plans for Bungie to assume full publishing rights and responsibilities for the Destiny franchise. Going forward, Bungie will own and develop the franchise, and Activision will increase its focus on owned IP and other projects."

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If you've been anywhere near social media over the last few days, you're likely to have seen PlayStation users freaking out over the obscene number of hours they've ploughed into Destiny (or is that just my colleagues?). The reason for this is Sony has allowed players to create personalised videos showing gaming highlights from the past five years - like the Facebook ones your Mum tags you in, minus the embarrassing photos.

Destiny 2 director "not disappointed" with Forsaken sales

Destiny 2 director "not disappointed" with Forsaken sales

"Building Destiny for players who love it is and will remain our focus going forward."

Destiny 2's director, Luke Smith, has responded to reports that Activision is unhappy with the performance of the sci-fi shooter's latest expansion, Forsaken, stating the development team is "not disappointed" in the latest instalment.

In a recent earnings call, Activision reported that Destiny 2 wasn't "performing as well" as expected, adding it has "not yet seen the full core re-engage" in Destiny, resulting in "underpeformance against [their] expectations to date".

"Forsaken is a high quality expansion of content into the universe, honestly some of the highest quality content we've seen in the franchise to date," said Activision chief operating officer, Coddy Johnson.

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Destiny 2 is free on PC until 18th November

Download it and you can keep it forever.

Bungie has made the PC version of Destiny 2 free to download on Blizzard's launcher, starting now, to celebrate the first anniversary of its launch.

Big Destiny 2 update lowers the chance of getting an exotic duplicate

Bungie has issued a big Destiny 2 update that lowers the chance of getting an exotic duplicate.

One of the more frustrating things about the game's loot grind is getting an exotic you already own - especially given the rarity of exotics post-Forsaken.

Now, with the release of update 2.0.5, the exotic grind should be a much better experience. According to the patch notes on, Destiny 2 now has exotic duplicate weighting.

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Bungie details Destiny 2 Gambit changes, explains why Forsaken raid won't get hard mode

Bungie has detailed improvements to some of Destiny 2's most pressing issues, such as Gambit's Sleeper Simulant problem and Malfeasance questline, in response to player feedback.

In its weekly blog update, the studio also explained why it had decided against creating multiple difficulties for the Last Wish raid.

First things first, Bungie will significantly increase the Ascendant Primeval Servitor's spawn rate by placing it on the Dreaming City's "curse cycle". Every three weeks once the curse is at its peak, the Servitor "will have almost the same chance to spawn as any other Primeval". Its overall spawn rate will be upped across the board too, so players chasing down Malfeasance quest completion at any point throughout the curse cycle shouldn't have such a rough time.

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Destiny 2 Forsaken's Dreaming City was originally very different

And other tidbits from Bungie's EGX developer session.

Destiny 2: Forsaken's big new location, The Dreaming City, was originally planned to be very different to how it ended up. Speaking in a panel session this weekend at EGX, the show run by Eurogamer's parent company Gamer Network, developer Bungie spilled the beans on its latest in-game destination.

Destiny 2 is in a much better place now than at launch, and the new Forsaken expansion, which came out this week, is going down well with fans (I'm a fan, too!). But there's one issue that's plagued the game since launch, and despite a recent change meant to tackle it, it remains a thorn in developer Bungie's side.

To celebrate the launch of Destiny 2's latest and largest expansion, Forsaken, GamesPlanet is not only discounting the price of its various editions of the game on PC with the use of a code but is also offering up three copies of the game's Legendary Collection to some of you folks.

Destiny has lore - believe it or not! - but it's not always presented in the best way. In Destiny 1, the lore was told through a Grimoire - a set of cards you unlocked in-game and then viewed... outside of the game, on your phone or on your monitor or something. It wasn't ideal.

FeatureFace to face with the President of Virtual Reality

"I am championing the rights of the people."

In a modernist hotel lobby on the outskirts of Barcelona I sit face to face with the President. He's pretty casual as far as presidents go, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, wearing sunglasses even though we're inside. He's got a tattoo up the underside of his forearm which reads 'Neverdie'. It's his alias, but more of a name to him now than Jon Jacobs ever will be. He is President of Virtual Reality. It has nothing to do with Oculus Rift or VR goggles, and it's not some silly title in a game. President of Virtual Reality means president of all virtual realities - World of Warcraft, Eve Online, Destiny, the lot.

Bungie says Destiny 2 expansion Forsaken really does kill Cayde for good

Bungie has killed Cayde-6, Destiny's wise-cracking chief Hunter character. It's an emotional moment for fans of the game. Cayde, voiced by Nathan Fillion, has been with Destiny players since the first game came out in September 2014. Now, he's dead, as revealed by a new story trailer released for upcoming expansion Forsaken.

Why kill Cayde? That was my first question as I sat down to interview game director Christopher Barrett and project lead Scott Taylor at E3 this week. That and, is Cayde actually dead, as in good and proper dead?

It turns out Cayde really is dead, good and proper. That's what Barrett and Taylor told me, anyway, and they sounded serious. It's all a part of Bungie's drive to give Destiny 2 a darker tone after the series veered too far into jokey one-liner territory. And who's Destiny's jokey one-liner extraordinaire? Poor old Cayde.

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Destiny 2 is changing the way you pay for content

"There will be additional D2: Forsaken product options unveiled later."

Bungie detailed Forsaken, Destiny 2's big September expansion, during a livestream last night, which also introduced fans to the concept of the series' first Annual Pass.

Destiny 2's big Forsaken expansion will add new PVE/PVP mode

Destiny 2's big Forsaken expansion will add new PVE/PVP mode

Fresh story and raid locations teased.

Destiny 2: Forsaken will launch on 4th September and include two new in-game destinations, a new PVE/PVP mode named Gambit and a new chunk of story.

Along with Nathan Fillion's Cayde-6, you'll head back to the Reef to chase down escapees from the Prison of Elders. In a new Bungie ViDoc, the developer described the story as having a grittier tone with a "Western revenge vibe".

This darker tone will be welcome to fans who complained Bungie went too far in the Firefly direction last year, although it's disappointing to see the Fallen, again, being used as enemies. Where are those pyramid ships?

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Destiny 2 teaser suggests new expansion is called Forsaken, returns to The Reef

Bungie has unleashed a brisk new Destiny 2 teaser trailer, offering a few clues regarding the game's upcoming Year 2 expansion - ahead of its full reveal tomorrow.

The teaser video weighs in at all of 13 seconds, over half of which consists of the title card at the end - and the end seems as good a place as any to start. Here, we learn, based on the large letters emblazoned across the screen, that Destiny 2's next expansion is almost certainly called Forsaken.

That's not quite all though! Just below is a small yellow symbol, strongly reminiscent of the insignias belonging to the various houses of Destiny's insectoid enemy race, the Fallen. Could, as the game has hinted at previously, a new Fallen house be on the way?

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Warmind, Destiny 2's second and latest expansion, offers a short but sweet helping of new story which will last you around three hours. The campaign is spaced across five missions where you fight our old friends the Hive, meet characters previously teased in obscure lore files, and which moves the overall Destiny story along... if only by an inch.

Jelly DealsGet Destiny 2 on PC for 10 / $12 with Humble Monthly

With more games added at the end of the month.

Humble Bundle - a site best known for its, well, bundles - has, for quite a while now, offered a monthly subscription plan appropriately titled the Humble Monthly. If you've not heard of this one by now, all you really need to know is that for 10 / $12 a month, you'll be getting a stack of PC games delivered to you by email.

Destiny 2's new raid activity launches next week

Bungie will open the doors to Destiny 2's next raid activity the same week as its upcoming DLC, Warmind.

This hasn't always been the case - sometimes, raids have been left to unlock at a much later point. Instead, Warmind's Spire of Stars raid lair will arrive next Friday, 11th May. The race to be first to complete it will begin at 6pm UK time.

The rest of Warmind will arrive just a couple of days beforehand, on Tuesday 8th.

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Next month Destiny 2 gets a big new update to coincide with the beginning of the game's third season, as well as the launch of expansion Warmind. Last night, Bungie showed off a raft of new features coming to the game the developer hopes will entice lapsed players back into the shared-world shooter.

Warmind, Destiny 2's next expansion, launches next month

Warmind, Destiny 2's next expansion, launches next month

And DLC Crucible maps will go free for all.

Destiny 2's second DLC will launch on 8th May, Bungie announced last night. It's named Warmind, and will "send you to new places to meet new heroes and battle new enemies".

Imagery and leaked details suggest we'll be headed to a frozen ice cap of Mars, and under it, into another Warmind vault. Fans expect details on the Warminds - the network of planet defense AIs, of which Destiny 1's Rasputin was a member.

The big news is that, with the launch of Warmind, all DLC maps for Destiny 2's player-versus-player Crucible mode will go free. That includes maps added for Destiny 2's first DLC, Curse of Osiris, as well. This will help avoid splitting the game's matchmaking further, Bungie said.

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Destiny 2's long-awaited "Go Fast" update goes live today

Destiny 2's long-awaited "Go Fast" update goes live today

"What's the worst that could happen?"

Today, Bungie pushes out a big new update for Destiny 2 designed to make the game feel a lot faster to play.

Patch 1.1.4., dubbed the "Go Fast" update, has been long-awaited by Destiny 2 players, many of whom have reckon the game, particularly in competitive multiplayer, has felt too slow and lacked excitement.

In the video below, sandbox design lead Josh Hamrick said Bungie looked at everything from the way player characters move to the way supers come back, as well as a balance pass on weapons. Instead of nerfing "hot" guns, Bungie decided to bring everything else up to those "hot" guns, which should make for plenty of high damage carnage.

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Bungie issues new Destiny 2 roadmap

6v6 Crucible coming late March, expansion two in May.

As part of its effort to better communicate with its community, Bungie has outlined a short-term development roadmap for Destiny 2 that reveals when new features are coming to the shared-world shooter.

Jelly DealsJelly Deals: A very Destiny Christmas gift guide

There is an alarming amount of Destiny merch.

A note from the editor: Jelly Deals is a deals site launched by our parent company, Gamer Network, with a mission to find the best bargains out there. Look out for the Jelly Deals roundup of reduced-price games and kit every Saturday on Eurogamer.

FeatureThe year in apocalypse

Looking back on 2017's dystopias and end-of-the-world tales.

Among Rain World's best tricks is that it doesn't end with you. Fall afoul of the reptiles who coil and flop through its moulting, fungal catacombs and you'll be dragged to a crevice and swiftly guzzled. The restart prompt appears, but you're under no pressure to hit the button, and really, what's your hurry? Death is an opportunity to enjoy Joar Jakobsson's chiselled 16-bit aesthetic and the game's AI ecosystem at leisure, freed from the rat-race of its core mechanics.

Digital FoundryXbox One X's 4K Destiny 2 upgrade analysed

How does it stack up against PS4 Pro and the fully-maxed PC version?

Destiny 2's Xbox One X upgrade hands in everything you'd expect from a talented studio working with a very powerful piece of hardware, so in many respects, there are no real surprises here. Bungie's long-awaited upgrade essentially takes the existing Xbox One and PlayStation 4 visual feature set and upgrades it beautifully to ultra HD resolution - nothing more, nothing less. In terms of gameplay, the leap to 4K is delivered without any compromises to the established Destiny 2 experience, meaning that the game feels just as solid to play as all of the other console releases available.

Destiny 2 locks one of its most-prized exotic guns behind Curse of Osiris expansion

Destiny 2 locks one of its most-prized exotic guns behind Curse of Osiris expansion

UPDATE: But Bungie will fix trophy/achievements needed DLC.

UPDATE 8/12/17: Bungie has said it will fix the "issue" where players are now unable to collect all of Destiny 2's trophies and achievements without buying the Curse of Osiris DLC.

"We are aware that there are some Destiny 2 trophies and achievements that have become unavailable to players who have not purchased Curse of Osiris," Bungie wrote in its latest weekly blog post, published last night.

"We are committed to fixing this issue, and are currently investigating a solution. Please stay tuned for more updates on this topic as progress is made."

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Bungie on why it takes so long to fix Destiny 2

"One example is the Bureaucratic Walk. It was totally f***ing up PVP."

After last night's blog post on the state of Destiny 2, which detailed improvements due over the next month and touched upon last weekend's storm of XP controversy, Bungie has now published a podcast with further information on several hot-button topics.

A note from the editor: Jelly Deals is a deals site launched by our parent company, Gamer Network, with a mission to find the best bargains out there. Look out for the Jelly Deals roundup of reduced-price games and kit every Saturday on Eurogamer.

Bungie pulls tonight's livestream to confront Destiny 2 criticism

Blog post from studio leadership due this evening.

After a week of criticism, Destiny 2 developer Bungie has pulled tonight's planned Curse of Osiris DLC livestream. Instead, it will release a blog post penned by studio leadership to address the current atmosphere of anger which has engulfed in the game's community.

Destiny 2 free trial goes live today

You lucky raspberries.

Amid increasing unrest within the Destiny 2 community over a variety of experience point gain issues, endgame problems and a lack of meaningful communication from developer Bungie, Activision has released a free trial for the online shooter.

Destiny 2 fans find new XP issue as Bungie bids to calm growing unrest

XP needed to level up doubled - but you progress slightly faster.

Out of hours and during a public holiday, Bungie was forced to respond to a firestorm of controversy over the past weekend, after Destiny 2 players discovered the game frequently constrained progress towards your next free loot box-style Bright Engram.

Destiny 2 may not be giving you as much XP as you think it is

UPDATE: Bungie 'fesses up, pulls code which constrains XP.

UPDATE 25/11/17 9.30pm: It's the weekend here in the UK, and arguably the biggest public holiday of the year over in the US - but Bungie has responded to the discovery of a system within Destiny 2 which fans say constrains XP progression towards your next free loot box-style Bright Engram.

More than half of Destiny 2's console sales were digital downloads

More than half of Destiny 2's console sales were digital downloads

"New high watermark" paints game success in new light.

Activision has not yet said how many copies Destiny 2 has sold, but in the company's latest financial results briefing last night it revealed an eye-opening statistic:

More than half of Destiny 2's console sales were digital downloads, compared to boxed copies.

It paints the physical sales story of Destiny 2 in a much-improved light.

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Curse of Osiris includes PlayStation-exclusive map in Destiny 2's coolest area

Destiny has a long-held tradition of holding back some of its coolest bits just for PlayStation owners. Destiny 2's upcoming Curse of Osiris DLC is no different.

This December, PlayStation 4 owners will get to play on a new Crucible map set in Titan's cool New Pacific Arcology - the area which looks like the futuristic spaceship from WALL-E, although now filled with Hive monsters.

Sony has said the map will be available "only on PlayStation", although Destiny's exclusives are typically timed to appear on other platforms... eventually.

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Our first look at Destiny 2 expansion Curse of Osiris

Our first look at Destiny 2 expansion Curse of Osiris

UPDATE: Level cap increased, story details teased.

UPDATE 31/10/17 4.00pm: Bungie has revealed a little more detail on Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris, such as the fact it will host an increased level cap.

Players will be able to level up to 25 and boost their Power Level from the current max of 300 up to 330 (with legendary mods presumably still able to push you five levels beyond that).

The Curse of Osiris will introduce Sagira (voiced by Firefly and Homeland's Morena Baccarin), a new female Ghost which belonged to Osiris before she became separated from him. Destiny: House of Wolves character Brother Vance, who previously organised the Trials of Osiris tournament, will also return as part of the story.

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Digital FoundryTech Interview: Destiny 2 and Bungie's return to PC gaming

How Bungie's engine evolved for the sequel, and why the game runs so well on PC.

We first went hands-on with the PC version of Destiny 2 at E3 earlier this year, and it was immediately apparent that this wasn't just a mere port or conversion, but instead a thoughtful, considered approach to the platform with all of the unique features and opportunities it represents. Back then, we mentioned to Bungie that we'd really like to go deeper on the game, the technology added to the firm's multiplatform engine, as well as learning more about the approach to bringing the game to PC. Four months later, Bungie's senior technical artist Nate Hawbaker has flown over from Seattle, joining us in the Digital Foundry office.

Having pumped hundreds of hours into Destiny 1 and 2 on console, giving the PC version a shot was an initially bewildering experience. After three years using a rumbling controller to shoot aliens at 30 frames a second, switching to WASD and a click of a mouse button initially felt like playing with one hand tied behind my back. But as I got used to the mouse and keyboard control scheme, Destiny 2's excellent PC version began to shine - and taught me a few things about the console version I took for granted.

Destiny 2 PC datamined, DLC details unearthed

Destiny 2 PC datamined, DLC details unearthed

Hints at new and returning locations, upcoming events, more.

Destiny 2's PC version has been available less than 24 hours and already it has been datamined.

Currently-unused dialogue lines discovered in the game files and posted on reddit point to Destiny 2's upcoming DLCs, plus returning and new locations, in-game events and characters.

Destiny 2's upcoming Mercury-themed DLC, due in December, is repeatedly referenced in lines presumably recorded to be used within the expansion.

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Destiny 2 is out now, and as established by a successful beta test, this is an exceptionally streamlined version of the game. Ticking off virtually every box an enthusiast PC gamer could want from a multi-platform release, the beauty of Destiny 2 on PC is the sheer range of options open to the player. If you want a console-style experience, you can have it - but the point is that PC hardware has the potential to offer so much more. Beyond the expected graphical improvements, field of view adjustments, arbitrary resolution functionality and ultra-wide monitor support, Destiny 2 scales beautifully across high-end kit, making it a great match for high frequency displays. For its return to the PC space, Bungie is clearly on a mission.

Destiny 2 Prestige Raid launch to go ahead without cheese fix

Destiny 2's delayed Prestige raid mode will now launch without the exploit fix Bungie has been working on.

The harder Prestige version of the raid was originally scheduled to arrive this week, but was pushed back seven days so Bungie could fix an exploit.

Now, Bungie has said it cannot reliably patch the exploit in time - but doesn't want to delay the Prestige raid any longer.

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Destiny 2 has exclusive Lego-like in-game emblem if you buy toys

Destiny 2 has an exclusive construction toy emblem to use in the game - if you buy one of its Mega Construx toys.

(Mega Construx is a brand from the makers of Mega Bloks - aka the company which makes fake Lego.)

Spend more than $15 on a Mega Construx set and you'll get the emblem, US retailer GameStop promised over the weekend:

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Activision bigs up Destiny 2 launch, without revealing sales

Activision bigs up Destiny 2 launch, without revealing sales

More than 1m concurrent players for the past eight days.

Destiny 2 has now been playable for more than a week and, as is tradition, today brought Activision's triumphant press release on the launch. But there was no mention of a sales number.

Let's break down what the press release actually tells us.

"With franchise pre-order records broken, and record day-one performance on PlayStation Store, it's exciting to see engagement at the highest ever week-one concurrency for the franchise," Activision boss Eric Hirshberg said.

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Destiny 2's launch week uproar shows why developers need to talk about money

It's hardly surprising that the Destiny community got so angry about Destiny 2's microtransaction system, and the new consumable cosmetics that comes with it. And it's hardly surprising that the fury spread beyond the bounds of the Destiny subreddit. Outrage over corporate greed is a games industry play that gets new actors every week.

Nuance is always lost when this happens. A thunderhead of consumer emotion has to break against something before useful conclusions can be drawn. Developers seem to understand this, even though the process can't be pleasant; they keep waiting until the last minute to unveil their microtransaction systems, after all. They have to know by now what the consequences will be - they must have the spreadsheets that say it'll all be okay in the end.

Destiny 2's first furore has abated now, replaced by less transferable concerns about maintenance times and Crucible matchmaking. It has faded because there has been time for the relatively benign nature of paid-for Bright Engrams and consumable gear shaders to emerge, and for these systems to become understood as part of a broadly positive restructuring of Destiny's endgame grind. That understanding looks something like this: you no longer need to earn experience with a given gun or piece of armour equipped to unlock its potential. The drops you receive have set bonuses, so you don't need to grind to find a version with the best upgrades. Crafting materials have been simplified into reputation-boosting consumables with singular, obvious, rewarding applications.

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I played a bit of Destiny 2 last night, and wow, there's the Tower up in smoke. First thing, seconds into the game, and the whole place has been trashed, while gods - or humans who have ascended to some place near gods - are flung in every direction as space invaders move in. The Tower's not a social area anymore, a downtime spot safe from the carnage. It's a battleground now, crumpled and set aflame, filled with what look like bulky 40K Space Marine baddies who vent noxious fumes out of their necks when you pop their heads off.

Destiny 2 review

Destiny 2 feels like an apology. It is the righting of the wrongs committed by the divisive Destiny 1, a game I couldn't help but pump a thousand hours into despite it often feeling like pulling teeth.

Destiny 2 review

Developer: Bungie

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Destiny 2 physical sales down by half from Destiny 1

Destiny 2 is the new UK chart number one and the biggest game launch of 2017 so far - but physical sales were down by more than half compared to the launch of Destiny 1.

Sales numbers leaked to NeoGAF - which Eurogamer understands to be accurate - list Destiny 2 as having sold 175k physical copies during its UK launch week, compared to Destiny 1's total of 417k.

There are multiple reasons for this shortfall, though. Destiny 1 launched on a Tuesday (9th September 2014 to be exact), whereas Destiny 2 launched on a Wednesday (6th September 2017), so Destiny 1 had 24 hours' worth of sales more than Destiny 2 for this comparison.

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FeatureDestiny 2: Bungie's technology evolves - but is it enough?

Digital Foundry's complete tech analysis, plus full platform comparisons.

Destiny 2 is at last in our hands. It's been three years since the original launched, and in that time, developer Bungie has put some serious work into its sequel to create a richer, more beautiful world to explore. It's a game that addresses many of the original's shortcomings - adding a stronger narrative backbone, while improving what already shined in its gameplay and visuals. Evolving from the solid foundation of the first Destiny, does this sequel's revised tech truly satisfy in terms of graphical upgrades? Or is it more the case that the more profound changes have actually happened behind the scenes with Bungie's content creation framework?

There's a wonderful moment in Destiny 2, and it happens before the game's even started. A series of loading screens commemorate some of your finest achievements in the first game, collating beautiful ink work that acts as a tribute to you, the player. It's an artful reminder of the magic the original Destiny was able to weave, as well as a personal invitation to reminisce about the delirious fortnight my own band of brothers spent trying and repeatedly failing to smash through the Vault of Glass before Atheon was finally brought to his knees.

Destiny 2 director defends its shaders as one-time use items

"Shaders are now an ongoing reward for playing. Customisation will inspire gameplay."

Destiny 2, for all its glories, has come under fire from fans upset about how it's changed its customisable armour colours, or "shaders" as Destiny parlance goes, to one-time use consumables. In the first Destiny you could change your shaders to you heart's content, as playing dress-up is one of the core appeals of Bungie's cosmic online shooter.

Destiny 2 has a microtransaction problem

Shaders are now one-time use - and fans are not happy.

I'm nearing the end of Destiny 2's campaign and must say I'm enjoying it a lot. But there's one aspect of Bungie's ultra-hyped shared-world shooter that has gone down like a lead balloon: microtransactions.

What's going on with our Destiny 2 review?

We at Eurogamer read the comments, and we hear you. You love our wall-to-wall Destiny coverage, and you can't wait for a new onslaught of articles with the arrival of its sequel tomorrow. Well, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait a little longer, as we're all starting our journeys at midnight when servers are pushed live (you might see some coverage of Destiny 2 going live elsewhere right now, but even Activision thinks we should calm it a bit so didn't invite us to its review event or grant us early access beyond the beta).

What all that means is you'll have to wait a short while for our first impressions, and our full review will follow in just over a week, with Destiny diehard Wesley Yin-Poole onboard and taking the raid - which releases next Wednesday at 6pm - into consideration for the final verdict.

Before then you'll be able to see the Eurogamer video team streaming live gameplay tomorrow, and the guides team will be working hard to show you the quickest way to the best loot and plenty more. Finally, I'll be bringing you that early impressions piece from a slightly less diehard perspective this coming Friday (my warlock is legendary for its clumsiness, and really we all know that Destiny isn't a patch on Splatoon), and of course there'll be lots more news over the coming days as Destiny 2's secrets are slowly uncovered. Because after all, that's what you love, right?

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Digital FoundryWhat does it take to run Destiny 2 at 1080p60?

Digital Foundry on how budget PC hardware can deliver a superb experience.

The Destiny 2 beta finally arrived on PC this week, delivering a vast upgrade in terms of customisation over the console builds. Adjustable quality settings, unlocked frame-rate and field of view along with HDR support take pride of place in a package that seemingly does everything it can to capture the heart of the PC gaming enthusiast. It also gives us some idea of just how optimal the core code is, how well it scales across different hardware - and perhaps provides some insight into whether the upclocked CPUs in PS4 Pro and Xbox One X might be able to handle 60fps gameplay.

Bungie reveals Destiny 2 gameplay changes for PC beta

Bungie reveals Destiny 2 gameplay changes for PC beta

The console beta helped a lot, it seems.

Bungie has outlined some of the gameplay changes it's made to Destiny 2 based on feedback from the recent console beta - changes that will make it into the upcoming PC beta, which kicks off on 28th August.

Let's start with the infinite super glitch, which we reported on back in July. That's been fixed.

Speaking of supers, Bungie has reduced the time it takes to charge one of the things. "This was a big change that came directly from your feedback during the console beta," sandbox designer Josh Hamrick said in post on "We agree it was taking a bit too long to cook up a Super."

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Destiny 2 has exclusive sparrow for Virgin Fibre customers

UK Virgin Fibre customers will get an exclusive sparrow vehicle in Destiny 2, decorated in the brand's red and white livery.

If you have Virgin Fibre you can use the Athena Victorious sparrow in Destiny 2 from the game's console launch day, 6th September.

Codes for the sparrow must be claimed from Virgin Media's website ( before 13th December. Images of the sparrow have not yet been released officially, but were showcased by YouTuber MoreConsole:

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You have to pre-order Destiny 2 to get one of its exotic weapons at launch

Destiny 2 has, for the first time, saved one of its prized exotic weapons as a timed pre-order exclusive.

You need to put down a pre-order to get the Coldheart exotic trace rifle. Do so, and it will automatically unlock for you when the game comes out in September.

Not a fan of pre-orders? You'll have to wait to get Coldheart - until 5th December. After that time, it will unlock for everyone.

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Destiny 2 patrol zones look like a fun place to hang out

Public events, Lost Sector mini-dungeons, and weekly Flashpoint activities.

Destiny 2's patrol missions look like they'll be a lot more fun than those in the original Destiny, helped by a round of fresh activities to undertake - along with some returning ones too.

Destiny 2 open beta extended

Destiny 2 open beta extended

Now accessible until Wednesday, 1am UK.

Destiny 2's open beta will now be available for a little longer - until 1am on Wednesday 26th July (that's 6pm Pacific time on Tuesday 25th).

The trial was previously set to end at 5am UK time this morning.

Developer Bungie said this extension was for "additional testing". The original Destiny had its beta extended in a similar way.

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Bungie says it's already tuned Destiny 2 to address some of the biggest beta concerns

Bungie says it's already tuned Destiny 2 to address some of the biggest beta concerns

Ammo drop rates! Grenade damage! Bullet sponge bosses! More!

With the Destiny 2 beta alive and kicking, players have made their feedback loud and clear. Chief among it is an issue with the way ammo works that's sparked a concern about the PvE portion of the game.

Destiny 2 sorts weapons into three categories: kinetic, energy and power. Shotguns and sniper rifles, which in Destiny 1 were secondary weapons, are now power weapons - the class that replaces heavy weapons.

The problem with the beta is that ammo, particularly power ammo, is pretty sparse. So, you spend most of your time on the Inverted Spire strike using your kinetic weapons to slowly bring down the enemies. It's a bit boring.

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Bungie set out to achieve cross-platform parity with the first Destiny three years ago and to a great extent, it fully achieved that: 1080p on both systems, an identical visual feature set and very similar performance levels. The question is, can it repeat the same trick on a technologically more challenging sequel? The Destiny 2 beta content released this week suggests that it can, and it may provide some hints on what to expect from an Xbox One X port.

Six perspectives on the Destiny 2 beta

FeatureSix perspectives on the Destiny 2 beta

Hardcore, lapsed, casual, sceptic, latecomer and noob.

The Destiny 2 beta is here to pretend to test netcode and gather feedback while actually delivering a marketing hard sell for Bungie's sci-fi shooter sequel into millions of homes. As such, it has quite a big and multifaceted job to do. Destiny gripped a very large community of hardcore players like few games do, but it turned just as many away with its charmless air, its garbled storytelling and its unrepentant grind. Activision and Bungie have many different constituencies to win over with this beta, from the nitpicking superfans, through the players that drifted away, to the players that bounced off it or never tried it in the first place.

We've got representatives of pretty much every one of these constituencies on the EG team, so we thought we'd round up all of their thoughts on the beta to see how it's doing. The results, as you'll see, are pretty mixed. Most of us said we'd play Destiny 2 (most of us will have to play it for work, but for the purposes of this article we're pretending otherwise), but most expressed some reservations. And, crucially, among those who weren't convinced first time around, the Destiny 2 beta doesn't seem to be changing any minds.

The hardcore fan

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Bungie, free from the shackles of the last generation of consoles, has built Destiny 2 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So, fans expect an improvement when it comes to the graphics. With the Destiny 2 beta now live, we're starting to see how much of an improvement Bungie has managed.

Digital FoundryCan PS4 Pro really deliver Destiny 2 at 4K?

An impressive upgrade overall, but a little rough around the edges.

When Bungie announced PlayStation 4 Pro support for Destiny 2, there was much controversy about the studio's decision to scale up to 4K resolution, as opposed to targeting 60 frames per second gameplay. It's an ambitious decision, principally because we're looking at 4x increase to resolution with just 2.3x compute and an even more meagre boost to memory bandwidth. With the beta in hand, we can finally see how Bungie has implemented its 4K support - and whether that decision has paid off.

Destiny 2 beta glitch gives you an infinite super

Destiny 2's beta has a big glitch which gives players an infinite super for the duration of its Inverted Spire strike.

Your super is your ultimate ability. Each subclass has one, and it can only be used after filling up your super bar by killing enemies. After use, this bar resets. You'll likely only be able to super a half dozen times during the 30-minute strike.

Unless you perform the glitch, that is.

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There's a Paul McCartney Easter egg in the Destiny 2 beta

There's a Paul McCartney Easter egg in the Destiny 2 beta that references the awful song he sang for the first game.

McCartney's Hope for the Future came out alongside Destiny back in 2014. The promo for the song, below, sees a holographic McCartney deliver a sermon to captivated Guardians on the moon.


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Destiny 2 beta players have already glitched their way into a hidden location

Just as they did with the original Destiny, players of Destiny 2's beta have managed to glitch themselves into unfinished areas.

Despite only being available mere hours, people have already found a way to access what they describe as a Lost Sector on the planetoid Nessus.

Lost Sectors are new dungeon-like areas accessible in Destiny 2's Patrol mode (not available in the beta). The area in question here can be found at the beginning of Destiny 2's Inverted Spire Strike. In Destiny 1, Strikes often included portions of the map available while on Patrol.

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Watch: 90 minutes of Destiny 2 beta gameplay

Tonight's the night that Destiny fans around the world have been waiting for. By the time you read this the Destiny 2 beta should be live for all PS4 owners who've preordered the game (everyone else will have to wait a little longer).

To celebrate the launch of the beta, Johnny, Aoife and I will be forming the most unruly Fireteam the galaxy has ever seen, and we'll be bickering our way through 90 minutes of the beta, starting at 6:30pm.

I'll be playing through the 20 minute single player campaign section first, but then you can expect our attempt at 'The Inverted Spire' co-operative Strike mission followed by some matches in the Crucible. Although, these plans depend solely on whether or not we can stop Aoife from doing 90 minutes worth of dance emotes instead.

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Destiny 2 beta client just got an update

Destiny 2 beta client just got an update

Download now ahead of 6pm UK start.

Downloaded the Destiny 2 beta client already? Well, this morning brings a fresh update.

The file's size is now 15.06GB on PlayStation 4, up a few GB from yesterday.

If you have a beta key but haven't download the beta client yet, it's a good idea to get that downloading as soon as possible. Servers are likely to be swamped this evening at the 6pm UK start time.

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Here's what is and what isn't in the Destiny 2 beta

Bungie's detailed the Destiny 2 beta.

You get the game's opening story mission, a Strike and two PVP modes - it's basically all the stuff that's been revealed so far on the game.

The opening mission is called Homecoming. The Strike is The Inverted Spire, and the Crucible modes are Control (which fans of the first game will know well) and Countdown.

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Digital FoundryDigital Foundry: Hands-on with Destiny 2 PC at 4K 60fps

Bungie's PC return looks exceptional - and we've got the video to prove it.

We've seen it, we've played it, and it's beautiful. Nvidia is proudly displaying the PC version of Destiny 2 at its E3 booth, running on a system powered by the GTX 1080 Ti graphics card. All quality settings are pushed to the max, resolution is set to full-fat 4K and the action is completely locked to 60 frames per second. Paired with precision mouse and keyboard controls, it's safe to say that we're looking at a very different experience to the standard console versions of the game.

Destiny 2 comes out on PC a month-and-a-half after console

New trailer, beta dates and PS4-exclusive content announced.

Activision and Bungie have announced Destiny 2 is coming out two days earlier than first revealed. The shared-world shooter will now launch 6th September 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version comes out on 24th October, Activision confirmed. The open console beta begins on 21st July, with a PC beta to follow late August.

Bungie addresses Destiny 2 dedicated servers concern

"Every activity in Destiny 2 is hosted by one of our servers."

Last week's Destiny 2 reveal brought with it word the game would again use peer-to-peer networking instead of dedicated servers. It was news which dismayed some fans, tired of the problems this brings to Destiny 1.

VideoWatch: The Destiny game you never knew existed

That video game came from the past!

Love it or loath it, Destiny is making a comeback. During an extravagant reveal event last week, the Traveller shone its light on a load of new gameplay taken from the imaginatively titled sequel, Destiny 2.

Looks like Destiny 2 will ditch Grimoire Cards

"We want to put the lore in the game."

Destiny 2 will not include the original game's Grimoire Cards - collectibles which unlocked extra lore or short stories which could be read on Bungie's website or the Destiny smartphone and tablet app.

Digital FoundryWhy can't Destiny 2 run at 60fps on PS4 Pro?

4K resolution more viable than doubling frame-rate.

Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 will offer full PlayStation 4 Pro support, but some users have voiced concerns that the developer has chosen to target 4K display support instead of 60fps gameplay. The thinking is straightforward enough - ultra HD offers prettier visuals of course, but smoother gameplay offers lower latency and a higher level of precision response. This is exactly why franchise FPS titles like Battlefield and Halo transitioned across to 60 frames per second. So why not Destiny too?

Greetings Eurogamers! Destiny 2 has finally broken cover and looks to demolish any minor grumbles we had with the previous game. We're fully ready to kiss goodbye to any human contact beyond grouping up for a raid. And maybe phoning for pizza delivery. Guardians gotta eat too.

Destiny 2's PC version will launch after console

Destiny 2 will launch on PC after its console PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

The news emerged from post-reveal event interviews last night, and takes just a little of the shine off of what was otherwise a well-received unveiling.

Last night we found out that Destiny 2's PC version will launch exclusively via the Blizzard app, aka, rather than Steam. But there was no mention on stage of any difference in release dates.

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Here's your first look at Destiny 2 gameplay footage

Bungie has just wrapped up its Destiny 2 reveal livestream, which showed off an ambitious-looking new story campaign led by a cast of familiar faces.

A look at Destiny 2's first mission can be seen in the new gameplay trailer below. The action begins just moments after a Cabal attack on Destiny 1's Tower hub, blowing it to smithereens.

If you missed the Destiny 2 livestream we'll have a full roundup of news from the event shortly, as well as hands-on impressions from Wesley, our man with his boots on the ground out in LA for the reveal.

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Destiny 2 PC exclusive to Blizzard's

Destiny 2 PC exclusive to Blizzard's

Ambitious-looking sequel has four new areas and thoughtful new matchmaking options.

Destiny 2's livestream reveal ended on a big surprise (if you didn't see the leaks on reddit earlier) - the game's PC version will be exclusive to Blizzard's app.

That's right - not Steam, or anything else.

It makes sense, in a way - Activision Blizzard are part of the same company - but it's still a first for an Activision franchise.

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Destiny 2 expansion art points to Osiris, Rasputin add-ons

Artwork for Destiny 2's first two expansions point to them centring around two big parts of the series' lore - Osiris and Rasputin.

The artwork is available to view on Destiny 2's store page, when viewing the game's special edition. This edition includes a pass for both expansions - and it is this pass which fans think has identified what the expansions will be about.

Osiris' symbol - the black eye on a yellow background - points to the mysterious character whose followers hold the Trials of Osiris multiplayer tournament.

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Destiny's final update revives Peter Dinklage's Ghost and his most infamous line

Destiny's just-launched final update pays tribute to the game's origins - and a fan-favourite piece of dialogue cut from the game long ago.

Remember the infamous "That wizard came from the Moon!" line? It was read by Peter Dinklage in Destiny's original PlayStation 4 alpha - all the way back in June 2014.

The line was sadly cut for Destiny's beta, before Dinklage was replaced entirely by Nolan North for September 2015 expansion The Taken King.

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Leaked Destiny 2 poster reveals September release date

Leaked Destiny 2 poster reveals September release date

UPDATE: Bungie officially announces sequel.

UPDATE 27/03/2017 6.06pm: It's official: Bungie has teased Destiny 2 on the franchise's official Twitter account.

ORIGINAL STORY 23/03/2017 1.04pm: A leaked Destiny 2 poster has revealed an 8th September 2017 release date for the game.

Images of the poster emerged on Italian website Lega Network today apparently sourced from GameStop Italy. There's another image of the poster on Imgur. Sources have indicated to Eurogamer the poster is indeed legitimate.

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