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Destiny 2's post-Final Shape future includes vampire hunting and the Dreadnaught

Mysterious Codename: Frontiers out next year.

A strange triangular building surrounding a glowing portal in Destiny 2's Echoes update.
Image credit: Bungie

With Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion now here, officially bringing the ten-year Light and Darkness saga to a close, developer Bungie has turned its attention to the future, sharing more on what's next for its live-service shooter - including a tease of the mysterious Codename: Frontiers, whatever it may be, coming next year.

When Bungie revealed The Final Shape last August, it announced 2024 would bring a significant shake-up to the way Destiny 2 content is delivered. Instead of launching four Seasons per year, it said it would release three "larger, content-packed" Episodes, each featuring standalone stories split into three six-week-long Acts.

The first of these, Echoes, launches tomorrow, 11th June, picking up immediately after the events of The Final Shape. It all unfolds on Nessus, where there are ancient secrets to unearth and a mysterious new enemy to encounter. Echoes will then be followed by Revenant later this year (Bungie's previous roadmap said between July and October), and comes with a vampire-hunting theme as players, in the role of a Slayer Baron, take on the Fallen. There's also a new potion crafting system - featuring combat and loot potions - alongside the new story elements, quests, and rewards set to feature in all three Episodes.

Destiny 2 - the journey ahead.Watch on YouTube

And finally for the announced Episodes, there's Heresy - likely arriving between November and February next year - which promises to be a real blast from the past, taking players back to the Dreadnaught from Destiny's The Taken King expansion. So far, so mostly expected - but it's what comes next that sounds most intriguing.

Destiny 2's 2025 seemingly kicks off in earnest with a mysterious something Bungie is so far only referring to as Codename: Frontiers. As to what it is, that's currently unclear, but the fact Bungie didn't just write 'more Episodes' in its announcement has some speculating it might be a new expansion, perhaps getting Destiny's next big story arc properly underway.

Destiny 2 - Echoes launch trailer.Watch on YouTube

It's unlikely we'll learn more about Codename: Frontiers anytime soon, of course, given Bungie has three Episodes to release before its arrival - so, for now, all eyes are on Echoes, to see if the switch in Destiny 2's content delivery strategy is something worth getting excited about.

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