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Destiny Lysander's Cry hidden Sparrow location - How to find the For One Who Stood At Bannerfall Ghost

Locate the Legendary Sparrow in this year's The Dawning event.

Bungie is feeling particularly festive this year - not only is The Dawning expanding upon its offerings, but it has many gifts to hand out to players, from a chance to get a year 3 Icebreaker to the new hidden Sparrow Lysander's Cry.

As with the Festival of the Lost's hidden Lost Broom Sparrow, you can find it tucked away in a corner of the Tower during the event. However, this hidden Sparrow requires another step before it can be collected.

If you're interested in other activities from The Dawning, you can tips on SRL 2016, unlock new Nova Mortis and Abbadon machine guns and Icebreaker Exotics, as well as complete milestones in the Competitive Spirit book.

How to find the For One Who Stood At Bannerfall Ghost

Before you can collect the Sparrow, you have to get the Lysander's Cry Ghost. Go to the Bannerfall map on a Private Match; we'd recommend in the Control match type to make the following directions easier.

Head to the B Control point in the centre of the map, and face in the direction of the C spawn, and go through the doors. You should be in an area with green flags above.

Head into the building on the ground floor of this building.

Here, go to the ground floor of the building on the left (opposite of where the C spawn building is). As you enter, you'll see some shelving on the left.

Go left round these shelves...

Walk past and turn left soon after, and the Ghost will be on the bottom shelf in the corner.

And on the bottom shelf...
...is the Bannerfall Ghost in the corner.

Destiny Lysander's Cry hidden Sparrow location

Now you have the Ghost, you can access the Sparrow. The location of Lysander's Cry Sparrow is in the small area underneath where the Future War Cult room is located.

Specifically, head to the Tower and go to the hanger section (which is right of where you begin, and through the passage). Next, head up the steps on the right, where SRL quest giver and Sparrow vendor Amanda Holliday is located.

You can go up the right steps to Future War Cult - but instead, go straight ahead.

Instead of continuing up the steps to the Future War Cult, head into the shadows on this floor, and go right into the corner with the crates.

In-between two crates with the light just in front of them and you'll see a prompt. It'll say 'For One Who Stood at Bannerfall' if you've yet to get the Ghost, and if you have, it'll say 'Lysander's Cry', allowing you to pick it up.

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Other notes on Destiny's hidden Sparrow Lysander's Cry

  • Unlike the Lost Broom sparrow in Festival of the Lost, this doesn't appear to expire by the end of The Dawning.
  • The description of the Sparrow reads: "You've recreated the fall of the Concordat, and something answered."
  • The hidden Sparrow Lysander's Cry has pretty decent stats - the maximum 160 speed you'd expect from any top-of-the-line Sparrows, as well as the usual Boost and Stabliser perks.
  • Who is Lysander, you ask? We're not sure - but they seem to be connected to Bannerfall, and we're sure the lore points to it somewhere...

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