Bungie's online shooter is a detached slow burner with superlative combat and intriguing hybrid systems that will keep people playing.


Feature | Luria and defining where a game ends

"The body is a unity of action..."

Bungie announces split from Activision

Will assume full rights and responsibilities for Destiny franchise.

Feature | Face to face with the President of Virtual Reality

"I am championing the rights of the people."

Bungie moves to reassure Destiny fans after securing $100m for new game

"Our commitment to that world is not diminished by this announcement."

Bungie says it's finally releasing Destiny's Music of the Spheres

Some hope for the future, some wait for the call.

Jelly Deals | Jelly Deals: A very Destiny Christmas gift guide

There is an alarming amount of Destiny merch.

Turbulent development of Destiny, Witcher 3, Uncharted 4 and more revealed in new book

"To some people at Bungie, this felt like a necessary hail Mary…"

You can buy Destiny 1 silver on Steam, for some reason

UPDATE: Bungie says it was an error, Valve to issue refunds.

Looks like Destiny 2 will ditch Grimoire Cards

"We want to put the lore in the game."

Destiny Vosik Challenge, Aksis Challenge strategies in Wrath of the Machine

How to complete each Challenge Mode introduced in the Rise of Iron Raid.

Destiny: Wrath of the Machine guide and walkthrough

Our complete walkthrough to tackling Rise of Iron's challenging Raid.

Destiny King's Fall raid guide and walkthrough

Our complete guide to the tricky raid from The Taken King.

Destiny: Crota's End guide and walkthrough

Our complete guide to beating Crota's End on the original normal and hard difficulties.

Destiny's final event sees Vault of Glass return

UPDATE: All raids updated, and an enormous book of rewards.

Destiny character progress will not carry over to Destiny 2

Final Destiny 1 event lands end of March.

Destiny 2 launches autumn, will be "more accessible to casual players"

"Without losing anything our core players love."

Destiny Skeleton Key loot list - all Strike-specific gear rewards in Rise of Iron

Want to know what you're getting when you use your prized Skeleton Key?

Destiny Icebreaker - How to get the Year 3 sniper rifle from Zavala's Nightfall Bounty

How to get your hands on the weapon with the regenerating ammo.

Destiny Nova Mortis and Abbadon: How to get the Void and Solar Thunderlord Exotic quests

How to get two new Exotic machine guns thanks to the The Dawning.

Destiny SRL 2016 - Sparrow Racing gear and loot drops, racing tips for each course

How to get the most from the return of Sparrow Racing League.

Destiny Strike Scoring mode explained, how to get Rainbow Medals and Gold Tier Medals in Vanguard Elite

How to get points and the elusive Rainbow Medal in The Dawning's biggest new addition.

Watch Sony's fancy pants PS4 advert

And hunt for video game references.

Destiny Wrath of the Machine Challenge Mode - Strategy and rewards explained

How to complete each Challenge Mode introduced in the Rise of Iron Raid.

Destiny Lost Broom Sparrow - Location of the secret Halloween Sparrow in the Tower

Festival of the Lost's coolest addition will only stick around until the event is over.

Destiny's Halloween update hides a secret racing broom

And there's finally a use for that Box of Raisins.

Bungie sneaks custom marriage proposal into Destiny

"Will you take me for better or worse, in the Tower or on a patrol, for as long as we both have Light?"

Destiny Wrath of the Machine Hard mode - Differences and what's new with each boss encounter

Here's what you can expect from the tougher Rise of Iron Raid.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Record Book - Rewards and how to complete A Life Exotic, Hard as Iron and other milestones

Here's how to rank up and unlock all known milestones in Year 3's Record Book.

Destiny Private Matches - Bounties, Grimoire, how to set up in Rise of Iron and everything we know

Every option listed and how to get the most out of playing custom games.

Destiny - Crucible Dead Ghost locations for every map

Find every collectible on all of Destiny's 31 multiplayer maps, including Rise of Iron's new additions.

Destiny - bell order for Rise of Iron's Sing the Iron Song hidden Achievement, Trophy

Here's what to do with those bells in the Iron Temple to unlock the hidden Achievement.

Destiny - Dormant SIVA Cluster locations list in Rise of Iron

Here's where every known Dormant SIVA Cluster collectible can be found in Rise of Iron.

Destiny Gjallarhorn Quest - How to get Year 3 Gjallarhorn by completing Echoes of the Past in Rise of Iron

How to find the Year 3 edition of Destiny's most infamous weapon in Rise of Iron.

Destiny Isenfyre Token - How to use it to open Felwinter Peak's doors in Rise of Iron

How to use the Raid drop to reach a new area in the social space.

Destiny Outbreak Prime quest - How to solve the monitor puzzle and start Rise of Iron's Challenging the Corruption quest

The monitor puzzle has finally been solved, and the path to a new Exotic weapon begins.

Destiny Khvostov Quest - schematic location, 7G-OX weapon parts and manual pages for Rise of Iron's We Found a Rifle Quest

How to start and complete Rise of Iron's Quest to get an Exotic version of Destiny's very first gun.

Destiny: Rise of Iron guide, tips and tricks

Find every collectible, the best Exotics and beat the Raid in Year 3 of Bungie's online shooter.

Bungie shuts down Destiny's long-running Omnigul exploit

Without a quick fix for Rise of Iron's loot grind.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launch woes force players into queue

UPDATE: Servers settled, SIVA not so much.

Destiny: Rise of Iron mission gameplay footage appears online

Be wary of spoilers, but this should peak your interest.

Destiny just got a big pre-Rise of Iron update

Thorn nerfed, sidearms buffed, new exotic Trespasser released.

Private matchmaking coming to Destiny

Select your own map and mode, participate in cash-prize tournaments and more.

Destiny - The Collection includes all the expansions, costs 50

And here's the PlayStation-exclusive stuff for Rise of Iron.

Destiny event schedule - Calendar of weekly and seasonal activities in 2016

When Sparrow Racing returns, the days Xur drops by each week and more.

Destiny Calcified Fragment locations

How to find all 50 Calcified Fragment collectibles in Destiny: The Taken King.

Destiny's most divisive gun returns for Rise of Iron

Thorn! Redesigned artefacts! Sparrow Racing! More!

Destiny fans despair as latest patch causes Beaver errors

UPDATE: Bungie offers a "hot fix" on PS4 and Xbox One.

Yahoo News uses Destiny screenshot to illustrate story on Saturn

UPDATE: "The presence of a spaceship should perhaps have rung alarm bells."

Destiny's Moments of Triumph Year Two is now live

Bungie celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Bungie: We're trying to build Destiny content quicker

Infusion system will remain the same for Year Three.

Destiny's Rise of Iron officially unveiled, new location detailed

UPDATE: All players get to forge a new Gjallarhorn.

Destiny: Rise of Iron trailer leaks

Gjallarhorn back, in black, if you pre-order.

Destiny leak reveals next expansion Rise of Iron

Meanwhile, Destiny 2 has been "rebooted".

Activision details just how well Destiny, Call of Duty, Hearthstone are doing

Average Destiny playtime now 100+ hours, across almost 30m users.

Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content deal is still a thing

April update features quests and new exotic sniper only on Sony consoles.

Destiny April update release date, Prison of Elders refreshed

Light level cap raised to 335, new strike and quests.

Destiny's April update will let players look like Taken

And, maybe, refresh Prison of Elders arena mode.

Bungie rolls back controversial Destiny matchmaking changes

"It's very clear that we have more work to do."

Destiny launches level boost packs priced 25

Boost one character quick, but at what cost.

Bungie finally sheds light on Destiny: The Taken King DLC plans

More events, but at least one "significant" update.

Feature | Bungie talks Destiny: The Taken King's event-focused future

Set your expectations for a quieter - but more surprising - second year.

Feature | Better than Halo?

Stealth Destiny article.

Destiny bringing forward more Year One exotics

MIDA! Plan C! Hard Light! No Land Beyond.

Destiny gives you a two-player dance if you refer a friend

UPDATE: Eye-catching rewards live. We've woken the jive!

The Destiny matchmaking debate rears its head yet again

As Bungie mulls future feature to "bring people together".

Hats off to Destiny for its mask-filled Halloween event

New quests, PVP map, plus lots of papier mch.

Destiny: King's Fall - Hard Mode guide

How to beat The Taken King's raid on the toughest difficulty.

Report sheds light on Destiny's troubled development

Cut content, a scrapped story and changed characters.

Destiny: The Taken King raid hard mode unlocks next week

And its loot will raise game's Light level cap.

From today, you can do the Carlton dance in Destiny

UPDATE: Prices for Silver currency revealed.

Destiny is nerfing shotguns, again

Bungie notes feedback to this week's Sleeper Simulant quest.

Watch a Destiny fireteam take apart the game's hardest challenge

The Taken King's raid beaten with no deaths, in just over an hour.

Northbot or Nolandroid? Destiny's new Ghost actor confirms

Uncharted star settles the score once and for all.

Destiny: The Taken King - PVP, Crucible, maps, tactics

How to get ahead in The Taken King's new PVP maps and modes.

Feature | Requiem for a rocket launcher

Looking back at Destiny year one's biggest prize.

Activision reveals impressive Destiny: The Taken King launch stats, but not sales

"It's safe to say the Destiny franchise continues to gain momentum."

Watch us play Destiny: The Taken King live

Oli, Wes and Tom are live from 5.15pm UK.

Destiny's most powerful gun may return, but not before Year Three

Bungie explains why Gjallarhorn and other exotic weapons are taking a time out.

Destiny: The Taken King guide

Our guide to getting started with Year Two of Destiny.

Video | Video: Until Dawn, Dinklebot and Miyamoto

All in this week's Eurogamer Show.

Destiny's big update 2.0 is now live

RIP Dinklebot, Gjallarhorn.

Halo composer Marty O'Donnell wins Bungie legal battle

Latest court documents detail long-running feud.

All Destiny players can try The Taken King's PVP next week

Plus, everything you need to know about Update 2.0.

The Taken King makes big changes to Destiny's weekly activities

Some last-gen players will need to upgrade storage, Bungie warns.

Hear Nolan North's first turn in Destiny

"Those are extreme tactics for the Cabal."

Everything we just learnt about Destiny: The Taken King

More vault space! Exotics blueprints! Dances! More!

Why Destiny ditched Peter Dinklage

Game's RPG elements "scary to the Bungie of a year ago".

The Taken King makes huge and important changes to Destiny

UPDATE: Now Strike, Light and Xur differences have been detailed.

Bungie ditches Destiny's Dinklage dialogue for Nolan North

Also, Year 1 Legendary weapons soon to be rendered obsolete.

Destiny's Gjallarhorn to be nerfed in huge balance-changing update

All weapon types overhauled, Ice Breaker and Thorn nerfed too.

Video | Video: Games with awful product tie-ins

And liberty and Red Bull for all.

Destiny: The Taken King promotional Red Bull quest and bonus XP detailed

UPDATE: North America only. 30-minute XP buff for every can you drink.

Bungie: extra Destiny content for all platforms when Sony timed-exclusives launch on Xbox

Xbox players catch up and all versions get a little something extra...

Destiny: The Taken King director defends 40 expansion price tag

UPDATE: "Something better" than Collector's Edition perks coming for veteran players, Bungie says.

Destiny clan waves goodbye to a fallen Guardian

"Last Guardian Standing runs into the light."

Destiny's divisive PlayStation-exclusive content deal continues with The Taken King

Xbox owners blocked from a strike, a PvP map, a gun and now gear for a year.

Destiny: The Taken King release date leaked

Includes third player subclass and Oryx raid. UPDATE: Confirmed.

Destiny: The Taken King expansion spotted again

Bungie update targets House of Wolves key fixes.

Bungie bans Destiny Trials of Osiris cheaters

Exploit allows opponents to be booted offline.

Destiny fans wolf down House of Wolves' hardest challenge

Level 35 Prison of Elders beaten in a matter of hours.

Feature | Return to vendor: the legend of Xur

Bungie on the mysterious Destiny merchant who keeps on giving.

Destiny players raise $400k for Nepal disaster relief

UPDATE: Final donation total tops $1m.

Destiny and Hearthstone have made nearly $1bn in revenue

Blizzard had its most popular Q1 ever.

Bungie launches Destiny charity shirt for Nepal

All profits go to earthquake relief.

Decrypting the new Destiny: House of Wolves trailer

UPDATE: New upgrade methods detailed, Reef hub open to all players.

Destiny data miners dig up two new social spaces

Plus! An exotic class space ship!

Destiny's House of Wolves expansion has no new raid, Bungie confirms

But legendary weapons will be upgradable. Plus: New patch today.

Destiny House of Wolves expansion release date

UPDATE: Trailer released, new "arena activity" teased.

Destiny patch will let you lock up your gear

Plus: wear helmets in the Tower, ammo changes for PVP.

Destiny item comparison sacrificed for expanded vaults on last-gen

Bungie hitting "very limited memory constraints" for PS3, Xbox 360.

Destiny will add audio options and colourblind support in next update

Play your own tunes, mute the music and adjust chat volume.

Watch The Last of Us star Ashley Johnson's emotional BAFTA speech

"This is for the tomboys, and the misfits, and the weirdos…"

Destiny app update grants mobile access to your vault

No-radar Rumble multiplayer event launches next week.

Looks like Destiny is getting a new social space in the Reef

More of House of Wolves expansion two leaks.

Feature | Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

"Henry has learned his lesson the hard way."

Destiny: House of Wolves release date narrowed, major expansion this autumn

Huge balance changes buff Destiny's least-used gun type.

Destiny has more than 16 million registered users

And Hearthstone has more than 25 million.

Destiny fans demolish Crota's End hard mode

First fireteam finishes in less than half an hour.

Feature | Rich Stanton on: Cheesing Destiny

"It feels like Destiny has driven certain of its players mad."

Destiny image reportedly reveals major Plague of Darkness expansion

Hive Ship! New subclasses! New weapon types! More!

Destiny has had just shy of 13 million players

But how does Bungie's shooter compare to gaming's biggest hitters?

Destiny jumps seven places in UK chart following price cut

Big hitters retain control over top 10.

Destiny: How to get to level 32

The Dark Below raises the level cap, but how do you reach it again?

Feature | The Dark Below makes Destiny's mistakes all over again

Bungie's expansion is more of the same - for better and for worse.

Destiny alert: this week's Nightfall and Heroic strikes are locked behind The Dark Below DLC

Tiger strike playlist engram rewards shift to new Roc strike playlist, too.

The race to defeat Destiny's (new) toughest challenge begins

UPDATE: Six hours later, it's the end of Crota.

Destiny will upgrade your exotics - but there's a heavy price to pay

Bungie promises fairer loot drops for new raid, but no matchmaking.

Destiny update makes sweeping changes to its most powerful weapons

Tweaks exotics, kills Templar cheese, fixes Xbox One frame-rate issue.

Feature | Games of 2014: Destiny

Xur, you are being hunted.

Bungie Vidoc shows The Dark Below weapons and armour

UPDATE: Another new video details DLC loot.

Watch Destiny's leaked cinematic for The Dark Below DLC

Get your first look at malevolent alien Crota.

2.44GB Destiny update goes live

Shader preview! Team Chat! 10 Bounty slots! More!

Iron Banner 2.0 hits Destiny next week

Plus, new Strike Team chat revealed.

Feature | Everything not saved will be lost

What Destiny tells us about life, the universe, and everything.

Bungie gifts brain surgery patient a one-of-a-kind rifle

After his neurologist recommended Destiny for therapy.

Destiny has over 9.5 million registered users

Activision confirms sequel is already in development.

Iron Banner returns to Destiny

UPDATE: Bungie pulls Iron Banner, confirms it was the old version.

Destiny guide

Gold chests, how to reach level 20 and 30 quickly, farming guides and exotic bounties.

Destiny's Vault of Glass raid more difficult from today

UPDATE: Bungie explains decision: "The Raid is never supposed to be easy."

Bungie promises power matters in Destiny's new and improved Iron Banner

Plus, counter to quitters, bounties tweaked and reputation gain changed.

Feature | The problem with video game guns

Is that lots of them are boring.

Destiny launch almost triples monthly US PlayStation 4 sales

Total gameplay hours five times higher than any other PS4 game.

Bungie pays tribute to Destiny's famous loot cave

Latest hotfix shows where players left their mark.

Bungie nerfs Destiny Auto Rifles, Vex Mythoclast, Rocket Yard

Buffs Scout Rifles, tackles Vault of Glass sniper platforms.

Destiny averages 3.2m players every day

Bungie to tweak Iron Banner following player feedback.

Destiny player finds another under construction DLC area

Behold The Dark Below's Mars mission: The Hypogeum.

Destiny developer Bungie calls for Iron Banner feedback

As some players claim powerful gear and weapons do not grant enough of an advantage.

Destiny ditches balance with PVP mode Iron Banner

Game goes offline this afternoon for hotfix.

Bungie discussing matchmaking for Destiny's Raid

"That's a really tricky topic..."

Destiny bug reveals expansion DLC

UPDATE: Bungie maintains that The Dark Below's development isn't finished yet.

Does the Vex Mythoclast gun break Destiny PvP?

"Unfair" Fusion Rifle sparks heated debate. Watch it dominate.

Destiny 1.0.2 patch changes how Engrams work

UPDATE: The update is now live.

Someone's found a new loot farming cave in Destiny

Well, it's not a cave, but it works just the same. Let's call it the Rocketyard Room.

Bungie nerfs Destiny's magical loot farming Treasure Cave

Big changes coming to voice communication, loot and weapons.

Destiny has its first level 30 character

"N3AC3Y" has spent 107 hours playing across three hunters. One scored the world first.

Destiny patch makes a few missions easier

Fixes Vault of Glass raid bug.

Destiny tops UK chart for second week running

72 per cent of PS4 sales were Destiny bundle.

Digital Foundry | The evolution of Destiny

What Bungie added - and took away - from the game's E3 2013 debut.

Bungie announces next two Destiny public events

Crucible weekend playlist today, PVE Queen's Wrath starts next week.

Feature | A Destiny story summary for people who dozed off

In case you lost (or couldn't be bothered to keep) track of what was going on.

Destiny hotfix doubles frequency of public events

Game crashes and network stability addressed.

Destiny UK's biggest new IP launch ever

46 per cent of sales on PS4, 36 per cent on Xbox One.

Video | Video: Watch us take on Destiny's Moon Strike

We're off to see the wizard! Live from 3.30pm BST.

Destiny public events to occur more frequently

Bungie outlines upcoming events - raid unlocks 16th Sep.

Video | Come play Destiny multiplayer with us from 4pm BST

Join Ian and Tom P in the Crucible on Xbox One.

Listen to Paul McCartney's theme song for Destiny

Looting in the Sky with Violence.

Digital Foundry | Performance Analysis: Destiny on Xbox One

Does the 1080p upgrade mean full technical parity with PS4?

Activision: Destiny "most successful new video game franchise launch ever"

But publisher declines to say how many copies have been sold.

Feature | Destiny thrills, but the big picture rings hollow

After a day's play, how does Bungie's shared world shooter fare?

Sony appears to have fixed vanishing Destiny PSN pre-orders problem

If you pre-ordered and weren't able to download, try again this morning.

Destiny launch day live report

Catch up with today's livestream - or maybe just run off home and play the game yourself?

Bungie details Destiny 1.0.1 patch

Spider Tank nerfed, weapons and classes tweaked.

PS4 passes 1m sales mark in the UK

Second fastest-selling home console ever, just behind Wii.

Editor's blog: About the Destiny review

With no early access, we'll be reviewing from live servers - and taking our time.

Digital copies of Destiny can be upgraded to new consoles for free

Guardian Edition extras and Expansion Pass too.

Feature | For Sony, Destiny is the first-party PlayStation 4 game it needs this Christmas

"We're wrapping our arms around it on all levels of the organisation."

Here's how Destiny controls on Vita using Remote Play

Tap different parts of the touchscreen instead of shoulder buttons.

Microsoft UK confirms it is behind cheeky Destiny fragrance ad

"Thing is, we didn't have permission to run adverts for the game."

Destiny dev reveals Raid details

UPDATE: Planet View app unlocks exclusive in-game emblem.

Destiny now available to pre-purchase on Xbox One

Choose either the standard or Digital Guardian Edition.

Destiny's Ghost takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Nominates The Last of Us' Joel, digital Kevin Spacey and George Lucas.

Feature | Bungie on the Destiny level cap, raids and game size

Post beta, the end - or beginning - is near.

Bungie ordered to return shares to composer Marty O'Donnell

After dev argued he'd be a "bothersome presence at board meetings".

Destiny expansion The Dark Below launches in December 2014

Competitive multiplayer modes revealed.

Destiny's beta characters are being wiped

Progress being reset before September release.

Activision notes industry-wide downturn in pre-orders

Looking at other ways to work out how popular games will be.

Destiny's six-player raids can only be played with friends

UPDATE: Bungie understands the "frustration" and "limitations" this brings.

Over 4.6m people played the Destiny beta

"We cannot thank the community enough."

Video | Video: Destiny meets the cloud appreciation club

Reading into Bungie's mercurial skyboxes.

Digital Foundry | Destiny on Xbox 360 - Bungie's last-gen swan song?

The studio that defined the modern FPS brings the curtain down on Microsoft's vintage console.

Digital Foundry | Tech Analysis: Destiny beta on Xbox One

900p vs 1080p on the Microsoft console - plus a look at the updated PS4 code.

Destiny beta now available to download on Xbox One

Maintenance complete, servers return early on PS4.

Bungie forced to pay $95k to ex-Halo, Destiny composer

Marty O'Donnell wins damages after departure from the company.

Digital Foundry | Can last-gen consoles handle Destiny?

Digital Foundry compares the PS3 and PS4 betas.

See how Bungie updated Destiny's Dinklage dialogue

And what happened to the wizard that came from the moon?

What's in the Destiny beta?

What to expect when you're expecting.

What to expect from the Destiny beta

After PS4 alpha, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners set to enter the fray.

White PS4 will release on its own in Europe later this year

Stormtrooper edition console coming as a standalone after Destiny bundle.

How strong exactly is PlayStation's 2014 line-up?

Shuhei Yoshida talks up PlayStation TV, Destiny and the importance of remakes.

Destiny beta release dates, expansions announced

UPDATE: 150 Destiny Ghost Edition exclusive to GAME in UK.

Bungie confident Destiny will run smoothly at launch

"We have been actively preparing..."

Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content detailed in full

UPDATE: Exclusive until autumn 2015, Eurogamer told.

How the Xbox One GPU Kinect reserve unlock works

Microsoft expects "tangible" benefit for games out this Christmas.

Destiny PS4 alpha extended for "dangerous experiments"

"Play beyond the official close at your own risk!"

Digital Foundry | Tech Analysis: Destiny alpha on PS4

Digital Foundry gets to grips with Activision's $500m game.

Digital Foundry | Destiny time-lapse: world in motion

Stunning footage of Bungie's latest creation.

Feature | Bleeding red and blue: Destiny's competitive multiplayer cut wide open

Bungie peels back another layer, and the feeling within is familiar.

PS4 premieres pre-loading with Destiny

Pre-orders now open, guarantees beta access.

Call of Duty: Ghosts the best-selling PS4 and Xbox One game

WOW subscribers slide again, but Hearthstone and Diablo 3 do the business for Blizzard.

Destiny to enter beta in July

It's too hot to go outside then anyway, right?

Feature | Bungie's date with Destiny approaches

It's been a long journey, but for the creator of Halo the end is in sight.

Feature | How Destiny turns into Diablo when you hit the level cap

And why you need to play "a couple of hours, tops" to unlock competitive multiplayer.

Bungie explains why there's still no PC version of Destiny

"It is not nearly as simple as you think…"

Feature | The silent composer

Marty O'Donnell's departure is a shock, but also a reminder that music in games is more important than ever.

Veteran Halo composer fired from Bungie "without cause"

UPDATE: "We don't make those decisions lightly," says Bungie's COO.

Bungie unveils Destiny's Shrike vehicle

Looks a lot like Star Wars' speeder bike.

Diablo 3 sales hit 15m as WOW subs rise

Activision reckons Destiny will be the "best-selling new video game IP in history".

Feature | Developers' Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Titanfall! Destiny! The Witcher 3! The Last Guardian (hopefully)!

Bungie releases new Destiny trailer

Sci-fi! Robots! Shooting! Grenades!

Destiny now destined to launch in September

Beta next summer on PS4 and PS3.

Destiny beta coming first to PS3 and PS4

New in-engine trailer released.

Feature | Let's talk about Destiny

We meet Bungie in search of answers.

Destiny beta to launch early 2014, according to Amazon

UPDATE: Activision confirms pre-order bonus, releases trailer.

Destiny will feature three weapon slots

New dev doc shows off weapons, worlds and creatures.

Feature | Have traditional MMOs had their time?

And what do we make of the shared-world games and MOBAs that have risen up to replace them?

Feature | Destiny: how to save online worlds

Bungie doesn't like to call its new game an MMO, but it might revolutionise them anyway.

Destiny revealed in stunning gameplay demo, confirmed for 2014 release

Multi-class warfare, loot drops and pretty vistas - it's a Bungie game alright.

Microsoft creative director dismisses "drama" around always-online consoles

UPDATE: Microsoft apologises for Orth's tweets, but offers no statement regarding always-online hardware.

Five analysts, one consensus: PlayStation 4 impressed

"Microsoft will have to bring their A-game."

Every PlayStation 4 game, every developer announced so far

UPDATE: 169 companies have now signed up. Still no The Last Guardian.

Feature | The big interview: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on PS4

"It's more about services than the system."

Destiny requires an internet connection to work

Out on PS3, Xbox 360 and next-gen consoles. PC: "stay tuned." No word on Wii U.

Bungie teases a Destiny announcement on Sunday

So if a game's born out of Destiny does it become Destiny's child?

Activision casts doubt on 2013 release for Bungie's Destiny

Plus: 12 million Diablo 3 sales, 9.6m WOW subs and "disappointment" at Wii U launch.