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Long read: How TikTok's most intriguing geolocator makes a story out of a game

Where in the world is Josemonkey?

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Battlefield Hardline Xbox One EA Access trial live now

Your 10 hours begin.

Xbox One owners who subscribe to EA Access can now play Visceral's first-person shooter Battlefield Hardline.

The Battlefield Hardline trial became available to download from the EA Access Hub overnight. It weighs in at 45.33GB.

The EA Access trial grants 10 hours of play across single-player and multiplayer. It contains all the multiplayer maps and game modes set for launch, as well as the prologue and episode one of the story.

Usefully, all progress in both single-player and multiplayer carries over when Battlefield Hardline is released on 17th March, if you decide to pick it up.

EA Access costs £3.99 a month.

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