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Battlefield Hardline guide: Evidence, Case Files and Suspects with Warrants

How to track down every suspect and scrap of evidence as you play through the game.

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There are a couple of "collectible" categories to hunt down in Battlefield Hardline: pieces of Evidence which are used to complete assorted Case Files, and special suspects that need to be tracked down and arrested. If you'd rather avoid having to play through the campaign a second time, but want to bag the Achievements and Trophies associated with these extra investigations, take a look through our stage-by-stage guide to finding every last hidden object and suspect.

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Battlefield Hardline - The Hot Shot File, Hot Shot Supply Chain, The Elmore Hotel Investigation, Internal Affairs
The first part of our complete guide to tracking down every bit of Evidence for Hardline's Case Files.

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Episode 1: Back to School

Ledger and Money - The Hot Shot File

You'll find the first piece of Evidence after receiving the instruction to Investigate The Room. Activate your Scanner and then use it on the document on the desk.

Photo of Stoddard - The Hot Shot File

This is in the same room as the first piece of Evidence, but right next to the printer.

Box of Hot Shot - The Hot Shot File

The last bit of Evidence for this case is in the next room along. Use the Scanner on the evidence on the table to wrap up The Hot Shot File case.

Episode 2: Checking out

Box of Hot Shot - Hot Shot Supply Chain

Go into the laundry room and head to the far corner on the right. The bit of Evidence you need is by the stairs.

Care Instructions Memo - The Elmore Hotel Investigation

Look left as you enter the laundry room and scan the Hawaiian shirt.

Drug Purchase List - The Elmore Hotel Investigation

Go into the next room on your right and get the Drug Purchase Lift from the table.

Vial of Hot Shot - The Elmore Hotel Investigation

Enter the hotel lobby, then look for the nearby guard called Javier Rosado. Issue a non-lethal take-down and get the Evidence off his body.

Tablet with IM Client - The Elmore Hotel Investigation

Look behind the reception desk, then use your Scanner on the tablet on top of the photocopier.

Answering Machine - The Elmore Hotel Investigation

Episode 3: Gator Bait

Exploded Drug Bale - Hot Shot Supply Chain

You'll pick this piece of Evidence up while completing the Investigate the Boathouse objective. The item is on the floor after you use the zipline and kill the enemies.

Toxic Barrel - Internal Affairs

You'll find this next piece of Evidence as you head to the boathouse. It's in the corner of the dock, sitting in the drink.

Regional Zoning Map - Internal Affairs

Take a right as you approach the dock. Get up the tower with the Grappling Hook, then use the zipline to get to the platform below.

Kilo of Cocaine - Internal Affairs

Go to the southern part of the lake by the sawmill. Get out of the vehicle, then climb up the tower using the Grappling Hook. The Evidence is on a table inside.

Newspaper Story - Internal Affairs

Approach the enemies on the farm, then take out Thomas Bell non-lethally. The Evidence is on his body.

Torture Traces - Internal Affairs

Search the building in the right-hand section of the farm for a pair of boots. Analyse them with your Scanner.

Dead Gator - Internal Affairs

Head to the northern side of the lake and investigate the Dead Gator nearby.

Stained Fanboat - Internal Affairs

Find this next piece of Evidence in a shelter by the sawmill.

Water Sampling Equipment - Internal Affairs

Exit the barn via the left-hand door, then look for a workbench in a nearby shack. The Evidence is on top of the bench.

Note Pinned with Switchblade - Internal Affairs

Go east from the barn until you reach a pile of logs. You'll find the note on the end of this pile.

Manila Envelope - Internal Affairs

Look for the desk inside one of the cargo containers, then scan the Evidence to log it.

Episode 4 - Case Closed

Barrels of Dye - Internal Affairs

Get this first piece of Evidence by heading up to the first floor of the warehouse. Investigate the barrels to find it.

Gym Bag of Money - Hot Shot Supply Chain

This is also on the first floor. Go into one of the offices and look for the bag on a table.

Burner Cellphones - Internal Affairs

These are on the third floor of the warehouse. Look for an office to the left of the central corridor, and take the Evidence from the bin.

Talking Tamu-Tamu Stuffy

Look for the office by the break-room on the third floor of the warehouse. You'll find this item in the corner.

Elmore Plaza Business Card - The Elmore Hotel Investigation

Get this Evidence from the desk of the manager's office in the warehouse.

Poster for Tamu-Tamu - Internal Affairs

Go inside the Domo Roboto warehouse and look for the poster beneath the Tactical Gear.

Letter from Neltz's Business Manager - Internal Affairs

Go to the office beneath the entrance point of the Domo Roboto warehouse. Look on the desk to the rear of the office.

Flyer for Tamu-Tamu - Internal Affairs

Search the bookshelf by the water-cooler in the warehouse's downstairs office.

Crate of Hot Shot - Hot Shot Supply Chain

Kill the guard in the basement of the Domo Robot warehouse and look for the evidence in the rear corner of the room.

Episode 5: Gauntlet

There are no Evidence items to collect in the fifth episode of Battlefield Hardline.

- Read on for the second part of our guide to Battlefield Hardline's Case Files.