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Destiny Splicer Keys, Intel Relays, SIVA Offerings, SIVA Cache Key, SIVA Key Fragments - Rise of Iron's new materials explained

Here's where to get Rise of Iron's new materials and how they work.

Every Destiny expansion brings with it new materials and consumable items, and Rise of Iron is no different.

Largely themed around the game's new enemy factions - SIVA and Splicers - these allow you to access new areas in Patrol areas, play activities and earn new items, so it's worth knowing how to get them easily and what exactly they can do.

Splicer Keys, Intel Relays, SIVA Offerings, SIVA Cache Key, SIVA Key Fragments in Rise of Iron explained

Below is a breakdown of Rise of Iron's new items. Not covered here, however, is the Isenfyre Token or the Skeleton Key, an all-important consumable for Rise of Iron's Strikes. We explain how it works, and what loot it drops, in our Destiny Skeleton Key loot article listing all Strike-specific gear rewards in Rise of Iron.

Splicer Key locations, use explained

Splicer keys are one of the more common, and more useful, materials introduced in Rise of Iron. They are used to:

While it appears you can get them from all kinds of Splicer enemies in the game (we even seemingly got one from killing one of the red, stationary SIVA 'nodes') there is a very high chance one will drop when killing a Brood Mother.

Brood Mothers are a reliable source of Rise of Iron's new materials.

These are Wizards that populate The Plaguelands; there's one in the Lords' Watch area, to the right of where you spawn; two are in Giant's Husk, to the side of the ship under the container area, a couple in Archon's Keep, and likely others elsewhere too. In short, just have an explore and you're bound to bump into one sooner than later.

Some say their high drop rate is a glitch, but we've had other things drop from them (such as a Splicer Intel Relay), and it makes sense a powerful enemy will give you a decent reoccurring drop - but we'll see how this develops in future patches.

Note that though you can only old 10 Splicer Keys at once time, you can store 10 in your Vault and 10 on each character, too, potentially allowing a total of 40 in your possession.

SIVA Cache Key, SIVA Key Fragments locations and use explained

SIVA Cache Key and SIVA Key Fragments are Raid-specific consumables that help you get bonus items within Wrath of the Machine.

The SIVA Cache Key can be used once per week to open a chest within Wrath of the Machine, while 10 SIVA Key Fragments can be used to make one SIVA Cache Key. (Just hover over it in your inventory and press the button prompt to create it.) SIVA Key Fragments can also be used to re-roll the stats on Raid-specific armour, too.

SIVA Key Fragments can be front from hidden chests within Wrath of the Machine, both on the critical path and many off the beaten track. You'll also receive them from defeating Raid bosses; 3 for the first kill that week, 2 on the second, 1 on the third and none after that, whether playing on Normal or Hard mode.

Splicer Intel Relay locations, use explained

Splicer Intel Relays come in several different types - all under the same name - but all appear to have the same function - to access certain areas in The Plaguelands, such as the starting Cosmodrome area with the Ketch for the Khvostov schematic for the Khvostov 7G-OX Exotic Quest.

These are dropped by Brood Mothers throughout The Plaguelands (see the Splicer Key section above for examples of where they appear) but seem to be a rarer drop than Splicer Keys.

There might be more of a use for these in certain situations than just accessing the starting Cosmodrome, and we'll update this article if that's the case.

A look at one of the four Splicer Intel Relay materials.

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SIVA Offerings locations, use explained

These are used to start the Archon's Forge event within the Plaguelands, and come in three different varieties, each one increasing the difficulty of the event you will face:

  • Fused SIVA Offering - Common (green), 320 Light recommended
  • Enhanced SIVA Offering - Uncommon (blue), 340 Light recommended
  • Perfected SIVA Offering - Rare (purple), 360 Light recommended

Strangely, only SIVA Offering can be held in your inventory at one time, though you can swap them to different characters or to the Vault to collect more.

Unlike Splicer Keys or Splicer Intel Relay, it seems that these can drop from any enemy you come across in The Plaguelands, so do some Patrols and get killing foes until one appears in your inventory. Again, since you can only hold one at a time, give it to another character or deposit in the Vault straight away, so you always have one waiting if you need to participate in Archon's Forge quickly.

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