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Destiny Gjallarhorn Quest - How to get Year 3 Gjallarhorn by completing Echoes of the Past in Rise of Iron

How to find the Year 3 edition of Destiny's most infamous weapon in Rise of Iron.

Destiny's most infamous and elusive weapon - the Gjallarhorn - is back in Rise of Iron, and now everyone has a chance of getting it as part of the Exotic Destiny Gjallarhorn quest. Signposted as soon as you finish the main story as part of the Echoes of the Past Quest, this takes you from finding hidden collectibles to taking on Fallen in interestingly repurposed locations, before you get your hands on your very own Year 3 Gjallarhorn.

Once you're done, remember there are other Exotic weapon questlines to complete too (handy if you want to complete Rise of Iron's Record Book) such as Rise of Iron's Khvostov 7G-OX Quest and the Thorn Quest.

How to get Gjallarhorn in Rise of Iron

When you finish the last story mission The Iron Tomb, you'll get the Echoes of the Past Quest, which starts you on the path to getting the Gjallarhorn. Here's a summary of the steps required for the Year 3 Gjallarhorn:

  • Scan the Anomaly within Site 6
  • Find the Iron Medallions
  • Complete mission 'A Symbol of Honor'
  • Find 5 Dormant SIVA Clusters
  • Complete mission 'Beauty in Delivery'
A close look at the Year 3 Gjallarhorn, which drops at 350 Light.

Getting the Year 3 Gjallarhorn in Rise of Iron step-by-step

So first, to scan the Anomaly within Site 6. Start a Patrol mission and visit the The Archon's Keep area of The Plaguelands, where the Anomaly should be there, signposted as a seemingly regular Patrol Mission marker. Once you find it, it'll specifically say this on the screen to you know you're on the right path:

"A scrambled datastream seems to be pointing to an anomaly buried deep within Site 6."

Before you go to Site 6, make sure you have a Splicer Key on you - you can find out the various sources in our Splicer Key article.

Once you have one, go investigate that Anomaly. To get to Site 6, go from Archon's Keep to Archon's Forge, then take a left in The Warrens, then use the Splicer Key to get into the Site 6 complex proper.

Instead of dropping down the slope and into the caverns where the replication chamber was in The Iron Tomb mission, you'll have to defeat a Walker instead. Once you have, scan the Anomaly behind it. Now go to the Iron Temple and chat with Saladin to pick up the Beauty in Destruction quest.

Iron Medallion locations for the Gjallarhorn's 'Beauty in Destruction' Quest

This part of the questline has you find Iron Medallions dotted through The Plaguelands Patrol area (and one in Felwinter Peak, too). While they are in specific locations, and will appear on your screen when you get close enough, they can be missed easily enough. Since we wanted to provide a more exhausting visual guide, we've put every location in our dedicated Iron Medallion locations for the Beauty in Destruction Quest article. The set won't take you half an hour to complete.

Once done, head back to the Iron Temple, where you'll pick up the A Symbol of Honor Quest.

Gjallarhorn Quest mission A Symbol of Honor

This is a neat mission that takes place on the Bannerfall Crucible map. The first part of the mission is very straightforward - just go where instructed and scan the points of interest in the archives, library and workshop.

Then, Fallen will start arriving. Sprint to the waypoint and scan the wall to activate defensive turrets, which will help you in mowing down the crowds. Next, you have to defuse two bombs one after another, which is a case of activating your Ghost and staying within the radius while fighting off more enemies.

Enjoy your dose of Destiny lore as you put together the Gjallarhorn.

Instead of rushing in, take your time thinning out the enemies before scanning, and try and stay by the bomb as cover as you take down advancing enemies. Your biggest worry for both are Shanks - both explosive and regular - who will kill you quickly if you aren't careful.

Having more than one Guardian in this mission will help you stop getting overwhelmed, otherwise don't worry about a temporary retreat. The final part is a fight against a powerful Captain; in our battle he was more pre-occupied with shooting defense than targeting us, so stay at a distance, take down other enemies and shoot him whenever you can.

Collect SIVA Clusters

Once done, you have to go back to the Iron Temple, then go and collect 5 Dormant SIVA Clusters. These are positioned throughout The Plaguelands, and by now you've probably run into a few yourself. If you want to know where every known Cluster is located, see our Dormant SIVA Cluster locations list.

Whichever way you get them, return to the Iron Temple and receive the final mission, a Beauty in Delivery.

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Final part of the 'Echoes of the Past' Quest to complete your Year 3 Gjallahorn

Similar to A Symbol of Honor, the Beauty in Delivery mission takes place on a Crucible map, Skyshock. First, clear the entire map of Fallen. This is made pretty difficult thanks to the tripmines everywhere, but take your time, use ranged weaponry, and be wary of Vandals that suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Once done, you have to fix the final components and defend the Ghost when it is create the weapon on a workbench. This is a pretty tough finale as a lot of Fallen will come your way. You can either do it fairly - and ideally with a Fireteam - by staying mobile and making clever use of Supers, or by cheesing it by standing in the corner right by the entrance doorway, making you mostly invisible to the enemies outside, while still causing the meter to fill. The occasional foe can still come in and take a few shots, but it's an easy way to finish what is a challenging mission.

If you sit in one of the corners of the room during the final phase of Beauty in Delivery, you can avoid enemies safely.

Once the Ghost is finished, you get your hands on your own Year 3, Light level 350 Gjallahorn. To finish the mission, you have to once again clear the map of Fallen, with the map populated with Heavy ammo caches. You essentially just need to take out the two Walkers, which the Gjallahorn does certainly help with, so take your time and enjoy blowing up Dregs with rockets while you're at it.

When the Walkers are down, head back to the Iron Temple, chat to Lord Saladin to complete the Gjallahorn questline. Well done!

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