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Destiny Wrath of the Machine Hard mode - Differences and what's new with each boss encounter

Here's what you can expect from the tougher Rise of Iron Raid.

It feels like five minutes since Destiny's second expansion launched, but it's already time for Wrath of the Machine Hard mode to make its debut.

As the name suggests, the harder difficulty (known in-game as Heroic) is a set up above regular Raid playthroughs - introducing tougher enemies, no revives alongside new mechanics to be aware of. You do, however, earn better (and exclusive!) loot and a dedicated achievement to earn for your efforts. Good luck Guardians!

Wrath of the Machine Hard mode differences - what's new in the Heroic Raid?

There are four differences in Wrath of the Machine Hard mode:

  • Higher Light level enemies (Light level recommended 380, up from 370 from Normal)
  • No revives during boss encounters
  • Extra mechanics during boss encounters (see below in more detail)
  • Higher level and different loot, extra SIVA Key loot chests (also see below for more info)

As well as requiring higher Light levels and ensuring each team member survives for (most of) the encounter, each stage also has additional mechanics to be aware of.

We'd recommend playing the regular Raid in full (see our Wrath of the Machine guide and walkthrough) to get a handle of the basics, since the following are simply elaborations of what you've encountered so far.

Wrath of the Machine Hard mode new mechanics:

  • Vosik second encounter: 6 bombs to be thrown (one per player at the same time) instead of just three; large monitors in centre added; clean rooms have half closed doors that must be slid through
  • Siege Engine: Walker spawns on the way back from carrying engine parts, and must be disabled before progressing (Celestial Nighthawk comes in handy here!)
  • Aksis first encounter: Three turrets appear - one on each side - and respawn regularly
  • Aksis second encounter: Nine Servitors spawn instead of three for nine bombs total in the bomb throwing phase, similar to the final part of the Aksis first encounter

If you want to see some of the top streamers tackle the Raid in the hour after release, here's a full playthrough:

There are changes to loot in Hard mode too. First, there is a second loot chest at the end of an encounter that can be opened with a SIVA Cache Key; remember to double check the chest type (the on-screen prompt will say Heroic).

As with normal mode, 3 SIVA Key Fragments will drop from the first time you defeat each boss that week. Playing again will give you two, then one on the third attempt, and nothing after that until the Tuesday server reset.

Second, the Wrath of the Machine loot table will offer different drops, including the Pulse Rifle, Hand Cannon, Sniper Rifle, Sidearm and Machine Gun


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Other things to know about Wrath of the Machine Hard mode

  • The Wrath of the Machine Challenge Mode is playable on both Normal and Hard difficulties, with no distinguishable differences in gameplay beyond loot drops.
  • Wrath of the Machine Hard mode is one of the few activities in Rise of Iron that will drop 400 Light level equipment, from both encounter completions and Heroic loot chests.
  • Completing the Wrath of the Machine Raid on Hard can reward you with a unique ship:
  • There is a dedicated Hard mode Trophy / Achievement for completing the Raid on Hard.
  • When it comes to armour, only those that drop in Hard Mode can be affixed with Ornaments, which giving off the Trials of Osiris gear.
  • Two entries in the Rise of Iron Record Book unlock when you play Hard mode.

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