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New Borderlands 3 gun Good Juju is Destiny's Bad Juju - with all the right perks


Borderlands 3 has added a new gun that tips its hat to one of Destiny's most famous weapons.

The Borderlands 3 gun in question is a legendary assault rifle called Good Juju. Obviously, the name of the gun is a reference to Destiny exotic pulse rifle Bad Juju, which players of the first Destiny will know well. What's interesting though is it shares many of the perks of Destiny's Bad Juju, too. Good Juju, like Bad Juju, has burst fire. Good Juju, like Bad Juju, reloads on kill. Both guns have full auto. And even Good Juju's flavour text is a reference to Bad Juju.

Good Juju: "Kinda, sorta wants to end all existence."

Bad Juju: "If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will."

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What's nice about this reference is it's a virtual handshake between two games seen very much as rivals over the years. Destiny, described as a shared-world shooter with a heavy focus on co-op looting, followed Borderlands 1 and 2, both of which were hugely popular co-op looter shooters. And now we have Borderlands 3 coming out at a time when Destiny 2 is already established.

Good Juju.
Bad Juju.

This isn't the first Destiny reference to be found in Borderlands 3, either. Borderlands 3 has a "Loot-o-Gram", an item that can be used to exchange for a weapon. This is a riff on Destiny's engrams. And the Loot-o-Gram can only be dropped by a rare spawn called Dinkle-Bot, which is the community-granted nickname for Destiny's Ghost character, originally voiced by Peter Dinklage.

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The Destiny community has of course picked up on Borderlands 3's Good Juju, and players are having a laugh with it. As far as I'm aware, Destiny does not have any Borderlands references.