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Battlefield Hardline's first expansion Criminal Activity has a Nail Gun

UPDATE: New trailer shows maps, Dead Space mask.

UPDATE 26/05/2014 The first footage from Battlefield: Hardline's Criminal Activity expansion has been released.

Check out its new maps below. Also keep an eye out for its new masks too, including a throwback to developer Visceral's Dead Space series.

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ORIGINAL STORY 21/05/2014 Battlefield Hardline's first downloadable expansion, Criminal Activity, comes out in June for Battlefield Premium owners, EA and developer Visceral has said.

An AR-15 dressed up as a Dewalt power tool. Use with caution.

The DLC includes four new maps: Backwoods, Code Blue, The Beat and Black Friday, each designed for fast-paced close quarters combat, three new weapons and two new vehicles.

Criminal Activity introduces a nail gun weapon as a Battle Pickup. Battle Pickups are powerful weapons with limited ammo located at a certain place in a map.

Did you know, every year in North America about 42,000 people end up in emergency rooms with injuries caused by nail gun use?

Meanwhile, there are two new ammunition types, a new gadget, a new Bounty Hunter game mode and six new masks (four of which are in the image below).

What's up, doc?

As is Battlefield tradition, Hardline gets four expansion packs set to be released over the course of 2015 to early 2016. Premium members get a two-week head start with these expansions.

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