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Video: Come get a double-dose of Battlefield: Hardline live

Campaign live from 3pm GMT, multiplayer from 5pm.

I originally planned to start this blog post with a pun about the police force, but I couldn't think of one and gave up. What a cop-out.

Battlefield Hardline is out now in the US, but if you fancy getting a sneak peek at the Campaign Mode ahead of the European launch on Friday, check out the stream below at 3pm GMT - I'll be playing through the first 90 minutes of cop-on-crook action.

Then at 5pm I'll be taking Hardline's multiplayer mode for a spin on the PS4. If anybody with a copy of Hardline wants to join in the fun, keep an eye on the top left corner of the live stream - the current server number will be displayed there. Search for that number in the server browser and jump on in - just try not to shoot me too much. I have a hard enough time not dying in these games as it is. The rage-vein on my forehead thanks you in advance.

Cover image for YouTube videoBattlefield Hardline: Campaign - Eurogamer Let's Play LIVE
Cover image for YouTube videoBattlefield Hardline: Multiplayer - Eurogamer Let's Play LIVE