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Destiny 2 Allied Demand god roll and drop location

Sup-ally and Demand.

Allied Demand is a reprised sidearm in Destiny 2.

Updated with a slew of new perks, it’s one of two weapons new to Iron Banner for 2022's Season of Plunder.

Earnable from several sources during the event, this page will explain not only the recommended Allied Demand god rolls across the game, but also how to get and farm Allied Demand.

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How to get Allied Demand sidearm in Destiny 2

As with other Iron Banner weapons, Allied Demand can only be acquired through Iron Banner loot sources. This includes post-match drops, reputation rank up packages and focused engrams from Lord Saladin in the Tower.

All players get a free Allied Demand as a reward for reaching rank 4. Acquiring this unlocks the weapon for focusing, which is one of the key methods of farming this weapon.

By increasing your Iron Banner rank, you unlock Iron Engrams, one per rank, which can then be focused in Saladin’s vendor screen for specific weapons and armour pieces.

After acquiring your first Allied Demand as the rank 4 reward, you’ll be able to acquire more directly from Lost Saladin in exchange for an admittedly steep cost of 1 Iron Engram, 20,000 Glimmer and 100 Legendary Shards.

Side note: On debut, Allied Demand is a Kinetic weapon with no elemental damage type - in Saladin’s vendor screen, it previews it as Stasis (as seen below). This appears to be a visual bug.

While you can pray to the RNG gods for further Allied Demand drops as post-match rewards, focusing Iron Engrams is the best way to farm this weapon.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Allied Demand god roll recommendation

Like pretty much all of Destiny 2’s legendary weapons, Allied Demand has random perk rolls - meaning every drop has the potential for different perks, barrels and magazine traits.

As popular a choice other sidearms may be, Allied Demand has a higher-than-usual aim assist value in comparison, alongside the intrinsic, recently reworked Skulking Wolf origin trait.

This is exclusive to Iron Banner weapons, providing an enhanced radar and removing you from enemy radars when getting a Guardian kill at low health.

With the increased aim assist and unique origin trait, this sidearm has value in the PvP (Crucible) sandbox and is a more versatile and PvE (non-competitive modes)-oriented choice as a result.

However, Allied Demand features combinations of perks from both columns that make it flexible as both a PvE and PvP weapon.

Here is our recommended Allied Demand god roll:

  • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Mag: Accurized Rounds (PVP) / Appended Mag / Flared Magwell
  • Perk 1: Rangefinder (PVP) / Rapid Hit / Subsistence
  • Perk 2: Eye of the Storm (PVP) / Multi-Kill Clip / Frenzy

Since Allied Demand has lower zoom compared to competing sidearm Drang, it’s natural for a PvP-focused god roll to focus on the range. Iron Reach might’ve been a good pick for extra range, but the significant drop to stability results in the sidearm feeling less accurate.

As such, Rangefinder, boosting range and zoom magnification, alongside the barrel and mag traits of Hammer-Forged Rifling and Accurized Rounds (both of which boost range by +10 each) are perfect for a PvP God Roll.

To top that off in the second perk column, we’d then point you towards damage-based perks such as Multi-Kill Clip or Frenzy, both of which boost weapon damage (the former based on multi-kills, the latter after being in combat for 12 seconds).

Alternatively, you could pick Eye of the Storm, since it has good synergy with Allied Demand’s intrinsic Skulking Wolf origin trait, continuously improving accuracy and handling when you lose health.

On the PvE side, range is not as much of a necessity, so swapping Accurized Rounds out for Appended Mag is a good choice if it’s a larger magazine size you want. Either that or Flared Magwell for reload speed and stability boosts.

In terms of perks, the main difference is focusing more on damage and reload boosts rather than range - Rapid Hit (precision hits increase reload speed and stability) and Subsistence (kills partially reload the weapon) are both great choices for perk column one.

For the second perk column, the same damage-based perks mentioned before work great again and are always good shouts when it comes to PVE.

There are a couple of other perks added in Season of Plunder featured in the second perk column like Under-Over and Gutshot Straight, but they are both either too situational (the former) or detrimental (the latter) to some of Allied Demand’s best aspects like aim assist; Under-Over is focused on extra damage against player/combatant shields, whilst Gutshot Straight reduces target acquisition when boosting body shot damage.

Additionally, never forget the Masterwork; a randomly-rolled stat boost to one of the stats on your weapon.will help bring up stats such as range or reload speed, helping you finalise that perfect roll even more.

As a final note, this sidearm, like many semi-automatic primary weapons, can be easier to use when equipped with the Full Auto Retrofit mod (automatically unlocked for all players). Whilst this is a weapon mod right now, it’s slated to become a new accessibility option from Season 19.

Overall though, many perks are worth trying out to find what best suits your playstyle and build, but you can’t go wrong with the old familiars, particularly those that boost range, reload speed or damage.

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