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Destiny 2 Iron Banner schedule 2023, reputation boosts list

When the Iron Banner event returns, and how to boost your reputation gains when it's here.

Destiny 2's Iron Banner has one more event in Season 19 before it marks its return during Season 20 with a new schedule.

As with previous seasons, the limited-time Destiny 2 Crucible event offers a chance to earn event-exclusive gear and weapons - and builds upon the new reputation system established in Year 5.

This page covers the Iron Banner schedule for 2023 and how the updated Iron Banner boosts system works.

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner schedule 2023

Bungie hasn't yet outlined the Iron Banner schedule for Season 20 - beginning on February 28th with the release of the game's Lightfall expansion - but there is still one Iron Banner event before the current Season 19 ends.

As with all Iron Banner events, this next event starts and concludes at the usual reset time:

  • Week 1 of Season 19: Tuesday, 3rd January to Tuesday, 10th January
  • Week 2 of Season 19: Tuesday, 31st January to Tuesday, 7th February

Whilst during Season 19, there will have only been two Iron Banner appearances due to, as Bungie put it, Saladin's 'increased responsibilities on Caiatl’s war council', beginning with Season 20, this will return to the former three-times-a-season schedule.

As was the case with the first event of Season 19, it'll feature the Fortress mode, which is essentially Zone Control with a bonus King of the Hill-type objective at various point thresholds. Fingers crossed you'll get a good Allied Demand along the way.

Iron Banner in Season 19 features the Fortress mode.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Destiny 2 Iron Banner reputation boosts list

With Iron Banner's overhaul during Year 5, Bungie has introduced ways to increase your reputation gains through a series of boosts.

For Season 19's second Iron Banner week - and going forward into Season 20 and beyond - some of those reputation boosts have changed. They are as follows:

Iron Banner gear or ornaments400% for all five gear pieces (doubled from 200%)
Iron Banner daily challenge completions50% per challenge, 200% for all challenges (halved from 100% per, 400% for all)
Iron Banner emblem50% (up from 10%)

The above table reflect increases made to reputation gains as part of Hotfix, released on January 31st 2023 - the changes are as follows:

  • Increased Iron Banner Rank gains.
  • Doubled multipliers from wearing Iron Banner gear.
  • Halved the multipliers for completing challenges.
  • Significantly increased the multiplier for wearing an Iron Banner emblem.

It's worth noting that there appears to be a bug in the game where these gains show differently depending on if you have an Iron Banner emblem equipped or not - when it's equipped, it appears to increase each armour piece's rep gains, leading to a 4.50x multiplier.

This is likely just a visual bug however as, going by comms from Bungie, the gains have either been doubled, halved or - in the case of the emblem - 'significantly increased', with a general increase in base reputation gains, yet the in-game values appear lower from the boost list node.

So whilst it may be confusing in-game, as mentioned, the above table specifies the updated values based on Bungie's announced changes as part of the aforementioned hotfix.

You can see the active boosts from this playlist node - note that this image was from before Hotfix, whereby the value of reputation gains and boosts have since changed.

The short of the long is that to boost your reptuation as much as possible, you'll want to equip five Iron Banner gear pieces - either armour, armour ornaments, or weapons - as well as an Iron Banner emblem, on top of completing each of the four daily challenges that roll out during the event. Collectively, these will boost your reputation gains to the maximum they can reach.

As well as the above, know that:

  • Each match will see you 'earning more towards' reputation, according to Bungie - suggesting the more you play, the more the default reputation earned will be.
  • Wins will earn you a 'small bonus based on your current Iron Banner rank'.
  • Equipping an alternate Iron Banner ornament on an Iron Banner armour piece registers as two of the five required gear pieces.

Essentially - equip a bunch of Iron Banner gear and an emblem, complete challenges and win matches, and you'll be flying through the ranks in no time!

The featured Iron Banner armour set introduced in Season 19, reprised from Destiny 1.

Note if you're after the Seal and title, Bungie says it will take '15 to 20 hours to unlock' - and you have each Iron Banner event in a season to do so. The same goes for its Gilded triumphs too.

Enjoy this year's Iron Banner!