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Destiny - Dormant SIVA Cluster locations list in Rise of Iron

Here's where every known Dormant SIVA Cluster collectible can be found in Rise of Iron.

The original Destiny had 50 Dead Ghost collectibles to find, The Taken King had Calcified Fragments, and Rise of Iron has a collectible of its own.

Alongside the addition of several new Dead Ghosts in the Crucible, Rise of Iron adds Dormant SIVA Clusters, a new collectible type that can be found in the game's new Plagueland Patrol area, missions, Strikes and the Raid.

There are 30 in total to find, and are perfect for completionists or those wanted to complete certain Quests or the Rise of Iron Record Book.

Here's some general tips and things you need to know about Dormant SIVA Clusters:

  • You can see a Dormant SIVA Fragment from afar thanks to its red glow, which helps in the darker interior areas of the game.
  • You can grab most from The Plaguelands Patrol, but some are exclusive to missions (King of the Mountain, Download Complete, The Iron Tomb), Strikes (The Wretched Eye, Sepiks Perfected), the Iron Temple social space and Wrath of the Machine Raid. In full they are:

King of the Mountain: Iron Lords 2.9
Download Complete: Fallen 3.2
The Iron Tomb: Iron Lords 2.6, Iron Lords 2.7
The Wretched Eye: Fallen 3.3, Fallen 3.4
Sepiks Perfected: Fallen 3.5
Iron Temple: Fallen 3.0, Fallen 3.1
Wrath of the Machine: Fallen 3.6, Fallen 3.7, Fallen 3.8, Fallen 3.9

  • Certain areas where Dormant SIVA Fragments are located require Splicer Keys or Splicer Intel Relays to access, so make sure you stock up on 'em.
  • There is no known reward for collecting all 30 Dormant SIVA Clusters. Based on what happened when players collected 45 out of 50 Calcified Fragments, there could be something waiting, hopefully...
  • You need five as part of the Gjallarhorn Quest, so get collecting early if you want to blast through this part.
  • You will also need 15 out of 30 as part of the Rise of Iron Record Book.

Dormant SIVA locations - Clovis Bray

Clovis Bray 1.0 location (Archon's Forge)
To the left of where you enter your SIVA Offerings is a platform with a dead-end corridor. Jump across, and in the upper corner of this corridor is the Cluster.

See that platform? Leap across, go into the corridor and grab the Cluster from the corner.

Clovis Bray 1.1 location (Giant's Husk)
In the far corner is a small beached ship in the corner by the coastline. The Cluster is positioned on the deck, at the front.

Clovis Bray 1.2 location (Giant's Husk, or The Iron Tomb mission)
When you have to swap around the cores, the Dormant SIVA Cluster is along the far right wall on the ground. You might need a Splicer Key to enter if playing in Patrol.

You can see the cores you have to swap around on the upper level in the upper left of this screenshot.

Clovis Bray 1.3 location (Outer Cosmodrome wall, or The Walls Come Down mission)
At the start of The Walls Come Down mission - or in Patrol, if you work your way back through the wall to the opening Cosmodrome area - it can be found to the right and below the doorway before you head through the wall. Look for the little red light, which is the Cluster itself.

This one is hard to see from a distance, so thought we'd point it out.

Clovis Bray 1.4 location (Lords' Watch)
From where you spawn into The Plaguelands spawn, go right along the edge, and opposite the outhouse in the middle of the area is a pile of SIVA cables, twisting off the edge. The Cluster is buried underneath that.

Clovis Bray 1.5 location (Bunker Triglav)
In the outside of the Bunker Triglav area there is a tower in the center. Go inside, climb the steps, and the Cluster is behind the computer monitor at the top.

Clovis Bray 1.6 location (Bunker Triglav, or The Wretched Eye Strike)
In the vast building in the Bunker Triglav area (the one you enter as part of the Strike), there is a structure hanging high up in the middle. Get up there (go on the right side, up the steps, turn around, double jump over to the pipe on the far wall, then up to the above levels ahead from there) and it's on the top of the structure.

Use the walkway and pipe to the right of here...
...To get high enough to jump on here for Clovis Bray 1.6.

Clovis Bray 1.7 location (Rocketyard, or Sepiks Perfected Strike)
In the Rocketyard area, there are a series of rooms on the far wall. Head to the one closest to the long strip of debris close to where you go to Refinery (aka the Devil's Lair Strike) and it's in the corner on the right. You may need a Splicer Key to enter.

Go in the room guarded by lasers, and it's on the right side.

Clovis Bray 1.8 location (Splicer Battery, or The Plaguelands mission)
During the end of the mission when you have to disable the gun placements in the Splicer Battery area, the Cluster is at the tip of the right-most gun. You might need a Splicer Key to enter if playing in Patrol.

Clovis Bray 1.9 location (Outer Cosmodrome wall, or The Walls Come Down mission)
At the start of The Walls Come Down mission - or in Patrol, if you work your way back through the wall to the opening Cosmodrome area - board the Ketch ship that's beyond the pile of burnt out cars. Take the stairs up on the left, and it's at the base of one of the girders.

This one is at the bottom of a girder on the second level of the Ketch ship.

Dormant SIVA locations - Iron Lords

Iron Lords 2.0 location (The Divide, or The Walls Come Down mission)
Head to The Divide (the area outside The Plaguelands, between Rocketyard and The Breach) and where the Devil Walker Public Event used to be is a downed Walker in the snow. Underneath it is the Cluster.

Iron Lords 2.1 location (The Divide, or The Walls Come Down)
On the side of the area closest to Rocketyard, there is an overpass above that's partly destroyed. The Cluster is underneath it, and you'll have to double jump up and collect in mid-air to collect.

Iron Lords 2.2 location (Dock 13, or The Walls Come Down mission)
Head into Dock 13's largest room (it's halfway between The Divide and where you spawn in on the regular Cosmodrome Patrol) and it's beyond the wall vent to the side (turn left if you entering from The Divide).

Iron Lords 2.3 location (The Blast, or Sepiks Perfected Strike)
In the area where you face the Walker Tank, just before you proceed to the next room and the Sepiks Perfected Strike, to the right of the doorway is a series of girders out in the open. At the top of one of them is the Cluster.

Iron Lords 2.4 location (The Blast, or Sepiks Perfected Strike)
In the area where you face the Walker Tank is a room in the far left corner, up a set of stairs. Climb up and the Cluster is at the base of a locker on the left side of the room. You might need a Splicer Key to enter.

The room is a little dim, but you'll be able to see the Cluster from the bottom of a locker on the left.

Iron Lords 2.5 location (Refinery, or Sepiks Perfected Strike)
Head to the Refinery (you get there from Rocketyard, as if you were taking the Devil's Lair Strike). Before you get to the room where the Ghost has to open the door in the Strike, there is a crashed ship through the wall on the left. The Cluster is the other side of the central structure.

Iron Lords 2.6 location (Site 6, or The Iron Tomb mission)
When you drop down into the cavern area on the way to the SIVA replicator room, turn around and run to the ledge. Drop down to the area below, and stay along the wall, to find a cavern in the corner. Inside here, behind a rock, is the Cluster.

This is the view from the cliff. See the light in the distance? Go there, and you can do so by dropping down the ledge on the left.

Iron Lords 2.7 (The Iron Tomb mission)
In the SIVA replicator room proper, where you face the story's final boss, it's on the left side of the room, behind a column in the middle of the room next to a walkway.

Iron Lords 2.8 (Site 6, or The Iron Tomb mission)
In the room filled with monitors (after you use a Splicer Key to access in Patrol, or the room before the one you slide down into the SIVA replicator area), go to the far right corner, where the Cluster is hidden behind a monitor above. You'll need to leap to get it.

This is the room you're after. The monitor just above and left of where the gun is pointing is what you're looking for.

Iron Lords 2.9 (King of the Mountain mission)
When you leap from the Gondola, before turning left round the corner to proceed the mission, the Cluster is hidden from the cliff ledge on the right. That you can also technically get this from the Iron Temple social space by using a Isenfyre Token or during Iron Banner to open the doors and tracing your steps back down the mountain, but it's a bit of a trek!

Before going left to continue the mission...
...Turn right, and leap off to see the Cluster along the cliff edge.

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Dormant SIVA locations - Fallen

Fallen 3.0 (Iron Temple social space)
This is on top of the tower over the bridge. To get there, you have to consume a Isenfyre Token at the brazier near where you spawn in, which will whisk you up on top. Here's xHoundishx with a video showing it in action:

Fallen 3.1 (Iron Temple social space)
Above the Bounty Board is a path up the mountain, that goes up, the cuts left and keeps scaling up. Once you get to the very top - it'll take about five minutes - is a campfire high above the social space, with the Cluster perched on the end.

Fallen 3.2 (Download Complete mission)
After you drop down the elevator shaft in Dust Palace, go to the far right corner with the column of screens. On the upper level, behind the front-facing monitor on the left, is the Cluster.

The glowing light in the middle is the Cluster, which is behind one of the screens.

Fallen 3.3 (The Wretched Eye Strike)
After you've taken care of the Nodes and enter the Silo areas, when you enter the area labeled 03 (which is, helpfully, the third one along). Leap up to the second to last part of the central structure in the middle (you have to leap up to the outside walkway, then into the middle again), and go to the level with the open container door on the left. Up in the rafters above is the Cluster.

See the upper walkway? Get on top of that...
...And enter the open container. In the rafter is the Cluster.

Fallen 3.4 (The Wretched Eye Strike)
In the room before the boss battle, there is a series of containers next to a rocket in the middle of the room. Get on the containers, and look ahead and to the right. There is a platform at the other side of the room. Jump across, then turn as if you are facing the rocket, to the right is another walkway, and a red glow of a Cluster. Head across and collect. Make sure no one else progresses though, otherwise you might get warped to the boss before you have time to collect it!

These as the containers and leaning rocket you are looking for.

Fallen 3.5 (Sepiks Perfected Strike)
During the Sepiks Perfected boss fight, run forward along the left side, and at the end of the collapsed walkway, drop down and the Cluster is underneath.

Fallen 3.6 (Wrath of the Machine)
This is the last of the four Clusters in the Raid. After the Siege Engine boss and Dormant SIVA 3.7, you'll go indoors to an area named the Server Farm. As soon as you walk out the walkway, there is a platform low down on the left you can leap onto. Facing back the way you came is another ledge with the Cluster.

We've amped up the brightness for this one, but you can see both the Cluster and the two platforms underneath the walkway, as we look back to the door you used to enter the area.

Fallen 3.7 (Wrath of the Machine)
When you've opened the Chest after the Siege Engine battle, you'll be on some cliffs with a bridge ahead to the next area. On the right is a cavern down below, which you can drop down from the ledge to find.

Turn right from the chest, and go over this edge...
...where the Cluster will be inside a cavern.

Fallen 3.8 (Wrath of the Machine)
This is the first Cluster you can find in the Raid. After the opening but before the first proper boss battle, there is a series of platforms to a corridor to the boss. Instead of going down it, you can take some thin ledges down on the right. At the end is a walkway high up opposite on the right. Leap over, then back over again onto the higher level to get the Cluster.

When you reach this lit walkway, go right instead down the thin ledges.
At the end you can leap across to a ledge on the far side above. You might need a triple jump to make it.
Look back, and the Cluster is in the corner on the upper level.

Fallen 3.9 (Wrath of the Machine)
After battle where you defeat Vosik properly (making this the second Cluster you come across in the Raid) you'll encounter a long corridor with a series of platforms. Halfway the path will 'cut' left a little. Before this is a long platform, with a pipe on the right wall. Use the pipe to leap onto the upper part of this long platform (or if you can, just leap straight onto it) then jump onto the containers ahead. The Cluster is there. If you're struggling to see the top, throw a grenade to light the way.

There is a player on the pipe on the right (optional) and a player at the top of the containers you must reach. Use the upper part of the long platform here to reach the top of the containers.

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