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Street Fighter 5's "definitive update" drops later this month

Includes new filters, theme remixes, and different coloured tracksuits.

Capcom has confirmed there's a "definitive" update heading to Street Fighter 5.

Dropping on 29th March, the update will include "a new battle balance update, cel-shading filter, pixel filter, new tracksuit colours, and Cap-Jams remixes in-game". Check out the highlights in the new video below:

Cover image for YouTube videoStreet Fighter V - March 2022 Update Trailer

Beyond that, details are pretty scarce, but as NME points out, the changes seem to include tweaks to Ryu's target combos - they can now launch the opponents and knock them out of special moves - as well as some new EX-moves. It also appears that Rose can combo her throw during V-Trigger 2, too.

As demonstrated in the teaser, the filters are a fab addition - the cel-shading one perhaps more so than the pixel variant - although they're only available in offline mode, I'm afraid.

Given Street Fighter 5 came out six years ago in February 2016 - and its successor has finally been announced - this is likely the last major update the fighting game will see. We'll watch this space, though, and report back if anything else changes.

Capcom has now made Street Fighter 6 official, and released its first teaser trailer. Details remain thin on the ground for this too, including exactly where and when the game will see release, but Capcom says we'll find out more later this summer.