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Street Fighter 5 Luke gameplay video offers a look at the character dubbed "the future of Street Fighter"


Capcom has released a gameplay video of Street Fighter 5's final DLC character, Luke.

Luke, who Capcom has dubbed "the future of Street Fighter" and a "major" part of the next Street Fighter game (and has been likened to Jake Paul by many fans), is an offense-heavy puncher from the USA.

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The sense I get from the gameplay is Luke is an offensive, high-pressure character whose punches hit hard. All three of his normal punches propel Luke forward, so he can close distances quickly. He's got two target combos, a mid-to-long range projectile and an anti-air that launches him upwards.

Luke also has a unique V-System. Both his V-Triggers cause his V-Gauge to turn into a timer that continuously fills in a neutral state. Unlike any other Street Fighter 5 character, Luke gains V-Timer by doing damage, but he loses V-Timer when taking damage or using his V-Trigger-specific moves. The idea is Luke's opponent will be forced to approach to prevent Luke from maintaining a filled V-Timer.

We also get a look at Luke's Critical Art, which, as you'd expect, packs a punch.

Luke comes out today, 29th November - over five-and-a-half years after Street Fighter 5 launched in February 2016.

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