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Destiny Isenfyre Token - How to use it to open Felwinter Peak's doors in Rise of Iron

How to use the Raid drop to reach a new area in the social space.

Destiny: Rise of Iron has added all kinds of new materials and items - from Strike-specific loot using Skeleton Keys to Splicer Keys, SIVA Offerings and SIVA Cache Keys - and during the second week of the game's release another appeared - the Isenfyre Token.

The Token works similar to other items in that it allows you to access a new area in Rise of Iron, this time in Felwinter Peak's social space, and gain one of the most elusive Dormant SIVA Cluster locations. Here's how it works.

How to get Isenfyre Token in Destiny: Rise of Iron

There are two known ways to collect a Isenfyre Token in Destiny: Rise of Iron. One is by completing the Wrath of the Machine Raid. Players have reported that once you have defeated the final boss in Wrath of the Machine, it will drop the item.

However, the fact the item only arrived in the game's second week suggests that it may only drop on the second time you complete the Raid across two different weeks, so if you run the Raid the first time and it doesn't appear, do so again another week and see what happens.

The second method was introduced as part of the Age of Triumph event update, with Shiro-4 (found in Rise of Iron's Iron Temple social space) able to exchange them for 500 Vanguard reputation.

How to use Isenfyre Token to open Felwinter Peak's doors

Once you have the Isenfyre Token, go to the Iron Temple social space and go to the brazier closest to where you spawn in. You should see a prompt telling you to use the Isenfyre Token, which will whisk you up into the air and onto the top of the tower across the bridge on the outskirts of the area. Here's xHoundishx with a video showing it in action:

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On top of the tower is Dormant SIVA Cluster Fallen 3.0. From here, you can jump off the back of the tower and open the doors below, letting you back into the social space - and other players in.

You can stay here and explore the rest of Felwinter Peak if you like, though it's the same as what you previously experienced in the King of the Mountain mission.

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Other things you should know about Isenfyre Token in Destiny: Rise of Iron

  • The description of the Isenfyre Token reads: "Pay your respects in the Iron Temple."
  • Once you use the Isenfyre Token it disappears from your inventory, so only consume when you're sure you want to use it.
  • It's not confirmed where it will drop every week after completing the Raid, but its consumable nature suggests it'll drop more than once.
  • It's said that once the Token has been used and the brazier 'activated', other players can use it too to reach the top of the tower - so don't be surprised if other players start following you!
  • Using 30 of Rise of Iron's new consumable items - including the Isenfyre Token - is required to complete Rise of Iron's Record Book.

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