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Destiny Outbreak Prime quest - How to solve the monitor puzzle and start Rise of Iron's Challenging the Corruption quest

The monitor puzzle has finally been solved, and the path to a new Exotic weapon begins.

After a week of the community working one of Rise of Iron's biggest mysteries - how to activate all of Wrath of the Machine's monitors - the puzzle has finally been cracked, paving the way to starting Destiny: Rise of Iron's Outbreak Prime Exotic weapon Quest.

Streamer Datto and his team were among the first to get the 390 Light Pulse Rifle (!), with other players following suit. Within hours, Datto and the Destiny sub-Reddit revealed the full steps to get the rifle, from monitor locations to starting the Channelling the Corruption quest and the various SIVA Engine puzzles.

Needless to say, the Outbreak Prime Quest is quite the task, so make sure you have a committed team to help out. Until then, maybe look into other Exotic weapons in Rise of Iron, such as the Thorn Quest, Gjallarhorn Quest or Khvostov Quest - especially if you want to complete Rise of Iron's Record Book.

How to get Outbreak Prime - Quest stages in full

Credit goes out to both the communities at the Raid Secrets and Destiny sub-Reddits for putting in the work to figure all this out.

  • Activate all monitors in the Wrath of the Machine Raid
  • Complete the Raid and beat the final boss, Aksis
  • Open the Fifth Hidden Chest hidden in the boss room to get the Quest 'Channeling the Corruption'
  • Complete objectives with a Fireteam comprising of a Warlock, Hunter and Titan (3 Public events, 3 Crucible matches, Nightfall, 50 Pulse Rifle kills)
  • Solve the first SIVA Engine puzzle
  • Complete more objectives (explore The Plaguelands, 3 Archon's Forge attempts, kill Sepiks Perfected)
  • Solve the second SIVA Engine puzzle
  • Return to the Wrath of the Machine Raid and kill Devil Splicer leaders and collect 3 Control Grids
  • Solve the final SIVA Engine puzzle

You will then get the Outbreak Prime Pulse Rifle.

So to start, you need to get into the Raid and activate all five monitors. Doing so will remove a laser in the secret corridor after you win the second Aksis fight, starting the Quest. Here's where they all are:

Wrath of the Machine monitor locations to begin Challenging the Corruption

First monitor location (after Vosik second encounter): After the Vosik encounter ends, in the same room, go the front-most 'clean room' on the left, and look up to see a fan high above in the ceiling. Leap up, and at the end of the corridor is the monitor.

Second monitor location (after Vosik second encounter): On the path between Vosik and the Siege Engine, there is a corridor that splits off to the right on the opposite wall where you see two pairs of pipes leading down on the left (it's in the same general area as the second Hidden Chest in Wrath of the Machine).

Turn the corner into a large room, and get onto the left walkway above. There is another walkway higher up opposite, and another that runs along the wall when you come high above - get up those, and enter the room off to the side to find the monitor. Here's a video by Esoterickk showing the location:

Watch on YouTube

Third monitor location (after Siege Engine encounter): After you've defeated the Siege Engine, but before you drop down to the rocks below, turn and stand on the right side of the bridge. Look back along the bridge to see some debris sticking out. Shoot it to remove it from the bridge, and then double jump over to find it was obscuring a passage with the monitor. This video by Vendetta shows where you can find it:

Watch on YouTube

Fourth monitor location (between Siege Engine and Aksis): This step is the most elaborate and requires some co-ordination to get right. In the Server Farm, go to the large room containing the giant cube surrounded by canisters. Four of the team have to stand on specific canisters. The order doesn't matter, and if successful, a sound will play.

Now two players go back to the Server Farm's opening maze-like area and find the monitors located on either side of the room. Taking it in turns, left then right, the players will activate their monitor and use the number that follows to work out where the other four players stand back in the canister room.

Starting with section 00, the left monitor will tell you the column (they are numbered, starting at 0) then canister row number (from each bridge, going out) using the following numbers:

0000: 0
0001: 1
0010: 2
0011: 3
0100: 4
0101: 5

Then do Section 01, and so on. If unsure, it's worth watching this video from Esoterickk explaining it in further detail.

Fifth monitor location (after defeating Aksis): The fifth and final monitor is at the start of the corridor with the Quest chest. After you face Aksis, you can drop off the edge of the arena (to the left of where you first spawn in) to find a hidden ledge leading to the corridor of lasers. Here's Radiant Wolves to showcase the location of the corridor:

Watch on YouTube

Now that you have all five monitors, the corridor should be free of lasers and the path to the chest will be clear, starting the 'Channeling the Corruption' questline.

How to complete the 'Channeling the Corruption' Quest and solve SIVA Engine puzzles

Now you have the quest, the first step is to Be the Battery, where you complete objectives with a Fireteam comprising of a Warlock, Hunter and Titan (3 Public events, 3 Crucible matches, Nightfall, 50 Pulse Rifle kills). Provided you have a Fireteam with these characters available, this should be a pretty straightforward step that shouldn't take you an hour.

After that is the That Light May Bind step that has you 'synchronise the SIVA Engine's energy flow'. All three players (again, as a Warlock, Titan and Hunter) must investigate their SIVA Engine items in a social space, and ensure the first and last nodes on the far left and right are the same; base capacitor adds, base resistor subtracts, dual multiplies and half halves it. If you want the solution, it is as follows, with (thanks to the sub-Reddit) 1 being the top node and 3 being the bottom:

Warlock is 31313
Titan is 32323
Hunter is 23223

If all three are done at the same time on all three characters, you have to complete some more objectives in the Parts of a Whole step, which involves exploring The Plaguelands (it seems like this involves killing enemies to fill this up), 3 Archon's Forge attempts and running the Sepiks Perfected Strike.

After that, you have to solve another SIVA Engine Charged puzzle by aligning the opening and end numbers. According to the Destiny sub-Reddit, the codes are as follows (1 being top, 4 being bottom):

Warlock is 13334 or 23444
Titan is 42123
Hunter is 24414 or 41233

Once that is done, you now have to return to the Wrath of the Machine Raid and kill Devil Splicer leaders and collect 3 Control Grids. This is a case of killing all three bosses (Vosik, Seige Engine, Aksis) to get the nodes.

You then have the final SIVA Engine Unstable puzzle. Again, have just a trio of Hunter, Warlock and Titan only in your party. The final value needs to be 730, and each class has a different starting number. It's much more complicated this time, so use this calculator to help solve it.

Once that is done, you finally get your hands on your very own 390 Light Outbreak Prime Pulse Rifle. Congratulations!

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What else we know about Outbreak Prime and the Quest

  • The Outbreak Prime weapon drops at 390, which is a good way to help boost you up to max Light level.
  • The description reads: "I've done the math. When you pull this trigger, one plus one equals zero. Every time. - Shiro-4"
  • As well as great stability for a pulse rifle, it's biggest perk is that precision kills and repeated hits on enemies spawn SIVA nanites that appear and attack other enemies, with Fallen in particular taking extra damage. Sounds useful in the Raid, right? Could be worth getting in time for the Hard mode, whenever that arrives.
  • If you don't fancy running the entire Raid again in the second to last step to get the Control Grids, then you can re-run the first boss fight over and over with a checkpoint on a second character. Cheers to the Destiny sub-Reddit for the tip.
  • The good news is if you've already finished the quest but want to help out friends, then Shiro-6 will hand out extra SIVA Engine cores to help them complete their puzzles.
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