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Destiny 2 reveals promo with "renowned lifestyle partners" Rockstar Energy and Pop-Tarts

"Two legends that are seriously upping their game."

Destiny 2 players will be able to gain bonus goods by buying Rockstar Energy drinks and Pop-Tarts.

Such tie-ins aren't new to the sci-fi shooter series, as Activision partnered with Red Bull to offer XP bonuses for the first Destiny - something later mocked by Dying Light developer Techland, who asked players to drink water and tweet about it in exchange for new content.

'Renowned lifestyle partners' is the new 'That Wizard came from the moon!'

As for Destiny 2, certain cans of Rockstar Energy drinks (Original, Punched Guava, and XDurance in the UK) will be labelled as related to the game and such cans will offer codes that can be redeemed for goods starting 1st September.

"The partnership offers consumers in-game gear with the purchase of a Destiny 2 Rockstar can and the chance to also win daily, weekly and grand prizes including Destiny 2-themed motorcycles," Activision said of the promo.

Our friends in the US will also receive a promo related to Pop-Tarts. Buy packages of the toaster pastries adorned with Destiny art and you'll receive an XP boost. These will go on sale starting 1st September.

"In collaboration with Rockstar Energy Drink and Pop-Tarts, we chose strategic, renowned lifestyle partners in major markets to bring the Destiny 2 universe to life," said Activision senior vice president of product management Byron Beede.

"We're bringing these partners together to complement the overwhelming excitement of Destiny 2's launch with benefits that reward players both inside and outside of the universe."

Pop-Tarts seems pretty excited about this promo, tweeting that it and Destiny 2 are "Two legends that are seriously upping their game."

Destiny 2 will launch on 6th September for PS4 and Xbox One. A PC release will follow on 24th October.