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Destiny - Templar Challenge, Atheon Challenge and what is new in Vault of Glass 390 Raid, including new chest location

How to beat the two Vault of Glass Challenges and reap their rewards.

Destiny Templar Challenge and Atheon Challenge are new additions to the revamped Vault of Glass 390 Raid introduced as part of the Age of Triumph event.

Similar to King's Fall and Wrath of the Machine, these Challenges task players to complete boss encounters in a specific way for bonus rewards. The Raid has also seen some other minor tweaks and additions, too, which we'll explain on this page.

Remember each Challenge is only active when the Raid is part of the Weekly Featured Raid playlist. Each completed Challenge will reward you with a new Emblem, an Age of Triumph Ornament and an Adept Exotic weapon.

If you're interested in other additions or changes in Destiny's final update, consult our Age of Triumph event and Record Book page.

Templar Challenge in the 390 Raid

The Templar Challenge takes place halfway through the Raid, after you open the Vault and beat the Oracles, but before you continue on to the Gorgon's Labyrinth.

To beat the Challenge, you must:

  • Stop the Templar from teleporting during the battle

Throughout the battle, the Templar will teleport around the arena to one of two locations, and it's your job to stop that from happening. There's a fairly easy trick to it - if a Guardian stands in the teleport location (which will appear just before it happens) the teleport will be halted.

So start the battle, kill the Oracles and have someone grab the Relic to bring the shield down (and be the person who blocks the teleport points) while everyone else concentrates on damage and enemies. The shield shouldn't rise again if it doesn't teleport, making this an quick challenge if you bring your highest damage dealing equipment.

Here's a YouTube video from Skarrow9 showing how it's done:

Atheon Challenge in the 390 Raid

The Atheon Challenge takes place at the very end of the Raid, during the battle against the boss. To beat the Challenge...

  • Every Fireteam member must kill one Oracle each during each phase

During the battle, party members will teleport at random to Mars or Venus in either portal as usual. While here, each person must kill one Oracle each. Once done, the three outside the portal must open and enter the other portal. According to an early Reddit thread on the Challenge, it's recommended the Relic holder take out the third Oracle (the last one in the first portal) and have party member decide who doing which Oracle in order on the fly (since the teleporting is random) so there's no confusion over who is killing what.

Once done, leap into the centre and perform the usual damage phase, and repeat these steps each time until done.

Here's a YouTube video from Textbook1987 completing it in a single phase:

New Vault of Glass chest location

The Raid has seen a few tweaks to combat encounters, which we'll discuss more about shortly, but most interestingly is a new Chest for players to find.

To reach it, where you come across the first Chest after you open the vault, jump off the ledge and look back towards the platform you leaped from to find a passage.

Follow the linear path round until it opens up, with a lush green platform ahead. Go across on this level, then straight ahead across another green-covered platform slightly below, and onward again until you see a lighter-coloured platform ahead and down to the left, on a corner.

Drop down to another wider area. Go ahead and to the right, and the chest will be on the upper ledge opposite.

The chest will feature a Sublime Engram and Motes of Light / Rare Coins on 390, and old difficulty materials on previous Light versions.

To continue with the Raid, go round the column next to the chest, and look across to see ledges on the edge of several columns.

Take these across and use the opening ahead on the left.

You'll then appear on the right side of the Oracle / Templar encounter area.

What else is new in Vault of Glass 390?

As well as the above chest, other changes include:

  • Oracles - The rate, order and number of Oracles in the section before the Templar has changed. A diagram has been posted on Reddit with the new positions, while a YouTube video by Textbook1987 shows the locations specifically in order:
  • Templar battle - Some of the 'safe zones' previously around the edges of the Raid have now either been moved or set as 'out of bounds' to ensure players complete it properly, though as the Challenge proves, the battle should be a pretty straightforward one.

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