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Destiny - Artifacts list, how to get Iron Lord's Legacy and how Attunement works in Rise of Iron

Every Artifact in Rise of Iron listed, and where to earn them.

Destiny Artifacts, first introduced in Year 2, have been given a significant update for Rise of Iron. The armor type now gives your Guardian one of eight possible game-changing abilities, and are no longer drops from the game's various activities - but a type of reward from one of the expansion's new vendors.

Where to find Iron Lord Artifacts, how to perform "noble deeds" and Attunement to get Iron Lord's Legacy

Artifacts are earned from Tyra Karn, the Cryptarch of the Iron Temple social space. She will have one of three Artifacts in her possession per week, and by exchanging Iron Lord's Legacy - an item capped at one per week - you will receive the Artifact of your choice.

To get an Iron Lord's Legecy, finish the main story and receive the 'Artifacts of the Iron Lords' quest, where you must perform "noble deeds" in the Plaguelands. While the game isn't explicit as to what this is, think of this as those area-specific Bounties that require you to do certain activities in order to complete it, such as killing enemies, performing Patrol missions and so forth. Keep playing in Patrol, ideally working on the other Quests and Bounties you may have, and soon it will unlock.

Before you can equip your Artifact, you must 'attune' it. But don't worry, this takes just a moment.

When you have performed enough "noble deeds", you can select your Artifact then perform Attunement - which is a simple process of presenting it in front of one of the statues in the Temple.

Each week she will rotate her selection of Artifacts, as well as give you another opportunity to earn another Iron Lord's Legacy item.

Destiny Iron Lord Artifact list in Rise of Iron

Here is a list of the eight core Artifacts you can receive in Rise of Iron. Certain types look to be will be more useful than others depending on the situation, such as in specific Crucible modes or Raids, so be sure to get as many as you can for the game's many modes.

  • Memory of Felwinter - Lose Super ability, gain one extra Grenade and Melee charge, and small boosts to all stats; collected Orbs recharge Genade and Melee meters
  • Memory of Gheleon - Improved radar; radar will work when aiming down sights with Primary weapons
  • Memory of Jolder - Removes sprint cooldown completely
  • Memory of Perun - Enemy Guardians glowing yellow have full Supers, all enemies glowing red have low health
  • Memory of Radegast - Can reflect energy-based projectiles with a sword, including Crucible Rockets
  • Memory of Silimar - Increased resistance to damage-over-time effects
  • Memory of Skorri - Produces area of effect that increases Super recharge rate of those around you
  • Memory of Timur - Low chance of making low-powered enemies fight on your side for 30 seconds when you melee them
A closer look at one of the Artifacts.

Cosmetic Artifacts in Destiny: Rise of Iron

As well as artifacts with game-changing abilities, there are also three cosmetic types that can be purchased from cosmetic vendor Tess Everis for 15 Silver Dust each at launch. (You can get Silver Dust by dismantling Ornaments or from Radiant Treasures).

  • Grayscale Lens - has Grayscale, "Everything you see is in shades of gray"
  • Azure Lens - has Feeling Blue, "Everything you see has a blue tint"
  • Golden Age Lens - has The Golden Age, "Everything you see is sepia toned"

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Other things to know about Destiny: Rise of Iron's Artifacts

  • Artifacts can be used by any class in the game.
  • Equipping all eight core Artifacts at some point will unlock the 'Student of History' Trophy / Achievement and the 'Honoring the Past' Rise of Iron Record Book entry, so even if you have no use for each one, they're worth purchasing all at some point for this alone.
  • While Tyra Karn will only give you one Iron Lord's Legacy item per week, in theory could visit her with different characters to earn up to three per week.
  • Like regular Artifacts introduced in Year 2, Iron Lord Artifacts require a Level 40 character to equip.
  • Cosmetic Artifacts are only 3 Light Level each, but can be Infused to higher Light Levels.
  • Any caveats regarding Artifacts are currently unknown until the community gets their hands on them for extended periods. For example, whether certain abilities only work in Crucible, in PvE (i.e. story missions, the Raid) and so on, whether Memory of Skorri's area of effect will stack, or if there are any exploits.

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