Battlefield Hardline

The old Battlefield brilliance is still there, but the familiar gameplay fails to take advantage of the cops and robbers setting.


Star Wars: Battlefront has shipped over 14m copies

Battlefield series had 9.4m players last quarter.

Battlefield 4 and Hardline DLC is free to download this week

Available on all platforms. More to come.

EA launches Origin Access for PC

15 games, £4 a month.

EA announces Competitive Gaming Division, led by Peter Moore

"Competition runs deep in the DNA of Electronic Arts."

Star Wars: Battlefront has shipped over 14m copies

Battlefield series had 9.4m players last quarter.

Battlefield 4 and Hardline DLC is free to download this week

Available on all platforms. More to come.

EA launches Origin Access for PC

15 games, £4 a month.

EA announces Competitive Gaming Division, led by Peter Moore

"Competition runs deep in the DNA of Electronic Arts."

Battlefield Hardline headed to EA Access Vault next week

Xbox One owners can nab it for £3.99 a month.

Battlefield Hardline details next DLC expansion Robbery

Adds new 5v5 game mode, due in September for Premium members.

Battlefield Hardline: Ultimate Edition owners unable to access DLC on PS4

While Standard Edition Premium members can play it just fine.

Battlefield Hardline's first expansion Criminal Activity has a Nail Gun

UPDATE: New trailer shows maps, Dead Space mask.

Visceral Games' VP Steve Papoutsis departs EA after 15 years

Replaced by Scott Probst, who led Battlefield Hardline's multiplayer development.

Visceral nerfs Battlefield Hardline couch

No way to cushion this news.

Battlefield Hardline fends off challenge of Bloodborne in UK chart

PS4 exclusive misses out on top spot by 22,500 sales.

No, Battlefield Hardline does not contain ghastly DRM

Origin blocks benchmarker from making more than five hardware changes.

Battlefield Hardline steals UK chart top spot

Final Fantasy, Mario Party and Resi also enter top 10.

DDoS attack disrupts Battlefield Hardline on Xbox One

But on the whole, Battlefield enjoys a smooth launch.

Video | Video: Come get a double-dose of Battlefield: Hardline live

Campaign live from 3pm GMT, multiplayer from 5pm.

Battlefield Hardline guide: Evidence and Suspects with Warrants

How to track down every suspect and scrap of evidence as you play through the game.

Battlefield Hardline has a drivable couch

Your move, Final Fantasy 15.

Feature | Performance Analysis: Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer

Visceral aims for 60fps gameplay on PS4 and Xbox One - but high player counts can impact performance.

£40 Battlefield Hardline Premium program detailed

Four add-ons, plus extra features and early access.

Battlefield Hardline's EA Access trial detailed

Play it for 10 hours a week early. Includes single-player and multiplayer.

Video | Video: Battlefield Hardline's image problem

You have the right to remain violent.

Digital Foundry | Performance Analysis: Battlefield Hardline beta

Digital Foundry reveals PS4 and Xbox One metrics and impressions.

Battlefield Hardline PC requirements confirmed

4GB RAM! 60GB hard-drive space! DX11!

Battlefield Hardline's next beta has no level cap

"To be frank, we want you to play this to death."

How Hardline is learning from Battlefield 4's rocky launch

And what the delay has brought to Visceral's shooter.

Battlefield Hardline release date announced

As EA reports impressive financial results.

Battlefield Hardline single-player debuts, new multiplayer modes revealed

Far Cry influence in the solo campaign, while there's an eSports focussed online.

Battlefield Hardline's single-player story details emerge

You play as a framed cop who goes underground.

Battlefield Hardline misses its 2014 deadline

To implement player feedback from its beta.

EA addresses "unacceptable" Battlefield 4 launch

DICE changes the way it makes games ahead of Battlefield Hardline.

Digital Foundry | Battlefield Hardline beta performance analysis

Has Frostbite 3 really hit 1080p at 60fps on PlayStation 4?

Watch someone run around a huge Battlefield Hardline map all on their own

Shooting glass, flying choppers, blowing stuff up.

DICE vows to continue to support Battlefield 4

As Visceral reveals Battlefield Hardline video is six months old.

EA makes Battlefield Hardline official

UPDATE: internal gameplay video leaks online, is then pulled, but we have all the details.