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Bungie and Netease reportedly developing Destiny mobile game

Patience and time.

Bungie's under-wraps work with Chinese publisher NetEase involves a mobile shooter set in the Destiny universe, a new report has claimed.

Job adverts for a Destiny project were previously spotted last year by The Game Post. Required skills included a "willingness to travel to China" on a regular basis, and host Chinese partner teams.

NetEase invested $100m in Bungie back in 2018, though the companies have never officially confirmed what the two are working on.

Destiny 2's latest season - not for mobile.Watch on YouTube

Speculation had previously pointed to the two companies working on Bungie's next big AAA IP - potentially the franchise it trademarked the name "Matter" for, also in 2018. Job ads dug up by The Game Post in 2020 pointed to this project being "something comedic" with "lighthearted and whimsical characters".

Now, a The Game Post source with knowledge of NetEase's development plans has claimed the Chinese company is working on a new Destiny shooter project for mobile, and has been for several years. The suggestion is this will be a fresh game, rather than a mobile port of Destiny 1 or 2.

NetEase is, of course, highly experienced with mobile games - and most recently partnered with Blizzard to launch Diablo Immortal for PC and smartphones, though not without controversy.

In February this year, Sony announced it would buy Bungie for $3.6bn. At the time, Sony boss Jim Ryan stated the purchase was "an important step in our strategy to expand the reach of PlayStation to a much wider audience".