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Inafune's Red Ash fully funded after Chinese company swoops in

"Consider your pledge a contribution to stretch goals from here on out."

Development of Keiji Inafune's Red Ash - billed as a spiritual successor to the Mega Man Legends series - has been secured after a Chinese company swooped in to fund the project.

Inafune's company, Comcept, launched a Kickstarter for Red Ash earlier this month, asking for $800,000.

It failed to take off with the same fervour as Infanue's previous Kickstarter, for Mega Man-style game Mighty No. 9, and there was some concern it would miss its target.

At the time of publication, $487,870 had been raised from 6084 backers with just four days of the Kickstarter left to run.

Now, though, it doesn't matter whether the Kickstarter succeeds or fails, as Red Ash has secured funding from Fuze Entertainment.

"The contribution of Fuze is a done deal," Comcept said in an update on the Red Ash Kickstarter page.

"We can officially confirm that The KalKanon Incident will be developed to completion, with the initial goals for game content (eight hours), along with ports to BOTH PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!"

The mention of The KalKanon Incident refers to the Red Ash prologue. So, reading the small print, this funding secures the release of the prologue, only, although as Comcept says it will offer around eight hours of gameplay as well as console ports. "The main story is for the future!" Comcept added.

It's worth noting Comcept retains the rights to Red Ash under the terms of the deal, it insisted, as well as "creative discretion and decisions in game development".

So, the Kickstarter campaign is "going 100 per cent towards more content", Comcept said.

"Consider your pledge a contribution to stretch goals from here on out."

It's clear Comcept would love for the Kickstarter to hits its target. If it does it will get the money pledged. If it doesn't, backers will not be charged and Comcept won't get the cash.

"We know we're in the final days of our campaign, but we'd like to ask fans to continue their support of Red Ash," Comcept said.

"Your money is going towards 100 per cent content now, so please look forward to the revised stretch goals."

But it seems unlikely now that the Red Ask Kickstarter will succeed, with funding already secured from elsewhere and a release guaranteed.

Comcept said it had been working for some time behind the scenes to get money for Red Ash. "Alongside our Kickstarter campaign, we've been in negotiations with hardware makers and development partners, keeping your feedback and comments in mind," it said.

"We hoped by introducing the world setting, art documents, creators involved, our latest prototype, and more, we could convey the charm of Red Ash."

It seems Fuze Entertainment was sufficiently charmed.