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Destiny Lost Broom Sparrow - Location of the secret Halloween Sparrow in the Tower

Festival of the Lost's coolest addition will only stick around until the event is over.

Bungie has really got into the Halloween spirit this year and doubled its efforts for Festival of the Lost, and has featured a few secrets along the way.

As well as a way to get the Superblack shader through a hidden Tiny Box of Raisins fetch quest, our favourite is a hidden broom you can find and ride while in Patrol, named the Lost Broom Sparrow.

While many festival rewards this year are gated behind Quest completions and mystery boxes you have to earn or pay with Silver (the game's currency you buy with real-world funds), the Lost Broom Sparrow is available for all players to find, hidden away within the main Tower social hub.

Destiny Lost Broom Sparrow location

To find the Lost Broom Sparrow, head to the Tower's hangar area (if unfamiliar, when you start turn right and go past the Cryptarch) then go down the steps to the underground area. Here, go just past the Emotes kiosk, and to the right is a stack of shelves on the wall.

Go ahead from here to the shelves on the far right...

If you look carefully, you can see a broom peeking out the top of some boxes. Get close to it and a 'Recover' prompt will appear, allowing you to retrieve it. It's as simple as that!

...to find the broom up on the shelf.

Now head to your Sparrow inventory, equip it and get riding. Shout out to NomNomzombie17 on the Destiny sub-Reddit for originally finding this.

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Other notes on Destiny's Lost Broom Sparrow

  • You might be disappointed to hear the Lost Broom Sparrow expires when Festival of the Lost 2016 ends, the last day of which is November 8. Shame, since this would have been handy during Sparrow Racing League, right?
  • The Lost Broom Sparrow has pretty decent stats - the maximum 160 speed you'd expect from any top-of-the-line Sparrows, as well as the usual Boost and Stabliser perks.
  • The item's blurb is "All sorts of things go missing during the Festival of the Lost".
  • You might be thinking, why is it a 'lost' broom? It appears to belong to one of the robot cleaners that usually sweeps in the Tower, which is a nice nod to anyone who has taken their time to explore the game's main social hub.

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