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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow studio pitched Metroid game to Nintendo

Wii U and 3DS versions planned, but looks like game has now been retooled.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow developer MercurySteam pitched a Metroid game to Nintendo earlier this year.

That's according to an investigation from Nintendo Life, citing numerous sources familiar with the project.

The untitled pitch was for a 3DS and Wii U game that would star Samus and a number of other galactic bounty hunters. Players would be able to pick which one they wished to play as.

MercurySteam staffed up a team of developers to work on the project and poached talent from a number of other Spanish studios.

Not Samus.

But word of the game has gone quiet after the project was presented to Nintendo - which may suggest that the pitch was not successful.

As if in confirmation, MercurySteam is now teasing an upcoming sci-fi project where you can "explore new worlds, fight strange creatures, discover new heroes" - but with a grizzled cigar-smoking male star.

It may well be that the Metroid project has been retooled to fit a new IP now that Nintendo seems to have turned the studio down.

Nintendo is currently developing its own Metroid spin-off for 3DS, titled Metroid Prime Federation Force. It was revealed back at E3 this year to a negative response from fans.

Meanwhile, Metroid Prime series boss Kensuke Tanabe has told Eurogamer about his plans for a proper Metroid Prime 4, which may include a time travel mechanic. But such a project would now likely not materialise until Nintendo has launched NX, its in-development Wii U successor.

Hear more on the when MercurySteam's project was pitched in the video below:

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