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Red Ash wants another $247k for its anime spin-off

Hopes to expand it from 12 to 30 minutes.

A couple of weeks ago Keiji Inafune's Mega Man Legends' spiritual successor Red Ash fell $280K shy of its $800k Kickstarter goal, but its anime spin-off, Red Ash: Magicicada, achieved its $150k crowdfunding goal with an ending tally of $162,882. That hasn't stopped animation developer Studio4℃ from asking for an additional $247k to expand the anime from a 12-minute short to a half-hour longer short.

Red Ash: Magicicada has big ambitions for a spin-off of to a game that the public had little interest in.

As outlined in a new Kickstarter update, Studio4℃ decided it would need $260k above the $150k is asked for. It already has $12,882 of that from surplus funding on the original Kickstarter, so now it just needs another $247,118 to go.

Weirdly, it's spreading this out into two different crowdfunding platforms. There's the international Studio4℃Fun& (yes, that's the actual name) asking for $127,118 and the Japanese Motion Gallery asking for $120k.

Both have until 14th October to secure their funding.

Given that the original Kickstarter barely met its goal and the Red Ash game failed to meet its goal, it seems highly unlikely that this anime will achieve this newly added, post-Kickstarter stretch goal.

Studio4℃ is remaining hopeful though, as its objective is for there to be a third stage of its fundraising operation where it raises enough for a full feature-length 92 minute film. A budget for this will only be revealed once the $260k is raised for this second stage of the campaign.

The Red Ash game will still be made, sort of, as a roughly eight-hour prologue called Red Ash: The KalKanon Incident, as Chinese company Fuze Entertainment swooped in from outside of Kickstarter and funded its development for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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