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Mooncrest developers cancel their Kickstarter

But all is not lost.

Last month a quintet of ex-BioWare developers based in Austin, Texas announced a role-playing game called Mooncrest. They intended to combine the combat of a Souls game with the puzzles of a point-and-click adventure and the story-driven nature of a BioWare title.

Last week, developer KnightMayor launched a Kickstarter campaign looking for $400,000. Now, the Kickstarter is cancelled, after just $48,000 was pledged by 1400 backers.

"This past weekend, we came to the realisation that we weren't going to make it and we felt canceling was our best course of action," the developers said in an update on the Mooncrest Kickstarter page.

KnightMayor, founded by Rick Burton, James Henley, Brian Ledden, and Jeffrey Visgaitis, who worked on a number of BioWare games including Mass Effect, Jade Empire and Star Wars: The Old Republic, admitted it had made a number of mistakes with its Kickstarter, including a "weak" project video, "poor messaging" and a lack of in-game footage.

All is not lost for Mooncrest, however. The developers hope to launch another Kickstarter "once we're ready".

"Our focus will be on having a pitch video that actually, ya know, pitches the game, having in-game footage to show, and just going more in depth on what we have in place to see this game through production and to release."

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