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Street Fighter 5's final character, Luke, is a "major" part of the next Street Fighter game

Which may be revealed next year.

Street Fighter 5's final character, Luke, is a "major" part of the next Street Fighter game, Capcom has said.

"Luke will be a major part of the next Street Fighter project, so we hope you are excited to get your hands on him," Capcom said as part of a deep dive into the brand new character, below:

So, who is Luke? He's a blonde American mixed martial artists who experienced some dramatic childhood event involving his father that inspired him to become a fighter and join the military. Based on images shared by Capcom, Luke runs into Guile at some point.

As for combat, Capcom said he revolves around forward-moving attacks that keep the pressure on. All three of his normal punches propel Luke forward, so he can close distances quickly. He's got two target combos, a mid-to-long range projectile and an anti-air that launches him upwards.

Perhaps most interesting is Luke's unique V-System. Both his V-Triggers cause his V-Gauge to turn into a timer that continuously fills in a neutral state. Unlike any other Street Fighter 5 character, Luke gains V-Timer by doing damage, but he loses V-Timer when taking damage or using his V-Trigger-specific moves. The idea is Luke's opponent will be forced to approach to prevent Luke from maintaining a filled V-Timer.

Luke comes out 29th November - over five-and-a-half years after Street Fighter 5 launched in February 2016.

While Luke is the final Street Fighter 5 DLC character, Capcom insisted it will continue to support the game. After Luke comes out, Capcom will release a battle balance update and a Capcom Pro Tour 2022 bundle in March 2022.

And then? Capcom signed off by suggesting the next Street Fighter game, presumably Street Fighter 6, will be revealed in 2022:

"We hope you'll enjoy Luke in SF5 and you can look forward to seeing more of him in the next Street Fighter project. We'll be back next year with more Street Fighter news!"

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