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Shutshimi looks like a WarioWare game made by Treasure

Out today on Steam. Coming soon to PS4, Vita and Wii U.

Shutshimi looks like a shmup for people whose attention spans are too short to play a shmup.

There's something fishy going on here...

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Shutshimi tasks players with blasting their way through a series of 10-second levels. Between each stage you'll have 10 second to choose which three guns you want to carry into battle, then go with the current.

"It's up to you to pick the best tools for the job, but it's easier said than done," said developer Neon Deity Games' designer Anthony Swinnich. "The ten-second time limit for the Mad Libs-style item descriptions will pressure you to read fast, think fast, and choose fast."

Originally developed during a 24-hour game jam, Neon Deity decided to flesh it out into a full title and added up to four-player local co-op (except on Vita) and a ton more content. This finished version has more than 50 weapons along with loads of bosses, stages, leaderboards and all the bells and whistles one expects from an arcade game. It also features Cross-Buy between PlayStation platforms.

Bit.Trip and Woah Dave! developer Choice Provisions is publishing Shutshimi, so while not developed by the Bit.Trip folks, it looks like a kindred spirit to those games.

Shutshimi is out later today on Steam and North American PS4 and Vitas, while Europeans will receive the PlayStation versions shortly thereafter.

"We don't have an exact release date yet, but we're working on the submission process for Europe now, so we're hoping release is soon," Choice Provisions told Eurogamer in an email. "We should have more concrete information soon."

Beyond that, a Wii U port will follow as well.

Cover image for YouTube videoShütshimi Announcement Trailer | PS4, PS Vita