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DriveClub overtakes 2m sales

Even without PS Plus Edition.

PlayStation 4-exclusive racer DriveClub has now sold more than 2m copies.

That figure includes both download and physical sales, and was reached before the launch of the free-to-subscribers PlayStation Plus Edition.

Game director Paul Rustchynsky revealed the sales milestone via Twitter over the weekend with a picture of a double platinum game award.

DriveClub has had a rocky ride since its arrival last year, when it rolled up with a broken set of online servers.

But developer Evolution Studios has slowly pulled a U-turn from the game's dismal launch state thanks to an extensive set of tune-ups.

The long-delayed PS Plus Edition finally passed its MOT in June, too.

DriveClub has been a costly process for Evolution, however. Earlier this year it lost half its permanent staff as the developer was downsized to a state where it would run the game "as a service".

Eurogamer's resident petrol head Martin re-appraised DriveClub last month to discover if it was finally up to speed:

"It's established itself as an interesting, enjoyable throwback to another age of driving games," he purred, "even if it remains a good couple of steps away from greatness."

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