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Destiny: Rise of Iron Record Book - Rewards and how to complete A Life Exotic, Hard as Iron and other milestones

Here's how to rank up and unlock all known milestones in Year 3's Record Book.

After releasing Record Books for the first Moments of Triumph events in Destiny, Bungie has introduced a Rise of Iron Record Book for all your accomplishments and goals achieved in the game's third year.

What this does is essentially catalogue your progress across all the game's different modes, and gives you rewards along the way - from exclusive armour sets and emblems, to cosmetic items between significant milestones. For those who want an excuse to stick to doing weekly activities, then following the Record Book is the way to go.

Rise of Iron Record Book rewards

Note that all Iron Armor rewards gives you a set for each of the three sub-classes, all at 340 Light level. What also makes it unique is it's one of the few armor sets you can use Ornaments with.

Rank 2: Iron Armor: Arms
Rank 4: Iron Armor: Legs
Rank 6: Iron Song Shell (Ghost)
Rank 8: Iron Armor: Chest
Rank 10: Iron Armor: Head
Rank 12: Memories of Iron (Emblem)
Rank 14: Winter's End (Shotgun)
Rank 16: Iron Armor: Class Items
Rank 18: Banner Unbroken (Armour Shader)
Rank 20: Once and Future (Ship)
Rank 22: Days of Iron Ornament
Rank 26: Shield of the City (Emblem)

As well as the above, every odd numbered rank (3, 5, 7 and so on) will also give you a package containing a series of cosmetic items and supplementary (but welcome) items such as Reputation Boosters.

All known Rise of Iron Record Book milestones and how to complete them

The following lists all four pages of the Record Book (starting from page two, after page one's Rewards listing) with each entry listed from left side followed by the right. Each milestone rewards you with Rise of Iron Book XP, taking you closer to the next rank and its associated reward.

Iron Rising (Story / Quests, Page 2)

The Rise of Iron - "Complete the Rise of Iron questline"
Play through every main Rise of Iron story mission, from the opening King of the Mountain through to The Iron Tomb. It's mandatory for accessing the majority of Rise of Iron's content, so you will get this as you naturally play the expansion.

Honoring the Past - "Collect all eight Iron Lord artifacts" (8 total)
Each week, you have the opportunity to perform "noble deeds" within the Plaguelands in a weekly Quest, which will allow you to get one of three available Artifacts from Iron Temple vendor Tyra Karn. Since you can only perform this once a week, this will take at least eight weeks (unless you have multiple characters) to get all eight artifacts. Details of how to complete the quest and what all eight items do can be found in our Rise of Iron Artifacts page.

Cold Winter Night - "Complete Nightfall strikes" (5 total)
Each week, a new extra hard 'Nightfall' Strike will become available to select from the Director, combining 360 Light level enemies with a set of challenging modifiers that make the challenge extra difficult. Getting as close to the 400 Light level cap is advised, and going in with a Fireteam of three is mandatory. Complete five of these across five weeks to get the milestone.

A Life Exotic - "Complete all Exotic Quests in Rise of Iron" (4 total)
This has you access and fully complete Exotic weapon Quests added in the new expansion. While it's possible there are more than four out there (whether hidden or to be added), these are the Gjallarhorn Quest, Thorn Quest, Khvostov Quest and Outbreak Prime Quest. Some require other activities to start - such as cashing in Bounties or completing the Raid a certain way to unlock - so be sure to read up on how to start each one so they can be completed as easily as possible.

Metal and Flesh - Complete the quest "Metal and Flesh"
This is a short quest from Shiro-4 in the Iron Temple that has you complete the Wrath of the Machine Raid's three core bosses. Whether you finish them in order, or take on the bosses out of order across different sessions (if you are joining a friend's checkpoint for example) when you do all three, return to Shiro-4 to tick this milestone off the list.

Take a Strike - "Complete Strikes in the SIVA Crisis Strikes playlist" (20 total)
This has you complete 20 normal difficulty strikes in the SIVA Crisis playlist, and not any on Heroic (350 Light) difficulty. While this in theory makes it straightforward, you'll shoot past the Light requirement pretty quickly, making it a bit of a grind. Hopefully Bungie patches this to include the latter, but if you're keen to do it sooner than later, stick on a podcast and blast through it with some high level friends to get it out the way.

Hard as Iron - "Complete Rise of Iron story missions on Hard difficulty" (10 total)
This has you complete 10 story missions on the hardest difficulty setting. Since there are only 5 Story missions, it means replaying missions over and over to unlock it. To make this easy, select one of the shorter missions - such as Download Complete or Walls Come Down - which you can sprint through quickly before finishing by killing waves of enemies in the final room, taking maybe five to 10 minutes per run, and even quicker with friends. It's a grind, certainly, but hopefully will take just an hour.

Patrol with It - "Complete the weekly Patrol Quest" (5 total)
Alongside the weekly Artifact mission, Shiro-4 will give you the 'Plaguelander' Quest once a week, which has you perform 15 Patrol Missions, 5 Kill Patrols, 3 Assassinations and 3 Quarantine Patrols. At higher levels or with friends it's easy to go through these, and towards the end, the only difficulty is finding the mission types you've yet to do, so you may have to hop on your Sparrow then visit each main area where the missions appear. If no luck, jump back out to the Director and back into Patrol again. Outside of the Record Book milestone, the Quest also gives you a healthy amount of Reputation, so it's worth keeping on top of for notching up more Faction packages and high level loot.

The Plaguelands (Story / Patrol, Page 3)

Meticulous Collector - "Collect Dormant SIVA Clusters" (15 total)
Rise of Iron features a total of 30 collectibles throughout the game, from story missions, the Plaguelands Patrol, Strikes and also the Raid. This milestone only has you find half of them, which is possible without having to matchmake with other players, and you can find out where the easiest for you are in our Dormant SIVA Clusters locations page.

What's the Use - "Use SIVA Offerings, Splicer Keys, Skeleton Keys, Intel Relays, Isenfyre Tokens, and SIVA Cache Keys" (25 total)
This milestone has you use the many different types of new items introduced in Rise of Iron. Some - such as Splicer Keys, Intel Relays and Isenfyre Tokens - are required to access new areas; Skeleton Keys are used to open chests at the end of Strikes, while SIVA Cache Keys open specific chests throughout the Raid. You'll likely complete this without realising while doing the expansion's many activities, but if you are in a rush or struggling, then the former set are the easiest to farm, since you only have to venture into the Plaguelands Patrol to locate and use. Click the respective links to find out where specifically to get each one and how to use them.

Vigilant Scout - "Complete Patrols in the Plaguelands" (30 total)
Head into The Plaguelands Patrol (not the vanilla Cosmodrome one) and complete any 30 Patrol missions of your choosing to get this milestone. You'll get this as you undertake the 'Patrol with It' milestone on page two, otherwise the Kill patrol missions - which simply has you kill enough enemies until a gauge is full - tends to be the easiest and fastest to do if you want to complete this as soon as possible.

Taking Back the Plaguelands - "Kill enemies in the Plaguelands" (2000 total)
This has you kill any enemy type - from Splicer Fallen to Hive - while in the Plaguelands. Not only does this cover Patrol missions, but other activity types too, and you'll easily unlock this as you play the expansion naturally or start to tick off the other milestones in the Record Book. 2000 sounds a lot, but we managed this in our first week, so don't sweat it!

Treasured Possessions - "Open chests in the Plaguelands Patrol" (15 total)
Dotted round the outskirts of the Plaguelands Patrol are caves that have a random chance of containing a chest with an assortment of loot (usually planetary materials, possibly an engram). There's a couple along the wall opposite the giant tanker in Giant's Husk, and more throughout the rest of the Plaguelands to discover. It's easiest to pop into caves as you pass them while doing other things in Patrol, and overtime the chests you find will add up quite easily.

Prove your Metal - "Complete bounties for the Iron Lords" (30 total)
Each week, Iron Temple vendor Shiro-4 will hand out four weekly Iron Lord Bounties for activities in the Plaguelands, such as performing Public Events, Archon's Forge wins and more. Grab these at the same time you'll be doing the 'Honoring the Past' and 'Patrol with It' milestones (getting a new Artifact each week, and the Weekly Patrol Quest) and you'll naturally tick a few of these off. The only tricky ones are for Archon's Forge, but we explain how you can get specific wins for the enemies you need in our Archon's Forge explainer. Either way, 30 will take a number of weeks to accomplish, so chip away at it and you'll get there in time.

Team Player - "Achieve gold medals in Plaguelands public events" (15 total)
As with other Patrol areas in Destiny, you'll occasionally encounter Public Events - such as a Warsat or a Fallen Walker - while in the new Plaguelands space that you and other players have to complete. You'll encounter them naturally as you do the other Patrol milestones, but if you're struggling or eager to finish, then using a tracker or simply completing Archon's Forge events will count, and since you have to do 20 for the below milestone, either way you'll get it fairly easily.

Archon's Forge - "Survive the Devil Splicers' onslaught in the Archon's Forge (20 total)
Within the Plaguelands is Rise of Iron's take on Court of Oryx named Archon's Forge, which sees you and other players take on waves of enemies within Patrol to unlock rewards. There are a few things to know about starting and completing them successfully that we delve into our full Archon's Forge explainer, but the benefit is you'll also be completing other milestones while at it, such as the 'Team Player' and likely some of the 'Prove your Metal' Bounty milestones too.

Wrath of the Machine (Raid, Page 4)

Fully Charged - "Throw SIVA Charges in the Wrath of the Machine raid" (250 total)
Throughout the Wrath of the Machine Raid you'll have to throw SIVA Charges - black bombs - during various boss phases. A couple of runs - especially if you wipe over and over - will see this tick up naturally, unless of course you're given a different non-bomb throwing role. If you're struggling, switching roles so you do this more often in a Raid playthrough will help, and / or replay the second phase of the Vosik boss fight, which has players throw around a dozen in order to clear it.

Treasure-seeker - "Open SIVA Caches in the Wrath of the Machine raid" (40 total)
Throughout Raid there are four Wrath of the Machine hidden chests containing bonus loot, possibly including SIVA Key Fragments or Engrams. For each Raid playthrough make sure you find these chests and open them to start chipping away at this milestone. You can only open each one once per week, so will take a number of playthroughs to accomplish, but between getting the Outbreak Prime Quest and future Hard and possible Challenge modes, you'll likely be running it plenty of times.

Change the Channel - "Destroy SIVA-controlled Monitors in the Wrath of the Machine raid" (50 total)
During the second phase of the Vosik boss, you have to destroy a monitor that flashes up after the bomb throwing phase. With a regular successful run destroying around a dozen monitors, you'll likely get this as you naturally practice on your first few attempts, otherwise you'll get it over the course of future Raid runs.

Volt Shephard - "Deliver Voltage to the Foundry spinners in the Wrath of the Machine raid" (150 total)
In the very start of the Raid, during the first Vosik boss encounter, three players have to gain voltage and discharge it at one of three stations in the left, middle and right of the map. Like the previous 'Change the Channel' milestone, you may struggle to get this from practice alone since the opening phase is easier than the rest of the Raid, but running multiple sessions throughout Rise of Iron's lifespan should help.

Smash the Machine - "Defeat bosses in the Wrath of the Machine raid" (30 total)
As with other Raid milestones, you'll get this over the course of several playthroughs, so return week-in week-out to get it. While the Raid features three characters, the first and last has two phases, giving you five bosses per playthrough. You can also replay boss encounters in the same week to increase your total if you desire, so if you're struggling towards the end of Year 3, help out other friends on their respective playthroughs. While you won't get fresh loot for that week, you'll get closer to completing the milestone.

You Got Served - "Kill SIVA-controlled Servitors in the Plaguelands" (50 total)
Both Aksis boss encounters at the end of the Raid revolve around killing Servitors, and so between practicing these rounds (which you will do a lot, thanks to their difficulty) and natural runthroughs, you'll unlock it in time. If you struggle to get this close to finished, then you can always replay the encounters and wipe before you actually complete them.

High Speed Crash - Complete Siege Engine on Heroic in under 6 minutes

Meddle With Metal - Complete Wrath of the Machine on Heroic
This has you complete all of Wrath of the Machine Hard mode. The difficulty has a few extra modifiers to be aware of - higher difficulty enemies, no respawns during boss encounters - as well as new mechanics in every encounter. See the previous link for a breakdown of what's different, and if you're struggling, then the time-old 'practice makes perfect' and getting extra levels will go a long way.

Want more Destiny: Rise of Iron guides, tips and tricks? Then read our Wrath of the Machine walkthrough and guides, complete list of all Dormant SIVA Cluster locations, tips on how to reach Destiny's max Light level, how to complete the Exotic Gjallarhorn Quest, Khvostov 7G-OX Quest and Thorn Quest and new modes Vanguard Elite Strike Scoring and SRL.

The Crucible (completive multiplayer, Page 5)

Dragon of Light - "Achieve maximum rank in the Iron Banner event" (5 total)
When the Iron Banner event rolls around - once every four to six weeks, starting in October - it'll come with its own reputation that resets every time. Get to rank five within one of those events to complete this milestone. This is about 30 or so matches worth of playtime - depending on your skill level - which is made a little fairer thanks to ditching the Tempering and Buffs seen in previous years, so as long as you keep playing, you'll eventually get to the max rank regardless of performance. Our look at everything new in Iron Banner explains how to best approach the timed event.

Crest in Class - "Collect Crests in Supremacy Crucible matches" (30 total)
This has you collect dropped Crests in Rise of Iron's new Crucible mode, Supremacy. You'll get this naturally as you complete the 'Glory and the Taking of It' milestone and Quest, but if you're struggling, remember that the mode centres around collecting Crests and not kills, so don't be afraid to hang on the sidelines of encounters, then swoop in once the field is clear. Not only will you get more Crests, but your team mates will thank you for helping deny the opposition.

Glory and the Taking of It - "Complete the Rise of Iron Crucible Quest 'Glory and the Taking of It'"
Visit Shaxx in the Tower when you start Rise of Iron to get this Quest, which has you complete (not win, just play) 10 Supremacy Matches, get 50 Kill Credits and deny 25 Crests dropped by teammates. Over the course of the ten matches, you'll complete the other two objectives as long as you put on a decent show, otherwise concentrate on Crest collection over fighting and you should get it eventually.

Golden Ticket - "Complete a Trials of Osiris passage" (5 total)
Every Friday to the weekly reset of Tuesday sees the Crucible event Trials of Osiris rolls into town. Pick up a passage from the vendor in the Reef social area, find two friends willing to play with you, and complete five full Passages. If you lose each match - which is possible if you're not amazing at the Crucible, like us! - a complete passage will take you maybe 20 minutes, so five won't take too long at all. You can run more than one passage a week - just remember to return to the Reef to re-enter - and as long as you turn up, you'll get it regardless of your performance. Which is good, because Trials of Osiris is tough!

Supreme Leader - "Win Supremacy Crucible matches" (10 total)
One of the few skill-based Crucible milestones, this can also require a degree of luck since you can't easily control the overall performance of your team. Play plenty of matches and you'll eventually complete this, otherwise, improve your Supremacy game (remember, Crest collection is the most important aspect) and maybe roll with a Fireteam in the team-based variant to improve your chances of success. In our experience, most matches are neck-and-neck with wild swings from being behind to going ahead thanks to clever use of a Super ability, so with some luck you'll get this milestone finished sooner than later.

Takebacks - "Recover Ally Crests in Supremacy Crucible matches" (15 total)
As with the 'Crest in Class' milestones, you'll get this naturally as you complete the 'Glory and Taking of It' milestone and other Supremacy milestones. Otherwise, if you want to focus specifically on your Ally crests, then those are the blue ones that appear on the screen (though you should always go for whatever Crest appears in general!) and be smart about when to dive in and collect it. It's very possible to get this in a single match, so keep playing and you'll finish it.

Unstoppable - "Win consecutive Crucible matches in Rise of Iron" (2 total)
Like 'Supreme Leader', this requires a degree of luck if you're rolling into team-based modes on your own, as though you can contribute, it requires the overall performance of your team to succeed. You'll probably get this naturally while chipping away at other milestones, but if you're struggling, then consider solo matches or a mode where you can perhaps contribute more than others if you feel your skill level is up to it; concentrating solely on capturing points in Control is something not every player looks to do, and is a fairly simple but important role that can turn the tide of battle.

Forged in Fire - "Earn a Kill / Death ratio of 1.00 or greater in a single Crucible match"
Similar to 'Supreme Leader' and 'Unstoppable', this requires you to have a strong team on your side and a weak opposition to perform better in, but it's ultimately the most skill-based milestone of the milestones on this page. It sounds obvious, but the key is to kill (more than) one player per life on average, so be cautious, stick with your group in team-based matches to increase your rate of survival, learn maps and use the weapons that best suit your playstyle to help you succeed. Again, it'll probably happen as you do the other milestones, but the best tip is to practice Crucible and you'll get it in no time.

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