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Watch Street Fighter 5's Birdie KO Ryu with… snot


In fighting game Street Fighter 5, hulking punk rocker Birdie can pick his nose and flick his snot at his opponent. It's what happens when you leave the character idle for a few seconds. Lovely.

Unlike the other idle stance animations in the game, Birdie's bogey does damage. A tiny bit of damage, but damage nonetheless.

Late last week Capcom launched a Street Fighter 5 beta test on PlayStation 4 for Europe only, and the brief window provided us with an opportunity to check out playable characters Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Bison, Nash, Cammy and Birdie in more detail. It wasn't long before Birdie's idle animation, as well as those of the other characters, were revealed.

The beta test was limited to online versus only, so the chance of Birdie defeating another human-controlled opponent with the snot idle animation was slim. But somehow, it happened.

As chronicled by EventHubs, Germany player MDZ Ricky managed the feat while streaming his efforts on his Twitch channel. As Birdie, MDZ Ricky left his opponent with barely any hitpoints. Accepting defeat, his opponent gave up, leaving MDZ Ricky the time and space to go for the snot attack - fair and square.

It worked.

Is it the first idle stance KO ever in Street Fighter 5? It's certainly the first we've seen.

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