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Unauthorised Amiibo device tricks Wii U with data for any figurine

Meet the amiiqo, marketed as a backup device.

Amiibo owners will soon be able to back up their figurine's data via an unofficial device, the amiiqo.

This feature is useful as each figure is only able to write data for one game at a time (although the toys can be identified by any number of games that just require read-only access).

That's the 'official' use for the amiiqo, but the peripheral also has another function - it can download figure data from others via the internet.

With this, the device can act as if it were any of the toys in Nintendo's bulging collection.

This means that anyone could unlock extra modes, characters or skins in games that were designed just for owners of specific Amiibo.

Nintendo likely will be less than impressed. Mario Kart 8 includes Amiibo-exclusive Mii racing skins, for example, while Mario Party 10 includes exclusive game boards.

The amiiqo isn't cheap - its current pre-order price is £49.75.

The device also requires a NFC-compatible Android phone to operate.

But some fans may weigh up the £50 pricetag against the price of buying Amiibo figurines in bulk. Each toy has an RRP of £10.99 in the UK, although many shops sell them for higher.

Each amiiqo device comes preloaded with data for 10 figurines and 200 figurines can be stored in total.

The downside, of course, is you don't get the figurines themselves.

Here's a look at the gadget in action:

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