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Destiny - Deathsinger Challenge, Crota Challenge and what is new in Crota's End 390 Raid

How to beat the two Crota's End Challenges and reap their rewards.

Destiny Ir Yut Challenge and Crota Challenge are new additions to the revamped Crota's End 390 Raid introduced as part of the Age of Triumph event.

Similar to King's Fall and Wrath of the Machine, these Challenges task players to complete boss encounters in a specific way for bonus rewards. The Raid has also seen some other minor tweaks and additions, too, which we'll explain on this page.

Remember each Challenge is only active when the Raid is part of the Weekly Featured Raid playlist. Each completed Challenge will reward you with a new Emblem, an Age of Triumph Ornament and an Adept Exotic weapon.

If you're interested in other additions or changes in Destiny's final update, consult our Age of Triumph event and Record Book page.

Deathsinger Challenge in the 390 Raid

The Deathsinger Challenge takes place in the penultimate part of the Raid, during the final section of the game where you kill Ir Yut the Deathsinger before Crota. It boils down to the following steps:

  • Kill all enemies to open access to Ir Yut
  • Ignore Ir Yut and kill the two Knights nearby
  • Head back outside, and kill all the enemies that spawn
  • Kill the Swordbearer that spawns, and use the Sword to kill Ir Yut

To elaborate, as the Deathsinger prepares her song, kill all the enemies - including the yellow bar Knights and Shriekers in the area - to open up the Deathsinger area.

Then head to the Deathsinger, and kill the two Knights there. At this point, you'll get a prompt saying 'Ir Yut shrieks in fear'. Ignore Ir Yut for now and head back outside.

New enemies will spawn in the previous area, including several Orges and Knights, and clearing all these will spawn a Swordbearer. Grab the sword that drops, and use that to kill Ir Yut before the Liturgy of Ruin kicks in and wipes the team.

So - you need to kill everything, and kill them fast in order to do it before Liturgy of Ruin takes out the team. YouTube user Skarrow9 was one of the first to crack the Challenge, who outlines it in further detail in this video:

Cover image for YouTube videoHow to Complete the Deathsinger Challenge in the Updated Crota's End Raid!!

Crota Challenge in the 390 Raid

The Crota Challenge takes place at the very end of the Raid against the Crota boss, and has a much simpler restriction for the challenge:

  • Each person must only touch the Sword once

It's a fairly simply rule. The Sword is an important part of damaging Crota, and while in previous Raids you may have dedicated a single player to that role of Swordbearer, it now must rotate between the team.

Note if you drop the Sword after picking it up, even if you don't attack with it, someone else must pick it up - your 'go' has been used up. Also, you don't need everyone in the team to use the Sword - just someone different each time, even if it's just three or four of you.

Here's YouTube user Modern Tryhard showing off the Challenge from start to finish:

Cover image for YouTube videoDestiny - "Crota's End" Crota Challenge Guide

What else is new in the Crota's End 390?

The Raid has seen a few tweaks - both small and large - that will change the way you take on some encounters. Gamer Network's Arekkz explains these in further detail in his video:

Cover image for YouTube videoDestiny | Crota's End Raid All Challenge Modes & Changes - Ir Yut & Crota

What's new in Crota's End 390 Raid:

  • New Dead Ghost - At the very start, before you leap down into the Abyss, go left along the struts and on the end strut, the Ghost will be waiting.
  • The Abyss - This is the same bar some more enemies, with Wizards joining Ogres at the end encounter.
  • Bridge - Each Swordbearer you kill will light up one of 10 statues at far end of the area. Once you've created the Bridge as usual, swords will appear which you can use to kill more Swordbearers and Knights that appear. Once 10 Swordbearers are down and all statues are clear, you can proceed.
  • Crota boss - As well as the Healing Chalice being available, one key difference is the Oversoul will now spawn after each damage phase against Crota, and must be quickly destroyed before you can continue.