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Destiny Weekly Featured Raids playlist and when each remastered 390 Raid will feature

The order of which

Destiny's Weekly Featured Raids is a new playlist introduced as part of the Age of Triumph event. It'll see all previous Raids updated with higher difficulties, new drops up to the game's maximum Light level and Challenges.

If you're interested in other additions or changes in Destiny's final update, consult our Age of Triumph event and Record Book page.

How does the Weekly Featured Raids playlist work?

At a glance, here's what you need to know about the new Weekly Featured Raids playlist how the revamped versions of Crota's End (The Dark Below), Vault of Glass (Destiny), King's Fall (The Taken King) and Wrath of the Machine (Rise of Iron) will work:

  • Each Raid will be remastered at 390 Light / Level 42 difficulty with up to 400 Light level drops for Legendary weapons and armour.
  • Vault of Glass and Crota's End will each offer two new Challenge Modes set around different boss encounters. Both Challenges will be active at the same time, but only when that Raid is highlighted in the playlist for that week.
  • Challenge Mode rewards include a Age of Triumph Ornament and new Adept Exotic Weapons, which are revamped primary weapons from that Raid infused with an element type.
Expect new armour sets and Ornaments for each returning Raid.
  • If you're selecting the 390 raid from the director and not the playlist, you can still get (up to) 400 light level Legendary drops for playing, but the Challenges won't be active. Again, while only Raid will be active in the playlist, you are still welcome to play each Raid once per week and so get multiple 400 Light level drops.
  • All Raids won't all be available as soon as Age of Triumph debuts, but will roll out once per week and be featured in the weekly playlist. When it debuts, it'll then be also available to select from the director from then on. We have the debut week of each Raid at the end of this article.
  • It's not only the pre-Rise of Iron raids that have changed - expect some new drops in Wrath of the Machine as well.
  • Original versions of each raid - such as the 290 and 310 versions of Vault of Glass and Crota's End - will still be available to play after their 390 variants go live, which is perfect for new players or those who still want to get the Flawless Raider Trophy / Achievement.
  • Not every section of an older Raid will increase to 390 Light - anything in a public space, such as the opening of Vault of Glass, will have enemies at their original area levels to stop random passersby from getting into an accidental scuffle well beyond their capability.

What are the Weekly Featured Raid challenge modes and other changes?

Each 390 Raid will offer Challenge modes when it's highlighted as part of the weekly playlist:

As well as Light level increases and new drops, there are smaller tweaks throughout to smooth out some of the rough edges, with Bungie describing the process as taking a brush to a fossil.

Don't expect as anything as dramatic as SIVA or Taken in older Raids; one example given is making the Oracle section in Vault of Glass - an objective known for its length and lack of checkpoints - a little shorter this time round.

When will each remastered 390 Raid appear in the Weekly Featured Raid playlist?

A new revamped 390 Raid will roll out in the following order:

And will repeat in that order from then on. So if the current week's raid is Vault of Glass, it'll followed by King's Fall, then Wrath of the Machine, and look back to Crota's End.

Remember that when a Raid debuts, it'll then be available to select from the director at 390 Light from then on - but only when it's part of the playlist will it offer the Challenge modes and their respective rewards.