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Mario 64 speedrunner posts $1k bounty for reproducing glitch

Help out, be a Troopa.

There's a cool $1k up for grabs - if you can recreate a particular glitch in Super Mario 64.

Speedrunner pannenkoek20012 has set the bounty in order to help replicate and understand a mysterious bug that was recently found and posted online.

The glitch was recorded in the platformer's Tick Tock Clock level. It came to light by accident during a recent Twitch stream by user DOTA_Teabag.

What causes the glitch to occur is unclear, but it seems to involve a jump that lands right on the seam of two surfaces. The game then propels Mario upwards, skipping a portion of the level.

Pannenkoek20012 hopes replicating the glitch will allow the speedrunning community to regularly reproduce it, so it can be exploited in other areas of the game and then reliably integrated into speedruns.

To prove that you have repeated it you will simply need to record your playthrough via the Mupen 64 emulator in an .m64 and .st file, then upload it to a file-sharing site.

Take a look at the glitch in action below:

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