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Capcom teases fans with mysterious countdown timer

Clock watching.

Capcom has set up a mysterious new page that shows nothing but countdown timer.

This countdown will end on Sunday, 20th February at 10pm PT / 1am ET (So, 6am on Monday 21st February for those in GMT time zones). This will coincide with the season finale of Capcom's Street Fighter Pro tour, which starts on February 17th.

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While this could be a coincidence, this has left many speculating that Capcom is finally getting ready to announce Street Fighter 6. After all, a reveal of Street Fighter 6 to fans at the culmination of the Pro Tour would certainly make sense.

2022 marks the series' 35th anniversary, and Capcom has previously stated it would mark the occasion in some way. Earlier in the year, Capcom revealed a new logo for Street Fighter as a celebration of "35 years of epic fights, fireballs and iconic rivalries!".

If the timer does indeed countdown to the announcement of Street Fighter 6, this will not be the first time the company has celebrated its fighting series' milestones with a new game. In 2018 for Street Fighter's 30th anniversary, the company released its anniversary collection which consisted of 12 main arcade versions of the Street Fighter, Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 3 and Street Fighter Alpha games.

At this point, however, everything is just speculation. Capcom has not confirmed Street Fighter 6 is even in development, but there have nonetheless been hints it is in the works.

There are, also, other things Capcom has confirmed to be in the pipeline that could be connected to the countdown timer. Many are still eagerly waiting for more news on Resident Evil Village's DLC.

However, today Capcom seemed to tease something Resident Evil related, albeit separate, for tomorrow at 7am UK time.

Watch this space.