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DriveClub's final update is also its most generous

15 new tracks come in free download.

DriveClub looks to have received its final update and it's a scorcher, folding in some 15 new tracks from the recently released DriveClub VR for free.

The urban tracks follow on from an update back in February this year that introduced DriveClub's first city-based track which bought it one step closer to the hallowed Project Gotham Racing. Since then, Sony closed Evolution Studios, with many of the staff seeking refuge at a new team that's part of Codemasters.

The new urban tracks featured in DriveClub VR, though the limited visuals of that particular game - a necessity in order for it to hit the frame-rate required for a decent VR experience - meant they weren't seen at their best. Weighing in at some 5.75GB, the new update - as spotted by TeamVVV - is as generous in file size and content as many big expansions.

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Also included in the changelog for DriveClub is a short message seemingly from the sadly departed Evolution Studios. "Thanks for your support," it reads. "Thanks for your commitment. Farewell."

Will Sony return to DriveClub for a PS4 Pro update, perhaps bringing 60fps to the racer? The message suggests not, and after the game's chequered past perhaps Sony is finally moving on from a racer that was once the face of the PlayStation 4. If that's the case then it's only right to say a fond farewell to DriveClub, a game that evolved into one of the finest arcade driving experiences in years.

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