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Modders add Elephant Mario into Super Mario 64

You herd it here first.

Elephant Mario modded into Super Mario 64 on PC makes a peace sign towards the camera as Princess Peach stands nearby
Image credit: Unreal (YouTube) / Nintendo

There's not much longer to wait for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but that hasn't stopped fans from having their fun early.

Presenting Elephant Mario 64, a combination of work between a group of modders, known as SM64ex-coop, to add Elephant Mario to Super Mario 64. He's fully playable, minus any Elephant form abilities, and is complete with a tiny tail sticking out from his overalls.

The model was made by modder Koop the Koopa, with some alterations from YouTuber Unreal (no, not that one) to allow for colour customisation. The bottom of Elephant Mario's feet are pink and can't be changed due to how the model is structured, Unreal notes, but I rather like it. It makes it look like he's got a bunch of toe beans on his soles.

We Played Super Mario Bros. WonderWatch on YouTube

There's a number of colour presets included with the mod which change Mario to look like Luigi, Waluigi, or Wario, though you can go wild and make your own palette.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be out on 20th October, but if you're headed to EGX next weekend you'll be able to try it out there. Tom spoke to the developers of Super Mario Bros. Wonder on their approach to keeping the series fresh.

Check out the full video of Elephant Mario 64 from YouTuber Unreal above.Watch on YouTube

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