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Destiny - Crucible Dead Ghost locations for every map

Find every collectible on all of Destiny's 31 multiplayer maps, including Rise of Iron's new additions.

Alongside Destiny's Private Match update in the Rise of Iron expansion comes a series of hidden Dead Ghost locations to find in each Crucible map. Usually the domain of story missions, Raids and Patrol activities, these Ghosts give you a small amount of Grimoire score, as well as some new story information if you view each card on Bungie's website or the official Destiny app.

Here is every Dead Ghost Crucible map location, including PlayStation exclusives and the four added in new expansion Rise of Iron.

Destiny Dead Ghost Crucible map locations

Remember that these can only be found when playing a Private Match - thankfully, you can do this solo, so you can take your time exploring and enjoy the views without the risk of getting shot in the back.

The Anomaly Ghost location

Go to the corner of the map where the jeep is stationed and the view of the Earth in the skybox behind you. The Ghost is positioned on the left looking at the jeep, behind a crate.

The Anomaly's Dead Ghost can be seen on the left of this screen, behind the crate.

Asylum Ghost location

At the end of the map from where you spawn solo - and through a doorway from where some Heavy ammo spawns in the open - is a dark corridor with an electric billboard at the end. The Ghost is hidden in the grass in the corner.

Asylum's Ghost can be found where this Hand Cannon is pointing.

Bannerfall Ghost locations

At either end of the map when the match starts, each team spawns by a bridge. Go to the one with the black painted square symbol on one side, and a hanging banner on the other, then jump on top and into the room at the end. The Ghost will be on the desk.

Find this bridge, then leap up and go left... find Bannerfall's Dead Ghost on the desk.

There is also a second on the map, requires as finding the Lysander's Cry hidden Sparrow as part of The Dawning event. It's likely, however, to stick around long after the event ends in January.

Bastion Ghost location

Find the corner of this large map where there are two destroyed tanks out in the open. Facing the rest of the arena, there are two paths leading left. In the middle of these, closest to the right of these two paths, are two rocks, with the Ghost embedded inside the top of the one closest to the wall.

Position yourself between the two tanks like so, and go straight forward...
...and by the wall, and inside the rock, is Bastion's Dead Ghost.

Black Shield Ghost location

In one corner of the map, near an outside building, are several piles of warheads. There is a doorway that leads to the main interior of the map, and a path that also takes you round the exterior, and in-between those is a little corridor. The Ghost is in the corner of that corridor.

This Hand Cannon is pointing to the corridor you need to find...
...which has Black Shield's Dead Ghost.

Blind Watch Ghost location

On the side of the map with the large cylindrical platforms and piping, is a round corner with a series of windows. The Ghost is out in the open next to those.

Blind Watch's Ghost can be seen on the left by these windows.

The Burning Shrine Ghost location

In the outside area are a series of ledges sticking out of the sand. At the outermost one there is a Ghost at the base, but be warned, it's just outside of the map - so be quick in collecting it!

We couldn't snap it safely, but turn right round this ledge to find The Burning Shrine's Ghost.

Cathedral of Dusk Ghost location

Go along the outer edge of the map until you find an open area with an obelisk on a plinth (which hides a Heavy ammo spawn behind it). On the opposite side of this area is the Ghost on the ground.

Cathedral of Dusk's Dead Ghost can be seen on the very right of this image.

The Cauldron Ghost location

Head to the outer edge of the map that's outdoors so the huge cavern backdrop is behind you. Go to the right-most door here (not the cavern, but the door that takes you to the centre of the map) and the Ghost is just on the left.

It's pretty dark, but you'll spot The Cauldron's Dead Ghost on the left.

Crossroads Ghost location

Venture to the far isolated area where you take the booster pads over to, and next to the teleport portal against the wall is the Ghost in the corner.

It's kinda hidden, so we've pointed at the Crossroads Ghost in this corner.

The Drifter Ghost location

This Ghost is in the outside part of the map, not far from with the Servitor-like eye that's suspended in the centre. From there, head onwards towards the outside of the map, down some steps to the curved walkway, and it's in the corner.

Facing towards the Servitor in the middle, The Drifter's Dead Ghost is on the left.

The Dungeons Ghost location

The easiest way to get this one is to start solo, so you spawn in front of the red banners - then take the right doorway, and it'll be there opposite and a little to the left. Alternatively, find the part of the map where you can drop down to the lower level and can't get back up; follow the wall right, go up the slope, and it'll be on your left there.

The Dungeons Dead Ghost can be seen next to these tanks on the left.

Exodus Blue Ghost location

Head to the outside area of the map with the burnt out truck and car. Next to both of those is a little corner-shaped room with the Ghost inside.

Exodus Blue's Dead Ghost is tucked away in the corner. You can see the burnt out truck in question through the doorway.

Firebase Delphi Ghost location

Starting from the outside area of the map, go to the dome that usually houses a capture point. Go into the doorway opposite that leads indoors, then up the ramp on the right. Instead of going left to the rest of the map, turn right to find a dead end - with the Ghost among the equipment against the far side.

You won't often use this dead-end, but above the Hand Cannon in this image is where Firebase Delphi's Dead Ghost is.

First Light Ghost location

Going through the centre of the map is a series of buildings that you can run from one to the next (they are bookended by two capture points). As you travel outside between bildings, the Ghost is next to a crate on a ledge just off to the side.

First Light's Dead Ghost can be seen on the far right of the image, next to the crate.

Floating Gardens Ghost location

If you spawn in solo in a Private match, it's on a plinth just to the left. Otherwise, go to the outside edge of the map, and in the distance between points B and C, leap on the outside ledge and look to the isolated plinth, and it'll be there.

The Floating Gardens Ghost is very close to where you spawn in solo on a Private Match - just go left.

Frontier Ghost location

This is the map with the huge bridge running through the middle. Either side is a Heavy ammo spawn point. Go to the one that's on the side of the lake panorama, and on the tall rocky wall nearby, search the patches of grass along the base to find a Ghost sneakily hidden inside.

Frontier's Dead Ghost is well hidden; we're pointing at the mount of grass where it's positioned, with the closest Heavy Ammo spawn positioned to the right.

Icarus Ghost location

This Ghost is next to a column near C's capture point. If you spawn in solo, then run to the far opposite side of the map in the corner to find the location.

The Icarus Ghost lies near C's capture point, on the ground by the column.

Last Light Ghost location

From where you spawn in solo (near the C capture point) go down the left tunnel. After running through the inside of one train, you'll soon come across another. Don't go inside, but turn left, and the Ghost will be on the ground on the left.

Last Light's Ghost is a short run from the C capture point, down a left corridor. You can see it on the ground on the right of this image.

Momento Ghost location

This map has a long outdoor passage flanked by ledges and doorways to other parts of the map. Go down this long passage until you come to a mini-van that's parked sideways. Turn here into the corridor, then immediately right, and the Ghost will be resting in the corner, next to a Special ammo spawn.

You can see Moment's Dead Ghost glowing off to the left, and the mini-van mentioned on the right.

Pantheon Ghost location

This is a long map with a giant cube surrounded by shallow water which has a capture point next to it. From here, turn to face the outdoors skybox, and drop down to the outer ledge below. Turn left and run alongside the outside of the map until you can't go any further (you may have to leap up a short ledge to continue going near where capture point A would be) and at the very end is the Ghost on a set of steps.

You won't go here in a normal match, so follow the instructions above to see Pantheon's Dead Ghost.

Rusted Lands Ghost location

Go to corner of the map with the exposed bricks and metal supports, near where control point B would be and a Special ammo spawn is found. Jump on top of the thin brick structure, then drop down outside the map, where the Ghost is against the wall.

From on top of this thin wall, capture point B would be to the left, and dropping down right against the base is the Rusted Lands Dead Ghost.

Sector 618 Ghost location

In the middle of the map are two bridges, and a series of isolated platforms that you can leap to between them. The Ghost is on the widest of those platforms.

You can see Sector 618's Dead Ghost glowing on the platform.

Shores of Time Ghost location

Go to the centre of the map - between all the control points - and there is a ravine that goes through the middle. Jump up the ledge with the rock just to the side, and the Ghost is hidden behind the crate.

The Shores of Time Dead Ghost just tucked behind this crate.

Skyline Ghost location

From where you spawn in solo, go round the outside of the map going left until you cannot go any further (there is a 'Clovis Bray Health Center' sign on the wall to let you know you're on the right side). On the furthest left side is a walkway, with the Ghost underneath the short stairs.

Skyline's Ghost is at the bottom of the screen here, underneath steps on the outside edge of the map.

Skyshock Ghost location

On the open side of the map away from the buildings are several airplane wreckages. Go to the one with the wings still attached, and the Ghost is hidden in a patch of grass right by the outside edge.

Looking out from the edge of the wreckage towards the rest of the map, the Skyshock Dead Ghost is in the patch of grass on the left.

Thieves' Den Ghost location

Go to the end of the map inside the cavern that's tinted blue with the Devil Walker in the middle. Next to the Walker is a pile of crates and gold shingles, with the Ghost resting alongside them.

See that pile of crates on the left opposite the Devil Walker? That's where the Thieves' Den Dead Ghost is located.

The Timekeeper Ghost location

Go to the outside part of the map with the pool of water. To the side is a tall, thin structure, with the Ghost resting on top.

You'll need a double jump to reach The Timekeeper's Dead Ghost.

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Twilight Gap Ghost location

In the middle of the map is a room where paths from all three control points converge on an upper level (from here there are doorways leading to opposite control points, a wide doorway going outside and a ledge to drop down below). In the middle is a solitary crate, with the Ghost inside.

You've probably walked past this crate a thousand times in the Crucible, and it hides Twilight Gap's Dead Ghost.

Vertigo Ghost location

In the centre of the map is an illuminated path that banks up towards a large portal outside. Facing the portal, turn right, go down the steps to the next area, and the Ghost is in the right corner.

Vergito's Dead Ghost is on the far right of the screen, glowing in the dark. You'll see this perspective if you are walking from the mentioned portal.

Widow's Court Ghost location

You can get a view of the church from the Widow's Court Dead Ghost.

Travel to the higher end of the map, to the control point that's surrounded by walls (with a Devil Walker just above it). Go left alongside the outside of the map and you'll pass through the outskirts of a destroyed building, and on the upper ledge is the Ghost.

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