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Sony closes Driveclub developer Evolution

What now for Driveclub VR?

It's going from bad to worse for the UK video game development industry. After Microsoft closed down Fable maker Lionhead, Sony has now closed down Driveclub developer Evolution.

In a statement Sony said it would try to move some staff onto other projects, but redundancies are expected.

Evolution, based in Runcorn, suffered a round of layoffs in 2015 as Sony shifted focus to updating Driveclub as a service. Now, Sony has taken the next step and shuttered the studio.

Here's the statement in full:

Driveclub was announced as a PS4 launch title, but was delayed to 2014. It suffered a disastrous launch that meant it was unplayable for many. The PS Plus Edition was pushed back as Evolution and Sony fought to improve matters.

But since then Evolution has done a good job of updating the PlayStation 4 racer - to the point where it's now considered one of the best racing games available.

The closure also comes as something of a surprise given Evolution was working on a PlayStation VR version of Driveclub that was only recently demoed to press. It seems likely this has now been canned. We've asked Sony for more.

Following the announcement, Driveclub game director Paul Rustchynsky took to Twitter to issue a short statement, below.

And here's Evolution community manager Jamie Brayshaw with a farewell message: