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Tangiers' Kickstarter ends a success

Sneaks past stretch goal for developer commentary.

Ambitious, surreal stealth adventure Tangiers has ended its Kickstarter campaign at £42,006, having achieved its minimum £35,000 goal.

The extra £7K means pushed the campaign past its first stretch goal of adding a developer commentary at £40K, but it fell a fraction short of funding a harder difficulty at £45K. Oh well. Let's hope the game ends up being a big hit and that will fund extra content.

I spoke to Tangiers creator Alex Harvey at length last week about his avant-garde stealth opus. It sounds unlike anything else out there with abstract environments that morph in reaction to your behaviour. Not to mention its striking, noir-ish art style that resembles the unholy offspring of Silent Hill and Dark City.

Tangiers is estimated to come out next August on PC, Mac and Linux.

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