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Destiny Khvostov Quest - schematic location, 7G-OX weapon parts and manual pages for Rise of Iron's We Found a Rifle Quest

How to start and complete Rise of Iron's Quest to get an Exotic version of Destiny's very first gun.

Destiny: Rise of Iron has a neat callback to the very first weapon players wield in the game - the Khvostov - by making it the Exotic weapon Khvostov 7G-OX. The path to get there isn't signposted by the game, but once you're on the Khvostov Quest in Rise of Iron, it will only take you around an hour to 90 minutes to get it - though expect some exploration and a tough boss battle before you do so.

Once you're done, maybe you'd want to take on another Exotic - the Gjallarhorn Quest, Thorn Quest or Outbreak Prime Quest perhaps? - which are required to complete an entry in Rise of Iron's Record Book.

How to get the Khvostov Quest 'We Found a Rifle' in Destiny: Rise of Iron

First, you need the Khvostov 7G-OX schematic to unlock the questline. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Dismantle the original Khvostov weapon
  2. Use a Splicer Intel Relay to board the Ketch ship in The Plaguelands

If you managed to keep hold of that weapon from way back in 2014, then great - pull it out of your Vault, dismantle it and move on to the next step. Of course, most people got rid of it as soon as possible, and thankfully there's another way to get the Khvostov 7G-OX schematic.

Here's the Khvostov 7G-OX up close.

You need to head to the place you started Destiny, just outside the Cosmodrome walls. Fire up The Plaguelands patrol (complete the game's final story mission, The Iron Tomb, to access this) and head back in the direction of the Rocketlands (from where you spawn in, go right, through the doorway on the upper walkway). Once in the Rocketlands, go left to The Divide, then left round the corner into the sewers to access The Breach.

You need to make sure you have a Splicer Intel Relay on you, because before you can go exit the wall, you'll have to open a doorway in The Breach. (Note that this won't work if you try and access the ship from story The Walls Come Down - we tried it.)

Once you do, work your way through the pile up of cars to the Ketch ship in the distance, and kill everything on board, including a rather persistent Pilot Servitor. Once taken care of, a chest will appear in the far right corner, containing the Khvostov 7G-OX schematic.

Whichever way you get it, take it to the Iron Temple to continue the next part of the quest.

How to complete the 'We Found a Rifle' Quest, Khvostov weapon parts and manuals pages locations

You now have to locate 10 manual pages and 3 weapon parts while in Patrol in The Plaguelands area.

10 Manual Pages for Khvostov 7G-OX - These are dropped by killing Fallen enemies within Patrol, so kill everything you come across and they'll drop from time to time. For some players this step was rather quick, with a steady stream of drops, but for us it took a while. We also had more success when not doing patrols, but you can do other things at the same time - we had two drop in a single Acheon's Forge session, for example. In short, you can get most of these pages while getting weapon parts, then just stay in Patrol until you're done.

3 Weapon Parts for Khvostov 7G-OX - These three weapon parts are found in specific places. Start The Plaguelands, and make your way back to the Rocketyards, which will act as your starting point. From here, you want to go to the Refinary, and essentially take the route the Devil's Lair Strike takes you on. Two of the three Weapon Parts are on this route:

1. One is located in the room after you face waves of enemies as your Ghost opens the door, on the right side in the corner.

The first Weapon Part in the 'We Found a Rifle' Quest. Please ignore the photobombing dancer.

2. The next is in The Blast, the vast area where you face the Walker, outside in the centre of the map, against the purple pipe.

The second Weapon Part is outside near where you fight the Walker in the Devil's Lair Strike.

3. For the third Weapon Part, go back to the Rocketyard, and head in the other direction so you go to The Divide. Instead of going left to The Breach, go right to Dock 13 (as if you are going to where you spawn into the Cosmodrome in the original Patrol). After the large room with enemies, the Weapon Part is under the stairs.

Check under the stairs in Dock 13 for this third Weapon Part.

Once you have 10 manual pages and 3 weapon parts, return to the Iron Temple to get a mission that'll finish off the Quest.

Completing the Khvostov Quest 'We Found a Rifle' in Destiny: Rise of Iron

This final A Khvostov Rising mission is home to a particularly tough boss encounter. Make sure you're a decent level (our article on how to reach Light level 400 can help) and come equipped with something that can take down a Void shield and do strong follow-up damage. If possible, team up with one or two other players too.

Start the mission, use your Ghost on the scan point then head outside to meet Kaviss. As mentioned, he's pretty tough, so take his shield down with a Void Heavy or Super, then follow it up with more rapid damage. When his health is low enough, he'll retreat. Go to The Breach where you'll encounter a path of SIVA clouds through the tunnels, and be wary of the trip mines along the way.

When you reach the wide, snow-filled area, head to the far end upper walkway to start another battle with the Captain.

Kaviss is pretty tough, so make sure you have a powerful Void attack to knock out his shield.

Again, same rules apply as before - use a Void Heavy or Super to quickly drop his shield then follow up with the opposite or some more to get in some damage. The problem here is the amount of surrounding enemies; the two things you mainly have to watch out for are the Servitors on the walkways (a few sniper shots will drop them) and the dropships that occasionally appear.

Wait until the dropships disappear before coming out into the open (we had to 'approach' them to make them move one time, so consider that if they aren't budging) and try and clear as many regular enemies as you can. Then, when the coast is mostly clear, go in with a Super / Heavy combo to drop a chunk of the Captain's health, then retreat and repeat the process. It's a tough battle solo, and no doubt will be easier with a few of you, so consider grouping up if you can.

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Once Kaviss is downed, he'll immediately drop the Khvostov 7G-OX as an Engram, which you can equip straight away.

We're not done with the mission just yet though; make your way onward to beyond the wall, where you started the game and the new Ketch ship is, and clear out all the Fallen along the way. Once you've taken out all the enemies on the ship, your Ghost will want to have a chat with you while admiring the view. Once you've done the cutscene, head back to the Tower, and chat to Shiro-4 to complete the Quest.

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