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You can actually run in Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Sprinting simulator?

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is a narrative-driven exploration game to enjoy at your own leisure. Some players are finding it a bit too leisurely, however, since the PlayStation 4 exclusive has a fairly slow walking speed and no apparent option to run.

On yer bike.

Except you can run. By holding down R2, you will build up speed until you're sprinting, reaching the perfect speed for what little backtracking the game involves as you sound out every nook and cranny of the open-world map. The problem is that the game doesn't tell you about any of this.

Writing in a blog post titled A few bumps on landing..., developer Dan Pinchbeck, of The Chinese Room, explained that the problem came from a late change raised through QA testing.

Rapture originally built up movement speed the longer the player held the thumbstick in position, but the feeling from testers was that a bespoke button was the better option.

Once the shift to R2 was implemented, however, the launch was looming, and "something had been missed." Namely, the notification on the controller icon in the options menu. Oops. Apparently is is mentioned in the online manual however. But who reads those?

"We probably should have announced the run button before launch, but we didn't," Pinchbeck said.

"That was a bad call, and we've paid for it in the reviews. But the most important thing is that we get the word out to players, so here we go - although we'd love you to take your time and explore Yaughton at a slow, steady pace, if you need to backtrack or get around more quickly, hold down R2 - it'll take a few seconds before you are running fully, but it will speed your movement up.

"And sorry for those of you who already played and were frustrated by the speed. Hopefully it didn't spoil the experience too much for you, and knowing you can get around faster if you need to will make you want to return to explore more."

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