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GoldenEye 007 mod gives Super Mario's Koopa Troopas KF7 rifles

Something Toad-ally unexpected.

Two classic games from the Nintendo 64 era have met in a rather unusual crossover thanks to modders.

GoldenEye 007 has been given a Mario-inspired makeover, which sees a multitude of Koopas patrolling through a custom-made version of Nintendo 64's Bomb-omb Battlefield with KF7 Soviet rifles and hand grenades.

Let's Play GoldenEye 007 - Late To The Party.Watch on YouTube

Of course, the turtle-like foot soldiers and their Bob-omb comrades do not stand a chance against this Bond-like Mario protagonist and his own weaponary.

However, Her Majesty's agent will also have to deal with the big bad himself at the top of the hill before his mission can be considered a success. And this Big Bob-omb will not let Bond go without a fight, as you can see below.

Video via Graslu00.Watch on YouTube

The above video, however, is just one level. An earlier reveal trailer shows the extent of these fan made modifications.

Here, we can see Luigi, Wario, Peach and Daisy in a whole new light. Meanwhile, in this particular trailer (below), Mario's enemies can be witnessed patrolling levels such as Bunker, Silo and Frigate from GoldenEye 007.

Video via StupidMarioBros1Fan. Watch on YouTube

Name? Mario, Super Mario. Number? 64.

As for official 007 games, Hitman developer IO Interactive has revealed it is making the next James Bond title.

This upcoming game will follow an all-new Bond and act as an origin story for Her Majesty's best agent.

In the meantime, if you are looking to get a different kind of GoldenEye 007 fix, you should check out the trailer for Agent 64: Spies Never Die from Replicant D6. While its does not feature a certain Bond, James Bond, it looks to be a brilliant homage to those glory days of 90s gaming.

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