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Tangiers sneaks onto Steam this November

Surreal stealth nightmare gets a new trailer.

Avant garde stealth nightmare Tangiers is coming to PC, Mac and Linux via Steam on 26th November.

Now that's what I call letting your record get to your head.

A beta will go live on 3rd September for Kickstarter backers. A limited number of folks late to the party can still snag early beta access by pre-ordering the game for £35 on developer Andalusian Games' official site. If you don't care about beta access, you can reserve Tangiers for much less at £15.

Tangiers was a success on Kickstarter back in 2013 when it raised £42K. We interviewed its creative lead Alex Harvey around then and he detailed just how the game would work.

Outside of its striking monochromatic visuals, Tangiers features such nifty concepts as procedurally-generated levels that morph to accommodate your playstyle, and items manifested as text bubbles made concrete. That's right, you actually attack with words. The pen is mightier than the sword, after all.

Andalusian Games also released its EP soundtrack for free on BandCamp.

Check out how Tangiers is shaping up in its release date trailer below:

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