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Battlefield 4's Night Operations DLC sneaks out in September

Nearly two years after launch.

Battlefield 4 is getting a new map as part of its upcoming Night Operations DLC due this September, nearly two years after the game's October 2013 launch.

Announced on the game's official site, Night Operations will add the new map Zavod: Graveyard Shift, a nocturnal version of Zavod 311. Shrouded in darkness with destructible light sources, this new map will focus on stealth and tactical teamwork.

"We've improved the sound system so you can pinpoint where those footsteps come from," developer DICE said of the add-on. "Additionally, we've also given the gadgets and tools of the night an improvement pass to make them shine in the dark."

Zavod: Graveyard Shift will support the following game modes: Conquest, Rush, Team Deathmatch, Obliteration, Domination and Gun Master. For Gun Master, a mode all about killing with a variety of different implements, DICE created an all new secondary layout specifically for nighttime since the new lighting conditions drastically alter how this mode plays.

Besides changing the time of day, DICE has implemented some other improvements too, including a new public server team balancer, better netcode and various weapon adjustments.

It's unusual (though not unwelcome) that DICE is still supporting Battlefield 4 as its successor, Battlefield Hardline, came out far more recently in March of this year. Furthermore, Battlefield 4 received its final major expansion, Final Stand, all the way back in November.

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